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Our House Cleansing Unexpected Results

Updated on September 9, 2018
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In healthcare since 1977 but keenly aware of Western medicine's shortcomings, Rose Mary began exploring natural health in the late 1990s.

Sage, feather, and abalone shell
Sage, feather, and abalone shell | Source

Buying My First Home

As an Air Force career officer, I had previously been stationed in San Antonio, and loved it. When I was re-assigned here in 2005, I was only 3 ½ years from retirement. I felt that is was unlikely that I would be moved again before my retirement, and I decided to buy a house. It was small, but had a great yard, with lots of mature trees. Several of our neighbors stopped by to say hello. I congratulated myself for moving into a neighborhood with such friendly people. I later learned that there was more to it than friendliness.

Yikes, the Previous Tenants Did What?

Before my brother and I moved into our house, it had been a rental property with a married couple and their adult son. According to neighbor Eddie, they trashed the place. There was a full work crew for about 6 weeks, doing a total ‘flip this house’. Every wall and ceiling had been freshly painted, and all the carpet replaced. That all seemed routine enough. The counters of both bathrooms and the kitchen had all been replaced. It wasn’t like it was upgraded. They were all old-school laminate. That was a little more suspicious. Blatant was the dent in the dishwasher, and a crack across one of the lower cabinet doors. There were a few other signs that an active imagination could turn into portrait of potentially nefarious intent. One of the master bedroom closets had a lock and was wired into the security system.

The previous tenants it seems had alcohol issues. The wife had taken off in her little red truck drunk and plowed down Eddie’s mailbox. We got mail addressed to the son for years, offering to help him with his DUI. I didn’t open his mail, it was written plain as day on the envelop, or on a post card. Someone had a vindictive streak. The in-house security system had been sabotaged. We were told it would likely be a matter of starting from scratch, versus merely having service activated. When our rep came to hook up our cable for TV and internet, it turned into almost a full day project with a 4-man crew. Seems damage was done outside, at the origination point. In quizzing the technician, it seems the most likely explanation was vandalism.

Maybe We Need a Cleansing

Given all that history, doing a “cleansing” of the house right away would have been a great idea, but we didn’t know much about the metaphysical arts back then. We occasionally joked about the history of the house and her occupants. Somewhere along the line, I started feeling creeped out at night by my bathtub. When I used the restroom, I would often try to hurry, and ultimately got in the habit of pulling back the shower curtain before dark. I also felt some kind of presence in the corner of my room, but it didn’t scare me. It actually felt protective. None-the-less, we were ready for cleansing.

About 5 or 6 years in the house, we had made a friend, Giselle, who was certified in Reiki, and many other energy healing arts. We could have read up, gotten the sage and feather, and performed the cleansing ourselves. Since we had easy access to someone experienced though, why not maximize our experience? She looked over the house and had us open windows where possible. She and I went through the house together with the sage, and my brother followed behind us and closed windows.

Giselle said there was a spirit in my bathtub who was sad and angry at his demise, but he meant me absolutely no harm. She said something about a vortex in my brother’s tub drain. We had to use “something red” to put over our bath drains. As I recall we could remove and use my shower, but my brother’s had to be covered for 24 hours or so. Sounds a little crazy I know, and might not help, but no reason at all that it would hurt, right?

A Funny Thing Happened

A few days later, my brother got really sick. This was not particularly unusual. Back then he got something like gastritis once a year or so. When it happens, he can’t keep anything down, not even water, for several days. He’s usually in bed the whole time, so work is out of the question. After a few days, he was up and about again. A week and a half after he was sick he noticed something astounding—his back had not hurt since he got sick.

My brother had injured his back on the job over a year before, and for over a year, I had dutifully rubbed a combination of Young Living essential oils on his back every single night at bedtime. It’s been years now, he’s never gone back to needing oils every night. He occasionally has some back pain, but not often. Weird huh? Coincidence?

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