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Why my hope allows me to have faith

Updated on November 14, 2014

Leap of faith


Keep the faith

Faith is believing in something you cannot see-hope is what is needed to maintain and sustain that faith. Without faith, there can be no hope, and without hope, there can be no faith. I can believe in something and someone, but if I don’t have the faith in it, or them, what hope can I have or they have in fulfilling that belief?

When I say a prayer, I have faith, I have hope, that someone is listening. I have faith in God, I have faith in someone I cannot see, I have no physical proof of His existence, but He is real to me. There's a chance I could be wrong, but damn, I hope I’m right. Faith allows me to trust, and entrust my life, in the hope that He watches over me, and will keep watch over me, and give me the courage and strength needed to endure whatever lies in store-to do whatever is required, or expected of me.

Where my faith falters, my hope kicks in, it may appear over, but I can still win. I am only human, so I am riddled with faults, and I am wrong more often than I am right. Should I have doubts or misgivings about my faith, hope won’t allow me to give in or give up. However, just because I have hope that someone will do the right thing, that something will turn out the way I envision, or hope, doesn’t mean it will-faith allows me to hope it will, but there are no guarantees. Even if I’m wrong, which I am, more than I’m right. I have faith in the belief that everything happens for a reason. I may be wrong, but even a broken clock is right-at least two times. Now that can be proven. I may be wrong to have hope, but I’m never wrong to have faith in something, in someone, in anything, in anyone. Faith allows me to believe, in people, and that everything will get better, things will get better, life can, and will, get better-in due time.

Hope is what keeps me here, faith is what gets me there, keeps me from going there, and tells me I’ll eventually get there. I am simply here, waiting…hoping for the moment when I’m right to have had faith in something, and someone, after all, no one is wrong, all of the time. How do you know this time, just this once, that I’m not wrong and you’re not right? Then again, I am wrong more often than I am right, but thankfully I have hope, and I have faith, without either, what hope would I have, could I have, in the idea that everyone, serves some purpose. Even if my sole purpose in life is to stick around, and remind people of everything that is wrong in the world, and with this world. If you think I’m wrong, then that just proves, I can be right. Which goes to show, that even I have hope, and if I have hope, imagine how much more hope there is, for someone that is right, more often than I’m wrong. Don’t take my word for it though; I’m wrong more times than I’m right. I just hope when it comes to my faith, that there are better days to come, that it will be the one time I am right.


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    • BrokenDreamer profile image

      Jen Christopherson 5 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

      I am grateful I could be of some help to you!!! I hope to see more of you (your writing)!!! lol

    • raquelpier profile image

      Raquel L Pierson 5 years ago from Lancaster Ca

      Thanks BrokenDreamer! I loved the question and in all honesty, it came at the exact time I needed it. Been struggling with some personal issues and it gave me a little time to reflect. :)

    • BrokenDreamer profile image

      Jen Christopherson 5 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

      Wow! You made a whole hub on this? I am impressed!!!! Great job! Thank you! Voted up, interesting and useful!!