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Houska Castle

Updated on August 30, 2009
Houska Castle said to be located at the very gates to Hades, ( Hell ).
Houska Castle said to be located at the very gates to Hades, ( Hell ).

Houska Castle is an early Gothic Castle that was built in 1253-1278 during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia. It is located 47 km north of Praque in the Czech Republic. Houska Castle is one of the best preserved castles of the time period it was built.

Houska Castle Video

If a gateway to Hell did exist where would it be. Many people including ghost hunters and paranormal investigators say that Houska Castle is the place where the gateway to Hell exists. It is surrounded by sandstone mountains and there is no source of water except a bottomless well that is also supposed to be a gateway to the bottomless pits of hell. It was turned from a Gothic castle into a Renaissance Chateau in the 16th century. The Nazis used the castle as their headquarters during the second world war and up until the end of the second world war.

The chapel in the castle was built over a bottomless well or so the locals claim and it is here that the gateway to hell is said to be located. Investigators who have tried to find a bottom have not been able to find one in the well. The walls of the chapel are covered with dragons being slain and it is believed by the locals that non human remains are buried under the chapel.

Demons are said to be seen in the chapel and the walls of the chapel are always wet. Strange moaning, screams and voices in many languages are said to be heard coming from under the chapel where locals claim the gateway to hell exists.

Houska Castle Ghost Stories

People over the years have claimed to see something in the area of the chapel that looks like a cross between a human, a giant frog and a bulldog. They say you can see thru it and it can be heard growling. Its said when you hear it growl that you are filled with a sense of great fear.

Just outside the front gates people claim to see a giant headless black horse running around dropping great drops of blood from its neck. It is said to run towards the front of the castle and jump into the air and vanish.

People have also claimed to see a line of people chained together walking towards the castle gates and each person chained to the chain has a horrific injury. Some people are said to be carrying their heads or other body parts. A giant black dog is said to be attacking and biting the people on the chain. Then their will be a flash of lighting and a ghoulish laugh and the chain of people and the black dog will vanish.

A beautiful young woman in a beautiful white dress is seen often walking in windows looking outside. No one knows who she is but she appears to be the most normal of all the ghosts in and around the castle.

The mad monk is said to haunt the Chapel. He is wearing simple brown robes and he attacks you with a ghostly axe that goes thru you but doesn't injure you. Though it has really scared many people over the years. Some have ran out of the castle swearing to never return to the castle for any reason.

What do you think of Houska Castle and its ghosts. What do you think of it being the gateway to hell. Post your comments below now.

The Mad Monk Chases People With His Axe in the Chapel of Houska Castle
The Mad Monk Chases People With His Axe in the Chapel of Houska Castle

Feel Free To Post Your Comments About Houska Castle Below. Sorry but negative comments will not be approved.

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    • profile image

      Kchaf 4 years ago

      Justme!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH That kid in the visor-i thought the same thing! If I were ghost, Id be tempted to knock it off his head. I felt like he was really tempting the spirits with that one.

    • profile image

      wilber 5 years ago

      I'v been looking over everything about this castle. One thing comes to mind. The bottomless pit. The dragon, michael, The woman 1/2 hourse. Brings one book to mind. The book of rev.

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      I want to rent this place on all hallows and spend the night there! Do they rent it?

    • profile image

      wilko 6 years ago

      i can not find more history over castle houska where can i find all of it

    • profile image

      ghost lover 6 years ago

      jst watched ghi and thought it was really interesting so i looked it up would love to find out more about this castle and its history in debth

    • profile image

      Haunted Weekend 6 years ago

      We are planning a full public paranormal investigation at Houska Castle in September 2012. It will be a 3 day and night event with McGees Ghost Tours of Prague. Staying in a hotel in Prague Old Town and travelling out to the the castle for a Bohemian banquet prior to the investigationplus a Ghost Tour of Prague Old Town with McGees Ghost Tours. Anyone interested in joining us contact Haunted Weekend at

    • profile image

      Saraj 6 years ago

      I was with a teem of students who sent lighted camera's down the pit. We did it without permission thinking we could show the world this place was a hoax. Our camera's stay lite about four miles down. At four miles down black winged creatures growled at our camera's. They laughted and destoryed all five of our camera's.

      They look like what we call dragons. They were not bats I'm sure or that. They were totally black and between three to five feet tall, with a long pointed arrow tipped looking tails. Their wingspan ranged from thirty to fifty feet. Bats are smaller, the largest bat is less than seventeen inches tall, and has a wing span of under five feet.

      If we weren't spooked enough one came out of thin air in the room we were in. He started talking about yummy yummy young adult children. We were so scared we left all our equipment there. Sam had all ready put our download card in his pocket, it's the only reason we had any footage.

      I never want watch the demon footage again, but I don't have to worry about that. All the camera footage vanished after the first viewing. The winged demons were gleeful when the destoryed the camera's they knew we would never get to show the world what we found. Everyone who has ever tried to send camera down has had the same thing happen to their footage, it disappears.

      Hauska is creepy and demonic if you ask me, I now truly believe in evil and the devil, I have seen one of his demons.

    • profile image

      Marduk 7 years ago

      I myself have been to Castle Houska and let me tell you, it is not a very pleasant place to be. The story I am about to tell you is 100% true and I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart. I will never return to this place. Right, it was late 2008, I and my wife went to visit the Castle. Upon arrival we were greeted by a man, who looked to be normal and very much HUMAN. He was our tour guide, of so we thought. This man never told us his name, in fact.. he never spoke, just made strange mumbling sounds. We just assumed he couldn't speak very much English, anyway.. he gave us a guided tour, like I said without many words. He lead us on an entire tour of the castle, on the way around, we saw nothing. I felt strange presences etc but nothing that made me think 'GHOST/DEMON!' etc... but, the last stop of the tour was the Chapel.. the 'tour guide' then began to act strangely. He began to chant, a black mist filled the air, filled our lungs, we couldn't breathe, this was only for a few seconds. When this strange black mist had descended, to our horror, we saw something that still to this day, chills me to the bone, even typing this I am scared, but I will continue. The 'tour guide' hard taken shape of a weird black creature, it was about 4ft tall with a large wingspan.. he was floating/flying off the ground about 5ft in front of us... he then took off, up through the roof. My wife then collapsed, only to wake up and not much remember the events that we had witnessed.. still to this day her memory is very faint, she remembers the tour guide, and remembers going into the chapel and the black mist but nothing more. I however, remember everything. As you can imagine, we ran out of there as fast as we could. We seeked help and told our story to anyone we came across. They all said the same thing, that there are creatures that fly up the 'gates of hell' and fly around the castle. However, me and my wife did not know this, so what we saw, we could not of imagined. The strange thing is, no one seemed to know of this 'tour guide' so it was a first, I'm guessing. Why he/it did what it did I do not know but I know what I saw, believe what you will but this isn't just another made up Ghost story. This actually happened and to this day, 3 years on, I still find it hard to sleep because of the imagies of this creature in my nightmares. Has anyone else shared this same experience?

    • profile image

      Michal Lukes 7 years ago

      I don´t know If every myth and story about this Castle is true, but It´s said that the castle was build on the pit to seal it and to prevent daemons and hell-spawned creatures to escape the holes. Another story tells that when the castle was being constructed, one men fell into the pit but was able to grab a rope and when he climbed up he aged 50 years in couple of seconds. But these are concidered to be mere legend. Though the history was never fully explained so no one really knows what really happened. I am Czech republic citizen and I was born here, I wisited many castles, lookouts, watchtowers, ruins ... but not this castle yet. But It´s on my list of places to visit :)and I´ts only around 100km from my city :), but I can confirm that it has been built on the pit or well, but I somehow doubt it was bottomless...

    • profile image

      Terra Houska 7 years ago

      My Grandfathers Parents left Czech and migrated to South Dakota, USA. I look forward to someday visiting this Castle!! Does anyone know how to find out more about the Houska family other than the name comes from Bread? :)

    • profile image

      mlbmaymlw 7 years ago

      It was also said three nazis were found (or their bones at least) after ww2 ended one question.... why were they there?after ww2?

      and what did they find?

    • profile image

      Mac 7 years ago

      My wife is Czech, every time we go home to Czech her father takes me to Castles! I love the history. So next I will ask her father to take me there. I will let you know what I encounter !

    • profile image

      Travis A Houska 7 years ago

      I only know bits and pieces of my family history. but do have documents of family in Bohemia. If anyone has anything of interest, please e-mail.

    • profile image

      Kellye Houska 7 years ago

      I knew there were a lot of Houska's in the Bohemian Forest/Cemetary. It's nice to see how many there really are out there. We should plan a Houska reunion. This is definitely my next stop to see when I go to the Czech Republic.

    • profile image

      sid rish arjan  7 years ago

      we will tel u after we get thr !

    • profile image

      Wayne Houska 7 years ago

      I just found out about Houska Castle today.My ancestors came from Bohemia in the Czeck Republic.Our whole family has had paranormal experiences.I found these stories very interesting. Looking at the pictures of the castle im finding my self attracted to it. I wish I had enough money to visit the castle.I need to find out more about this place.

    • profile image

      Mash 7 years ago

      I have just returned from a trip around the Czeck Republic with my wife, where we visited Houska castle. It was a very wet day with pretty poor visibility outside, we didn't encounter any dampness inside either the main building or the chappel, niether did we feel spooked, not until we went into the first of the 2 cellars. It was very eerie, not one of the people doing the tour (6 of us) would enter the lower cellar room, I cannot say why, I just stopped at the top of the stairs where I could see nearly all of the lower room, but nothing would have made me take that first step. Weird.

      I have encountered what is known as ghosts a few times in my 50 year life and have never before been scared by them. This place is just not right, and there is no way I would spend the night there.

    • profile image

      Russ Dickson 7 years ago

      I went to Houska castle yesterday and loved it. I highly recommend going to visit it if you have the means. I am empathic, and pick up on negative energy very easy, and I did not sense anything when I was there. Maybe it was because I was there during the day. It was a great experience. I recommend sitting in the devils thrown in the basement. I did, what a rush. They also have night tours available. It was worth the trip from NY

    • profile image

      aj 7 years ago

      about the dogs not getting a response, there has to be paranormal activity in that area or demons what ever you want to call them. they can choose to appear or disappear... if they have the energy , at anytime also i bet that they could sense when ppl are alone or afraid so they probably feed off of that and appear, then the dogs go nuts anyway i'm gonna stop talking now.

    • profile image

      shanti666 7 years ago

      i live in czech rep. and this castle is about 60 km from my house.

      i've been to it many times, but unfortunately i didn't saw any ghosts, but it's truly scary, especial the chapel, the walls are all wet, and the ambiance is really dark !

      it's a very nice place to see if you like haunted houses and castles !

      i've been to many of those, like Bathory's castle ( all 3 of them ) , Vlad tepes ( the real one not the one you see for the touristic tours ), houska , white lady's castle , countess of milotice's castle, any many more...

      so yes Houska is really a good one to see, and the roads to go there it' all curves between the forest !

      that road is all dark an scary at night, and it's the main road to go from my city to prague... people who've been there, knows !

      great caslte go to see it !

    • profile image

      Mark Kolyvanov 7 years ago

      im down for that i have multiple reasons to go to the szech republic. im trying to look into some history and i have reason to beleive the szech republic has a lot of hidden secrets.

    • profile image

      sarah park 7 years ago

      I wanna spend a weekend there . someone should form group and all raise the money and make it an unforgetable weekend.

    • profile image

      susan 7 years ago

      wow, so interesting since my maiden name is HOUSKA and my family comes from prague lol

    • profile image

      Jason-pyro.N 7 years ago

      i think GHI are only Ghost hunters nothing more and have no business at castle Houska....even i have seen spirits ..spirits try to inflict fear to further toy with are minds.It is only when you are in fear when they hold the most power ...Demons on the other hand are even more dangerous then a Deadly animal..why have no idea how they will look ..they could look like a well dress man/woman or even a snarling beast....all i can say really is..i cant wait to visit

    • profile image

      Liliana 7 years ago

      Recently viewed the Houska episode on GHI - great entertainment. The best thing about visiting a place like this is the journey ... a frequent visitor to the Czech Republic, I am always enthralled by its marvellous forests, streams, valleys and hills topped by probably more castles than most other East European countries. Whether or not Houska houses Hell's gate and whether or not it is haunted - exploring this area and indeed the country (besides magical Prague), is definitely worth the visit and, if you do go, have fun! I always do.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      a demon, or even lucifer(the devil) is not going to show himself/herself, it self, on tv. These beings are not social, they don't want you to know they exist, they want to stay in the shadows. out of sight, out of mind, and that's what they want in the end. Yes some people who decided to search for it could get hurt, however demons would prefer you not to believe, that's when they can truly manipulate you.

      demons are tricky buggers, not what you see in movies. even the bible states that lucifer will come back proclaming to be jesus, doing all sorts of amazing tricks, walking on water, healing people, etc, to lure as many people into his trap as possible.

      "Another beast, looking like a lamb but speaking like a dragon, is identified as the False Prophet. He leads people to worship the first beast." modified, but if you read revelations you'll learn a lot.

      but that's what always strikes me as being funny, people think demons are creatures that will rip off your head and drink your blood. when really, they'd actually rather pose as a smoking hot woman and lure you into lust, or temptation. They don't want to kill you, they want you to turn to their side, join their team, without you even knowing it.

    • profile image

      Jesse hawkes 7 years ago

      okay guys i am freaked i went on to the most haunted site and watched the webcams.. upon watchnig it for about an hour i had some voices in my head about a man in white robes and a woman.. now i had these voices and visions before i seen this.. and when i came here i see you have the monk and the beautiful woman i have clearly said i herd. to the team of most haunted... i think ive been connected.. i always had a spirituality my family is very paranormally active.. even when we don't wanna be.. and now all i wanna do is go there to that castle for the night i don't know what to think when i seen the ghost stories.. because i pritty much described the monk anda women.. one question i cant get out of my head that that woman was killed by the monk i have that in my head soo badly.. what do i do ??

    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      I am doing a report on this castle and this website gave me a lot of information

    • profile image

      Čert 8 years ago

      you don't want to go digging around when you don't/cant fully comprehend the "darkness", and the entire history of set "darkness." if anyone wants to goto this castle to investigate demons then u must be aware of the consequenses , you would be putting yours and everybodies life around you in danger. demons cannot act without the permission of god but when u open your mind and want these demons to appear you're becoming vulnerable to possesion and in a way taking the rebelion side of cert (satan)

    • profile image

      Mary Therese Houska 8 years ago


    • profile image

      lhouska 8 years ago

      My name is Lindsey Houska and I now know I will be making the Czech Republic the next place on my list to visit! It would be amazing just to say I've been to this place!

    • profile image

      phatephrine 8 years ago

      this isn't the only place with a supposed bottomless pit. just do a search for Mel's Hole, and read that whole story. Truly unbelievable if it is true.

    • profile image

      Doug Houska 8 years ago

      I just learned of this castle today, I didn't see the show on Parnormal activity about this place but I do find it fascinating. I know our ancestry goes back to the czech area and would like to see this castle with our namesake someday.

    • profile image

      kay 8 years ago

      i found this very interesting also. i would like to take a trip up there and actually explore and what not. this castle amazes me and i think they should see if there is a bottomless pit, or a pit of some kind. maybe if everyone posts that they want that bad enough maybe just maybe they'll do it...(really doubting it but hey theres a chance) i am truly fascinated by this.

    • profile image

      its a secret 8 years ago

      I just saw the ghi episode on this thing that struck me as odd was when dustin threw the rock and something slid or threw something back...there's seriously something creepy there and I wanna know what that castle contains within it...I LOVE HAUNTED STUFF like this!!! all these people get to go and see all these cool things i claim that its time for some new people to check these spooky places out!!!! WHOSES WITH ME!!!!

    • profile image

      Vikki 8 years ago

      I love the show. My 8 year old and I watch the Ghost Hunters episodes together and we talk about the debunking. It helped her get over the "ghosts" and "monsters" that scared her at night and she is getting pretty good at debunking things we see on tv these days.

      I just watched the episode via i-net (without my daughter). Interesting. I don't know the investigator's names, but in one of the scenes the girl puts her head down and sighs. I had my volume up really high and just seconds prior to her snapping her head up, I swore I heard a female sound that couldn't have been hers. Usually I can't hear the sounds they jump at until the reveal, but it was the same sound the girl commented she heard. I thought for sure it was the girl faking the sounds, but I couldn't say for certain. It was just cool to actually hear it!

      Also, they walked the dog around in the beginning. Animals are known for reacting to things we cannot see. Why did they not bring the dog to the attic? If they are investigators, why didn't they also go further into the attic where the rock was thrown from? And in many episodes they have that heat sensor type gadget...where was that this time??? (Satan surely must throw off some heat--sarcasm).

    • profile image

      Carole 8 years ago

      I too watched the GHI episode on the Houska Castle and found it totally captivating...especially the comments made about the convict who was lowered into the hole/pit only to come up aged and insane and to die 2 days later. No wonder they covered up the hole. I am a big believer in the Paranormal and although I have had a personal experience with the other side when I was 8yrs old, I would not go looking for Ghosts...God exists so why wouldn't Satan. Loved the Devil's office and the luck all have guts...

    • profile image

      Alastair Mcfadyen 8 years ago

      Hello yes indeed it has quickly become a source of great interest for me this castle after seeing it on GHI. Schizophrenia is my label. However telepathy, demonology etc. is the truth of the matter and I would love to spend a night there like GHI and bring smudging sage grass, archangel michael in one form or another and other items of protection or power. I have questions to poke and prod these flying demons with questions that come from within me. This site excites me and the mental wheels are in motion I hope one day to fulfill my dream towards this castle. And to end this comment I shall put a cap on it by adding that I am not someone who doesn't have experience in dark matters for i have been exposed to it. Short and sweet, foolish and wreckless is the last thing i would be. Anyway hope you all have wonderful days ahead and don't let the gates of hell get you down =)



    • profile image

      Misha 8 years ago

      My husband and I are watching the GHI episode right now, and what really freaks me out is that these people are allowed to trample all around this beautiful historical building unsupervised, they sit in "Satans Chair" like it was their own with complete disregard for how old it really is!!! I don't care that they investigated something, but way more effort should have been put in to preserving these amazing historical pieces. O have been to numerous castles in and around Prague and they have all been properly supervised and areas were roped off so that people can't touch and ruin artifacts.

    • profile image

      Taryn 8 years ago

      Yeah, i just watched the GHI Episode and wanted to cheak out more, and pictures of anyting from in there, couldn't find anyting. Well i was watching it, i thought God, please help me not to go to a place like that(while they were in "Satin's office") and then i thought provok, if satins is there talk about god say a prayer to the heavens, whatever, but i guess not. And i was hoping the dog would do more. And about the pit, i agree, prove it's there, if it if stick a light(to see how far it goes and possibly provok demons)down there or a dead body, to see if it ages like the prisoner in the one story. And you would think when joe or ashley(think thoose r the names) sat in "satin's chair" they might get possesed or something!


      Gateway 2 hell-Possibly

    • profile image

      scott 8 years ago

      I want to know more about Houska

    • profile image

      Mara 8 years ago

      I googled Huska, and found this page with a lot of great comments...

      I saw the episode on GHI as well. I completely wrote it off as soon as the guide brought them to "Satan's Office". From that point I just thought 'Gates to Hell' was more wishful thinking than anything real(At least, concerning Huska). Honestly, why was there a room down bellow with a freaky ass chair, cauldrons and stuff. I am pretty sure the nazi's didn't leave that there, or anyone else before them for that matter... To get to the point, an American guide telling about his castle (in Czech Republic?) being on the gates of hell, with a little room called Satan's Den, decorated to make little kids cry,is reaaally pushing it.

    • profile image

      Antonio 8 years ago

      I have had much more explicit experiences in totally casual situations. BTW if I throw a rock in the attic of a very old and relatively unhabitated castle, I should expect a rat or something like that doing some noise in response. The most dangerous thing in that attic was its floor, no doubt about that. All in all, the place looks pretty quiet and I might think they just wanted to improve the visitors rate ;)

    • profile image

      mark kolyvanov 8 years ago

      i believe that all mankind should forget about that castle because im pretty sure that if someone is cuaght alone over there by one of these demons they wont live to tell the story

    • profile image

      Gina 8 years ago

      Whoa.. That's dome stuff

    • profile image

      Gentry 8 years ago

      As a Christian, I find this very interesting. Whether or not Hell exists inside earth (which is largely debatable)is irrelevant; it's a very interesting bit of land with a very unique history. I don't have any intentions to ever enter the castle, but if I were to I would try to bring a Bible or something and see the paranormal reaction.

      It would be neat if a small hole in the chapel floor was unearthed, large enough to fit a camera with light, to be lowered down into the pit. That would pretty much solve everything.

    • profile image

      Lancane 8 years ago

      Whether or not Houska Castle is the supposed 'Gates of Hell' will be long debated. Even if it is, then it is just one of several; according to several famed demonologists 'there are many scattered about the world' and most remain hidden to this day. Though the Property Manager did oversell the site, the fact is that Czech Republic is part of what most call the dark country or countries - from northern Greece and Albania to the southern end of Poland. And all the lands in between have truly dark histories. The fact that Hitler's SS Scientists had done experiments gives the story even more validity because Hitler had units and agencies dedicated to researching Paranormal activity and Supernatural phenomenon.

      It is quite possible that it was the site of one of the more ancient demon based cults at some point in history, after all such groups have been known to exist long before the Crusades and the expansion of Christianity. So I can not say it is or is not, but usually in a place of terrible crimes and worship of evil entities can cause a place to indeed become evil. I myself am a practioning Luciferian Witch, I praise Lucifer and follow the left handed path, though we are called evil in nature, we do not believe in committing evil, being evil or causing harm to another living soul unless out of need...many of those who dabbled in such long ago had no such reservations and usually were by all definition evil. So what does that mean for Huska? Simply that it may at one point been a place of good to contain evil, then was taken over by those who cared not and by their actions made the castle and the property a place of dark energy, entities and demons.

    • profile image

      Kailey 8 years ago

      I just watched the ghi episode. What about satins office or whatever.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for all the great comments about the paranormal activities going on at Houska Castle

    • profile image

      kala 8 years ago

      I also watched the GHI episode on this castle and I also think that someone should have said the Louds prayer to see what would happen. I that that they did a good job and I do believe that it is haunted, but I don't know about it being built on the gates of Hell. That is a little to werried. I also think that they should of done more with the so called bottomless pit. They should of proved that it was there or that it does not existes.

    • profile image

      Ken 8 years ago

      I have had several paranormal experiences in my lifetime. I firmly believe there are things which defy human understanding. I agree the curator seemed overly dramatic when giving the GHI team a tour of the castle; but first, isn't that his job? Secondly, I think I would me a little melodramatic if I had seen what he reported to have seen. The only part that was disappointing to me was when the GHI team brought in one of his dogs and got virtually no response that was even similar to what the curator related to them. But again, maybe there wasn't anything supernatural in the immediate vicinity at the time. I too thought it was possibly the best episode to date.

    • profile image

      GHI fan 8 years ago

      Yeah, I'd love to explore this castle. I agree with the comment about Dustin (I think that's his name) on GHI. I hate that stupid hat! I say his team lowers him down the pit with a camera and see what happens. That style might scare away the demons!

    • profile image

      Steven 8 years ago

      I thought it was a cool story, and would be interested to find out the true history of this supposed bottomless pit. However, the guy that gave the GHI team the tour at the beginning of the episode was a bit too dramatic. He really built the place up to be a den of evil. I personally think it was an elaborate hoax to increase tourism. I mean come on, if you're in what is supposed to be the "Devil's Office" and the "Gate to Hell" you think someone might have said the Lord's Prayer or something that one would think would provoke the evil.

    • profile image

      Tom 8 years ago

      I don't understand why they don't lower a camera with lights into the "bottomless pit". That's the least they could do, or even lower something else. Tear up part of the floor to see if it's real.

    • profile image

      Heidi 8 years ago

      I saw GHI, and saw the castle and it's paintings. It was pretty conclusive that it was haunted, was it not? This was the most interesting of episodes in my opinion. There's a reason this castle was protect or contain evil spirits, may be it.

    • profile image

      just me 8 years ago

      So I watched the GHI episode and the scariest thing I saw was the white kid with the backwards, upside down visor. What the hell is going on? Didn't that style go out like 5, 10 years ago? When did Vanilla Ice's little brother become a ghost hunter? come on man if you're gonna be representing the U.S. on TV in another country, please, don't dress like an idiot.

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      like many of you, i saw this also on GHI, and i was extreemly fascintated about this, place i don't know why but its just so fucking interesting. and like zeus022 said they dindt mention anything about about the monk with an ax, or the chained men or horse, that is soo creepy and interesting, i would love to go to this place and just investigate it, like mr. cuck said, has anyone confirmed it actually is built on a pit? if you have any further information please email me @

      i have an urge to know more about this place, if you find an article online, or find a book at the library or book store please let me know ^_^ i am so fascinated by this place, the acetecture and the history and legends it involves

    • profile image

      Mr. Chuck 8 years ago

      Has anyone verified that indeed there is in fact a bottomless pit under the chapel. If so, how is it accessible. REGARDS

    • profile image

      VampRedRose111 8 years ago

      I recently watched GHI where the team went to Castle Houska. Supposedly, the place is haunted with demons & the castle blocks a "Gateway to Hell". I don't know if I believe this; however, after a paranormal experience I had in 1990, I have come to realize that although I may not understand something, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

    • profile image

      Kim Houska-Allen 8 years ago

      My maiden name is Houska and I know my ancestors came from Bohemia. I find this very interesting.

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      zeus022 8 years ago

      i just saw the ghi on this. they didn't say anything about the ghostly axe, chained men and horse. that's just freaking creepy.