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Aries to Pisces - Increase Your Own Loveability Quotient

Updated on July 31, 2013

12 Signs Each Have Their Signature

As we rise each morning, we automatically are who we are. The integration that the individual feels is the blessing of our species. We gather ourselves and mount our energies with our morning coffee. Ah, with that same cheery, or not so cheery smile, we look into that mirror and the same noble soul looks back.

When I was young and trying to absorb all of the people I was encountering every day, I observed that smart kids were sometimes shy, that dumber than doors kids were full of confidence. I noted that the Bill Clintons were doing their thing. I just did not know what to call them then. Women were mysterious and soared across the sweep of emotional states. They giggled. They went somber. They acted distant then twinkled. As this wave of humanity taught me every day about human uniqueness, I could not hold back my amazement that everyone seemed well armed with their own kind of confidence.

I still am amazed at the embedded confidence in every human soul. It is when they are weak and under fire and suffering that you can see this confidence shine. Even if it is a weak signal, it is still there.

As we grow, we become accustomed to who we are and we develop a maturity. Our own Sense of Self grows strong. But what also happens in life, is that we get “set in our ways”, used to our “eccentricities”, proud of being our unique selves with all of our embedded blemishes.

After a Time We Develop a Kind of “Warts and All” Attitude

To our loving partners and friends and relatives, we can develop a “Popeye the Sailor” approach:


With our sun sign qualities, it is easy to say: “Well that’s just what an Aries is.” Or “Well, that’s Scorpio, you know”. But remember we are conscious (to one degree or another), and if we seek to benefit our relationships and lighten the load on our loved ones, there are ways of approaching your Sun Sign with a higher lovability quotient.

If you embrace this quotient, you can perhaps get in touch with your higher self a little more and realize that every time you open your mouth, you have an opportunity to monitor your output. We are prey to our programming and background and familial and cultural tendencies and karmic issues ---- only if we decide to “give in” to a fatalistic approach. I write this in the Spirit of Lent, the times of Unleavened Bread and the deep cleansing time of late winter and early spring. The “Spring Cleaning of our Souls” can take place any time of year, but this is written with the hope that each sign, each soul, can look at themselves and just try some little improvements for those who are committed to loving us. Here’s to our “Greater Lovability”!

Increase Your Lovability Quotient by Getting Better Acquainted with Yourself

Aries: It’s great that you trump everyone with energy and your need for achievement. Nobody can begin a project like you can. No one has such “take off speed” as you do.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Try not offensively bumping heads as you push for your destiny. The Ram is given their horns to beat the sexual competition. Try not to use your horns in this civilized world. It will help you.

Taurus: Yes, you are a hard worker, love the pleasures of life and have that sleepy time coolness. You can always let that slow burning temper give you an edge. Who wants to take on the bull?

Increased Lovability Quotient: Let your temper stay cool. Try to be less territorial and possessive. Use that easy nature to make an impression instead of cold indifference. The engaged Taurus is a warm and easy companion.

Gemini: You know you are faster, sharper, quicker and cleverer than the rest of the crowd. Dancing with the best, arguing to the last, charming to the hilt, you have many identities.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Remember when you are talking you are not learning. Listen more and then shut up for 5 seconds before you respond. Once people know you can talk, they will be more impressed that you are listening. Sincerity beats all when you are a Twin.

Cancer: Under your furrowed brow lies the worrying heart of a hardworking family person. There is no question about your earnestness and care for your loved ones. You can “run a project from a cell phone in your car” without pausing to exhale.

Increased Lovability Quotient: You can’t stop your moody phases, but stop taking them so seriously. When you feel “crabby”, take a deep breath and understand that no one knows how you are feeling, unless you reveal it.

Leo: It’s not hard to be impressed with yourself and everyone’s afraid to discourage you when they know your mind is on grandeur and high achievement. When your Leo stuff does not work, you never lose that imperious air. You greet each morning with that grin.

Increased Lovability Quotient: No need to change your smiling pride, because you can’t. Try to actually look sincerely into people’s eyes and ponder doing something for a “little person”. Pondering will help, even if you don’t do it.

Virgo: Your tummy hurts watching the world be so crazy. Your criticism is always correct; your innocence always real. It is hard being innocent, naïve and seeing so many faults. You have a genuine naiveté which actually holds you in good stead.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Your detailed nature often tends to pickiness. Then it picks up speed. Try to mitigate that. Smile at everyone without their warts removed. Realize that your agenda is a personal one. The world is as imperfect as it can be.

Libra: The world around you needs so much organization and order. Your beauty is both external and internal. Your mind is always set on others improvement. You lend so much to the human efforts you encounter.

Increased Lovability Quotient: just start looking at everything as the way it is, with none of your hoped for adornments. You will get some of that peace you want, but never attain. It is when you stop seeking peace that it innocently shows up.

Scorpio: Yes, your nature is always burning. You think when others are on “pause”. You can dream great dreams and accomplish secret missions during lunch. You are always earnest no matter how small the project is.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Envision your surroundings as an undramatic playground where people are not thinking anything, and especially, not about you at all. Remember it is often just you who brings the drama to the plot.

Sagittarius: You can leap tall buildings and smile and move like nobody’s business. Your Spirit thrives in achievement and also, just fun. Because you can fight for justice and the American Way, you are always in whatever game you choose.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Just for Lovability, consciously try not to offend – especially offhandedly or seriously. Remember, just because it’s your cause, doesn’t mean its God’s cause. Justice is not always yours to administer.

Capricorn: OK, you are the smartest and most together person you know, and you never take your eyes off your goal. No one can read your mind and you are fast! When you arrive, things start up.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Stop overlooking, ignoring, shutting people up with your superior smile. Here’s a hint. It will get you even farther with your goals. Love for Achievement’s sake!

Aquarius: You are right. People have a hard time understanding you and sometimes you really do come up with that incredible observation from an unworldly place. You do seem to know things that others do not.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Stop trying to demonstrate your uniqueness. Be more personal instead of trying to constantly impress with your indirect profundity. When your eyes go in other directions, people tend to feel you are not thinking of them anymore.

Pisces: While you are looking dreamy, you are most assuredly wiser than most. But you still look psychic and sometimes depressed. Your insights are remarkable. People like you naturally because of your spiritual mystical manner.

Increased Lovability Quotient: Reach down into your deep waters and pull out a shiny beautiful smile, like a gold coin pulled from the rocks. Yes, you might be deeply worried about some bad dream making you despondent; but a Piscean smile can seem heaven sent.

Many of your have read my column on TRIADS. If your Moon and Rising sign are known to you, you can increase your awareness of the forces at work in you. Awareness of these will give you a greater level of comfort when you see apparently contradictory elements at work on your sun sign. With this knowledge, you can increase your Lovability even more.


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