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What is The Baptism with the Holy Spirit?

Updated on May 14, 2016

Why I'm making this lense on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

I'm making this lens on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit because there is a lot of confusion on the subject of the Holy Spirit in general and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit in particular in Christendom today, and yet it is one of the most important subjects, as it is the greatest need of the Church today. I myself was confused about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit till I read Chuck Smith's book (below), which really cleared it up for me. Thus I highly recommend Chuck Smith's book, "Living Water". I received the baptism with the Holy Spirit years ago, but then doubted the experience as I was taught contrary to it. I was taught that the gifts of the Spirit ceased with close of the cannon of Scripture. But Chuck Smith clears that up in his book among other common misconceptions. His balanced, open and Scriptural approach to the subject is refreshing in this day of confusion and controversy. You'll notice that I'm not featuring other products on this lens. (I only offer a few other books on the Holy Spirit and have them in thumbail.) That's because Chuck's book is so powerful and right-on that I truly hope you will order it, read it and be blessed and changed by it in order to bless and change others. In the "common misconceptions" module (below) I list some common misconception about the baptism with the Holy Spirit, with which Chuck deals in his book. I also have a talk bubble with a quote from the book. You may, of course, find, after reading all of these, that you disagree. Please take time to fill out the pole module entitled "Do you agree?" Thanks.

Answers to common misconceptions about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit - from the book:

  1. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is NOT regeneration. In John 20:22, when Jesus breathed on them, they were regenerated (they received the indwelling Holy Spirit), but in Acts 2, when He shed forth the Holy Spirit from on high (vs.33; see also The Power of the Resurrection), they were BAPTIZED WITH the Holy Spirit (VS.4). He who was already IN (Greek=en) them now came UPON (Greek=epi) them, filling them to overflowing.
  2. It is NOT Baptism into the Body of Christ (ICor.12:13), as there the Holy Spirit is the Baptizer, but in Matt.3:11 Jesus is the one who will Baptize with the Holy Spirit. ------------------------------NOTE: I have since come t question this point, after discovering that the Greek word used in ICor12:13 is "en," meaning "in" (not "by" as the KJV has) --jmb
  3. Thus, it is NOT different or distinct from the “fullness” or “filling” of the Holy Spirit, except that the “Baptism” may be the initial filling which opens the door to many subsequent fillings.
  4. Speaking in tongues in NOT the sole initial evidence of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. (Compare all instances of it in Acts). Yet, tongues is a valid spiritual gift (ICor.12) which serves to edify the believer (ICor.14:4), and thus MAY (but also may not) be given upon receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We must not limit God or put him in a box. Don’t seek tongues, but don’t stifle them if they come. And don’t judge others on the basis of whether on not they speak in tongues.
  5. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is not for personal blessing and edification alone, but for power to witness and serve the Lord and to bless and edify others in the body of Christ. (John 7:37-38).

It is God's desire, purpose and will that our lives overflow with the Spirit.

Peter at Pentecost
Peter at Pentecost

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is a gift which must be received

(ACTS 2:38-39)

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is a gift which must be received by faith, just as you received the gift of salvation. If you are NOT sure that you are saved, STOP! The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is only for those who are saved. So if you are NOT sure of your salvation, go right now to my other lens: Salvation (How to be sure you are a Christian) If you are sure of your salvation, however, why not pray and ask Jesus to baptize you with His Holy Spirit so you can know His power in your life?

Here is part of a prayer from Chuck's book:

"Lord I thank you for this promised gift. I receive now the gift of your Spirit in my life along with the power to transform and change me. I ask that your power might flow forth from my life to help and strengthen others around me...

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Pray it in faith believing and don't be surprised at what happens, but also don't doubt that you received it, whatever happens. Satan would like you doubt it and will no doubt put doubts in your mind, but ignore them and stand upon the promise of the word of God.

Watch these videos.

1st. Musical prayer for the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

2nd. A medical study confirming the reality of the gift of tongues

3rd. Another great musical prayer to all three persons of the trinity

DO YOU AGREE ? (Poll Module)

Do you agree wtih Chuck's assement of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

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