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It's not all Business When you Start a Business!

Updated on May 29, 2013

Starting a business is a bold enterprise. Most fail in the first couple years. There are certain factors that should be considered besides your Hope.

Your Will

Let's take a look at Your Will. There are plenty of people who would say that your specific will in regard to a business start up would be a reflection of God's will for you. Leaving behind this kind of religious thinking, let's just look at your desire. When someone contemplates starting a business that calibrate want, hope, love of the effort involved, the special purpose of the business, and the vision that you have. Ask yourself to see yourself doing ALL that is required to do the business. The planning, the details of financing, the dealing with resources, educational training and your willingness to work long hours to launch your effort.

A Vision of Your Alliances and Support

Really ask yourself these questions, then try to come up with a TV like picture of you doing these things successfully, through tough times, meager times, good times and difficult ones. Being able to envision this engages your imagination and creativity, and thus plugs again the will of the Divine for you. Ask yourself about your allies and resources. Is your mate, lover, loved one going to be helping you? Are you going to be relying upon certain individuals? Do they know how much you are going to rely upon them? Are they in agreement with you, your plans and your efforts? If you are going to rely on them, ask, do they see you doing this work? It would be heart breaking if the person that you are going to call an ally and a resource personally thinks that you are not likely to succeed in this business. When you do this kind of exercise with the key 5 or 6 people who are your company of kindred spirits, this will tell you about their "collective will" of these people. When you come up with a picture of this "collective will", you will again, be tapping into what the Divine is seeing for you.

"Count the Cost"

Jesus used the "Count the cost" admonition. This was a powerful parable about counting resources, dollars, cents, alliances, friends and associates and loved ones. He talked about "war" and all of the planning it takes to martial forces. All of that is plain and simple - just planning. How much have you actually planned? If someone, let's say an enemy, or someone who is not a friend appeared at your door and said: "Prove to me you have really planned for this business!" Would you be able to do so? It is important to involve hard opinions, disinterested parties, and those who have no rooting interest in your charming self. If this kind of assessment helps you move forward in your plans, then the Divine might be showing you a way.

The Economics of Your Business

The next big issues is the economics of the business. Locally, within the county or town, or in the marketplace that you will be functioning, what does a researched plan tell you. These days, plenty of computer generated tools are available to someone wishing to enter a business enterprise. Do this work. When the cold hard marketplace answers your basic business questions, then you will indeed have a fuller and more complete answer to your abiding question. If all of these factors tell you that you feel passionately that you should start your business, then do any kind of prayerful inquiry and ask I await indications from my life, the around, and my loved ones for answers - positive or negative in regard to this.

"Devil's Advocate"

Remember, many who are hopeful and anxious sometimes are not anxious enough. Those who pray for a "yes" often do not realize that a "no" is as valid an answer. There is a phrase called the "Devil's Advocate". What that means is that people or specific offices, or mandates can act as factors which tell you that things should NOT happen. Don't disrespect the function of the "Devil's Advocate". It is there as a part of the Human Drama to help all of us take in as many factors as possible in determining what the Will of the Divine is for us all. Be positive, but be clear headed. In starting a business failure in the first year is mightily against you. Take that factor all by itself and let it instruct you.


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