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How To Eradicate Vampires

Updated on July 20, 2013
Vampire hunting kit from the late 1800's.
Vampire hunting kit from the late 1800's.

How To Kill A Vampire

Since vampires are immortal living dead paranormal beings, they cannot be killed by the same methods as us common mortal humans. There are some specific techniques needed to accomplish this dangerous mission. If you're successful, then a dead vampire almost always bursts into unholy flames and is reduced to nothing but black ash. The spontaneous combustion of their cells is caused by a reaction with their demonic vampire DNA which starts out as a paranormal virus when a vampire is first transformed by another vampire. The following 10 methods have proved rather reliable in the eradication of the vampire menace:

  1. Vampire Death By Fire: Vampires will not burn easily using conventional flames since their paranormal body provides protection from a variety of environmental factors. Simply touching them with a hot flaming torch won't set them ablaze. A good dousing in gasoline, or even better garlic oil, will send that pesky vamp straight to hell in a magnificent fiery inferno that will mesmerize you for decades. For a speedy end to a vampire you will need special holy flames, sometimes called holy fire. These are holy cleansing flames blessed by the Priest of any religion in the name of their God(s), or Goddesses(s). Christian Priests generally produce the most powerful holy fire due to the widespread belief in Christianity. Most likely you'd have a Priest bless a torch of normal fire before entering into battle with a vampire. You can light other people's torches and their flames will be holy fired as well.
  2. Vampire Extinction By Sunlight: Sunlight has always been the number one weakness of the nocturnal living dead. A weakness that keeps them confined to the darkness of the night cowering away at dawns first burning light. Exposure to sunlight causes them to burst into flames and die in a horrifying manner. The more sunlight the quicker it will happen. Depending on their age and power they may be able to withstand a certain amount of sunlight and will only smoke during that period of time. You will need to trick them into the sunlight, or cleverly employ mirrors in a solar refraction scheme. You can also set a cage trap in the woods and then wait until sunrise. Take care to make sure the cage is magically protected or painted with silver. Otherwise they may be able to bend the bars and escape. If you some how get them in shackles be sure to use silver shackles or hang various religious artifacts on them. Tying them to a holy cross would work as well to insure they don't escape before sunrise. See number 8 about religious artifacts below. There's also some anecdotal evidence claiming some powerful wizards, and sorcerers can conjure up a mini sun to duplicate the suns deadly rays. However this is quite dangerous and left only to the magic pros.
  3. Vampire Termination By Blood: A little known method of killing vampires is to somehow get them to ingest certain types of blood, or inject it within them. The only two types of blood known to instantly kill a vampire in any quantity are Angel blood and Sasquatch (Bigfoot) blood. Both of which are nearly impossible to come by. The odds of an Angel taking physical form are beyond rare although the vampire will be drawn to it without reason and will sink it's fangs within it's holy body. The holy cleansing blood of the Angel will kill the supernatural vampire virus that is intertwined with it's DNA. In cases where a vampire is actually good it's said that this will cure them of the vampire plague and make them human again. However it's a risky proposal and could result in instant incineration. As for Bigfoot, it's unlikely they'd go after the fabled beast due it's amazing strength. Still if you're able to get some Sasquatch blood you can either trick them into drinking it or inject it into them with a silver syringe. A normal syringe won't penetrate vampire skin. It is also known that zombie blood is poisonous to vampires, and they'd never drink from their rotted wretched living dead corpses. Angel and Bigfoot blood only requires mere drops to kill while zombie blood on the other hand demands you to inject the entire syringe full within them. The same goes for dead human blood which is also a poison to vampires. Tricking a vampire into drinking deceased human blood is probably the easiest termination by blood method there is if the human just died recently. In fact the blood of most other dead paranormal beings will have the same effect as well. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to animal blood. Creating tranquilizer darts constructed of silver tips filled with the blood types mentioned above would also be an excellent delivery system for vampire eradication. Although it might take multiple shots to get enough into them when it comes to zombie or dead human blood.
  4. Vampire Eradication By Injection: As mentioned above you can inject various types of blood with a silver syringe. You can also inject silver into them. It's not likely you'll be able to fill a syringe with 1763 °F molten silver but you can use high concentrated colloidal silver to get the same job done. You can also inject them with pure garlic oil which will cause a slow painful death. The tranquilizer dart gun method mentioned previously would work as well.
  5. Vampire Extermination By Silver: As previously stated colloidal silver and molten silver will kill a vampire. As will silver bullets, silver swords, silver knives, and silver stakes. Silver, specifically colloidal silver, has been known for ages as a bodily cleanser and cure for many ailments in the mortal world of humans. It seems that silver also has the same effect in the paranormal world to varying degrees. Although it doesn't cure a blood sucking beast of his vampirism. Instead it acts as a living dead Kryptonite of sorts.
  6. Vampire Annihilation By Stake: The most famous method of killing a vampire has always been the trusted thrusting of a wooden stake deep into the vampires black heart. Any sturdy wood formed into a pointed stake will be able to penetrate the vulnerable spot over the vampires heart. Once the heart is punctured by the wooden stake it must be left in for a number of seconds or even minutes before he or she dies. Depending on the ancient nature and power of the vampire they may last for varying amounts of time but once it's inside they're virtually paralyzed and won't be able to remove it. The death will of course be quite agonizing as it should be for these evil bastards. The most effective wood stake is that fashioned out of hickory. The stronger the wood, the easier the penetration, and the quicker the death will be. If you're looking for an instant death then try the silver stake mentioned above. Even coating the wood stake in silver double the kill time.
  7. Vampire Death By Beheading: Removing a vampires head by any means will cause death to fall upon him. This has always been a trusted technique for the extermination of all immortal beings. A strong steel sword, preferably silver plated, will take the head of any vampire nicely. Just make sure you swing it will sufficient force. Some how tricking it into a guillotine or onto a rail road track as a train roars forth is another option.
  8. Vampire Destruction By Religious Artifacts: All religious artifacts, from ancient religions to Christianity, have varying repellent powers when it comes to vampires. However if you can somehow get it to ingest some of the artifact, or stake them with it, then they will die. This includes religious texts such as Bibles, along with other things like crosses, crucifixes, Jesus statues, etc. The power of these artifacts comes from the collective consciousness of the human masses believing in a certain religion. This is made possible since the foundation of our reality and magic in general is pure thought. Since Christianity is the most believed in religion, it's artifacts are the most effective at repelling and killing.
  9. Vampire Expiration By Holy Water: Holy Water is formed when a priest of any religion blesses normal water in the name of their God(s), or Goddess(s). This is another religious artifact that repels vampires. It feels like acid upon their skin, and causes smoke to rise from their skin along with the trademark "oil frying in a pan" sound. If you trick them into ingesting it, or inject them with holy water then the villainous vamp will burst into hellish unholy fire. The death will be slow and beyond excruciating which would be perfect for a vampire who may have mercilessly tormented you and your loved ones. Another way to instant death is to dunk them into a body of holy water. A Priest should have the power to bless a large tank or even a small pond. For larger bodies of water it may take a number of Priests to create holy lakes or seas. Get them near the sainted holy waters and push them in. Enjoy the unique light show as the water flames forth in a brilliant bewitching blaze.
  10. Vampire Death By Magic: This method of vampirical death is only possible for those who practice the various magical arts whether they be witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, or some manner of magical being. Vampires may be the hunter when it comes to human prey but in the paranormal world they aren't Gods. Sometimes they can end up being the prey for beings more powerful than themselves or humans who possess knowledge of magic. All vampires on Earth are born beholden to a magical global curse that denies them entry into any private home without first receiving an invitation. This is where their vulnerability to magic begins and allows for various creative spells and potions to eradicate them along with those whose bodies are imbued with active magical powers. These powerful abilities usually encompass the various forms of Psychokinesis. In light of the thaumaturgy threat, some vampires learn defensive magic. However higher dimensional beings that dispense power generally shun vampires and therefore the ones who know magic are the ones who practiced it while still human. In addition, very ancient vampires of the first generations have some immunity to magic just as they have some immunity to the various methods of vampire murder mentioned on this hub. Luckily the odds are astronomically slim you would run across one of them.

What Does The Future Hold For Vampire Hunting?

Human science in top secret circles has been looking into technological ways to eradicate the vampire infestation our planet suffers from. Both government scientists and privately funded cryptozoologists are devising an anti-virus to the supernatural vampire virus that might someday de-transform a vampire before it can sink it's deadly fangs into you. This certainly is a possibility in the pre-vampire stage after recently dying and having vampire blood, laced with the demonic vampire virus, introduced into their system. In addition, vampire vaccines are on the horizon to protect us all from the nocturnal living dead threat.

There's also various weapons being developed for military applications that might kill vampires. Weapons that rip apart a body at the cellular, or even atomic level have great chance for success in the art of vampirical warfare. Cryptozoologists are also looking into what aspect of the sun causes vampire extermination so it can be duplicated into a solar ray gun of some type. It's not known what effect highly concentrated laser light, via a laser gun, would have on a vampire but it's a fair bet that a pure energy weapon or any device that could instantly disintegrate someone would indeed do the same to a vampire.

Within the current realm of reality it's plausible that a grenade, rocket launcher, or some other high yield explosive could exterminate a vampire. Although there is no reliable evidence to substantiate the effectiveness of explosives. Certainly it would work if the head was blown clean off. Naturally it's safe to assume that a nuclear blast near ground zero would indeed finish off a filthy blood sucking fiend.

In conclusion, this article is meant for informational purposes only. I the author am not responsible for any harm that may come to you or others when engaging in deadly combat with the living dead. The valuable information provided within is no substitute for trained paranormal professionals which may include vampire slayers, vampire hunters, general paranormal investigators, and of course practitioners of the white and dark magics. By reading this article you agree that the utilization of this information is at your own risk. Risk of death or risk of joining the ranks of the evil living dead in their dark immortal journey to hell and beyond! If you should end up in a showdown with a vampire may your guardian angel protect you and of course may God have mercy on your immortal soul!

Please don't hesitate to post a reply this hub should you have any questions about this serious subject which is of the utmost importance in all our perilous journeys through life on this paranormal planet.

Visit MysticInvestigations.Com to learn more about vampires and the world of the supernatural that exists just out of view around the next corner down the block from you. I hope you enjoyed this fast loading hub free of large amounts of adverts and unnecessary material.


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