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Horoscopes in 2016

Updated on January 18, 2016

The start of a New Year brings a lot of challenges for many people, some of which can be excellent, and some which can be particularly trying. For those both single and in relationships alike, they are curious as to how their romantic life is going to progress in the following 12 months since it can be a fairly worrying time for all involved.

This is especially true in January since it is effectively only a month away from perhaps the most romantic day of the year; Valentines Day in February which brings its own worries regarding relationships. It’s the one time of the year that you don’t want to mess up with your significant other!

Of course, you could simply Google ‘Love Horoscope 2016’ and you’ll be given a wealth of hits of what may or may not happen in the upcoming 12 months for you with regards to your love life, and your current or potentially new partner. A problem with searching for horoscopes online however is that many of them are merely portals to scam sites that will empty your bank balance pretty quickly. In researching this topic, one site that I found that bucked the trend is the one which has been hyperlinked above.

Not only did it load extremely quickly, but there were no annoying popups appearing on the screen asking for credit card details for more in depth readings, nor did it have those annoying popups appearing when I closed the tab to exit the site.

Not everyone will experience the same patterns in a year even if they’re born in the same month

For those new to the field of horoscopes, there are two main types of horoscopes. These are the Zodiac, and also the Chinese horoscope. In the Western World, it is the Zodiac that is perhaps the more better known of these two types when compared to Chinese horoscopes.

Regardless, both work on similar principles. Each has their own set of 12 distinct groups signs, based on the twelve months of the year.

With regards to a Zodiac Horoscope, it features star signs such as Aquarius, Aries, Gemini etc with the different signs being grouped into different types i.e Air, Water, Fire and Earth. In the case of the Chinese Horoscope it is instead based on animals as the signs, or symbols.

These include the Ox, Goat and also Rabbits. In both variants, they also discuss how your day, week or month is going to progress and the potential success and pitfalls that may occur.

How it is determined is based on the month that you are born in, along with what date of the month you’re born in. For example, some people born in January are under the Zodiac star sign of Capricorn. However, if your birthday in January falls between the 18th to the 31st then instead of being a Capricorn, you would in actual fact be an Aquarius instead. This pattern holds true for everyone month, so just because you’re born in a month, it doesn’t automatically make you a Gemini, Aquarius etc.

A question for the readers

Have you ever used a horoscope before to gain an insight into what may be coming up for you in the future, or have you ever let what you’ve read in a horoscope dictate how you carry out your daily activities?

This would be based on the fact that you have a pre-conceived idea of what should be happening that day in which case you may subconsciously act in a manner which alters events so that they are line with your predicted outcome for the day. Or it may be the case that you actively allow it to dictate how you act in a given period of time.

Please feel free to add your thoughts below in the comments section and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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