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Homosexuality & Religion Part 2

Updated on March 24, 2017

Gender Role Conformity

It has been shown over the years that humans are automatically put into gender specific roles based on being born male or female, but what if a child doesn't feel they are male or female, or what if the child feels they were born in the wrong body. What if a male likes another male not a female, and what if a female likes another female not a male. This type of attitude is not considered societies norm.

When your born a male you are wrapped in a blue blanket, and your nursery is decorated in blue, and things we associate with being male. Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my. Firetruckers, and Construction Trucks, Monsters, etc. When your born a female you are wrapped in a pink blanket, and your nursery is decorated in pink, and things we associate with being female. Puppies, Flowers, Barbie Dolls. Kitchen Sets, Laundry Sets, Cleaning Sets, etc.

Boys are taught to play sports, and be rough, and not to cry, and to take care of their family, and be gentlemen. Girls are taught to be lady like, be gentle, caring, sympathetic, loving, and take care of the home, children, and husband.

When a transgendered or homosexual male and female goes against what society has been taught for years, and considers the norm they don't understand it or know what to do with that. For most homosexuals and transgendered people being who they are is normal to them. They are being true to themselves, and feel this is who they were always meant to be.

Gender Specific Roles

Homosexuals On The Downlow

There is this fairly new term called the DL. It is where there are mainly men on the downlow. Meaning they are closeted gaymen that refuse to comeout or let it be known that they like to sleep with men. Most of them are married, and have children, and go to church. They have decided to live societies definition of a normal heterosexual male even though they are not. It most likely is so they are not thought of by their peers and family as less than a man. They also fear the reactions and repercussions of their actions. Homosexuals should not have to live in fear. They put themselves and others at risk if they don't practice safe intimacy with their partners as well. With the widespread of HIV and AIDS people have to be more careful these days.

Who Am I

Gender Stereotypes

Do you think there will come a day when men and women are paid equally?

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Gender Stereotypes

Back in the time of the bible women were told to obey thy husband. What most people don't realize is that they are alot of events with homosexual undertones in them. We look at the Greeks and Romans and there were alot of male on male and female on female interactions. There were even sexual orgies as well. Most of those who participated in these Taboo parties and activities were the rich and affluent members of the society. Homosexuals were thought of as heathens and unnatural or abominations of the devil. Some people considered them to be cross dressers and rapists and pedophiles. We now know none of this is true, and we also know homosexuals did not cause HIV and AIDS. Also men are supposed to be masculine and women are supposed to be feminine. If you acting the opposite of your assigned gender role than you are thought of as being homosexual. There are other terms like Gay, Queer, Cross Dressers, Dyke's, Queens, Butch, Tranny's, Diva's and Divo's, Fag, and Faggots which is most offensive to homosexuals.

God Is Love Debate

This second part of the seven part series talks about alot of hot topic issues and they are worth exploring further in your own lives. One thing society needs to do as a whole is talk about things. The one thing people need to do individually is educate themselves on things they don't understand till they get an understanding. In this world we have freedom of speech, and the right to protect, and defend ourselves. In the next parts to come there will be talks about Gay Marriage, Dating Sites, Props, and more. Please leave your comments below. Thank You.


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