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How I Became An Unbeliever (In Evolutionism)

Updated on June 17, 2013

The Messiah of Evolutionism

Wishful thinking - a true missing link
Wishful thinking - a true missing link | Source

Foundations of Faith Shaken By Reason

This is an essay of how I lost faith in evolutionism, although I was raised believing in it, and the questions I have about those who are unhappy with my realization and rationalization. The essay briefly takes you from what I learned and yearned to the break in faith and progressive reasoning to questions about those who worship evolutionism.

The Learning Stage

From kindergarten to college, I was introduced. taught, and studied evolutionism. As a kid, I took the words of adults - my teachers and professors - as gospel. I was taught the dinosaurs were “terrible lizards” - reptiles who can grow to huge sizes. I was shown pictures of fossils and artist conceptions of cave men. I was taught that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and that man arrived later on the scene, himself evolving from the primates.

I was shown the “family tree” of human evolution and where the great apes diverged from the development of man. I learned, among other things, the dates, places, and cultures of early hominids. I was taught long ages and geology. As a budding sociologist I took courses human evolution, anthropology, geology, ancient civilizations, and philosophy. I read Darwin, Hegel, Freud, Comte. I strived to learn more about evolution - macro, micro, cellular, and galactic evolution.

I was excited to learn of new discoveries, what the Leakeys were doing, even trying to figure out Tielhard de Jardin. I looked at fetal development across species and the geologic column. I got even more excited when I imagined that if there were other planets out there, then obviously, there should be life that could arise through evolution. Because I didn't want to pollute my mind with science fiction from watching Star Trek, I made sure my belief in evolutionism was more learned than theory. I read the science magazines, watch PBS specials and bought videos on evolution.

Then I could apply the “fact” of evolution to other disciplines. For example, evolution could explain why people as individuals (psychology) and as cultures (sociology) act in a certain way. Evolution brought adaptation into the foray and explained what causes social deviance, what causes societal glue, what causes racism and discrimination and even what causes our competitiveness in sports. It answered why peoples believed in the supernatural (theology), how to build business and sell (marketing and economics), and what man thought of himself (philosophy). I even wrote an essay on the evolution of the brain which causes man’s intelligence to surpass himself and perhaps through mass hallucination create a spiritual being (called God or Zeus or Apollo or Quetzalcoatl) into existence as long as everyone believed in it. I believed the mind became powerful through evolution - not just language, love, and creativity, but also super-naturally - the power of the will.

Yes, I was a true believer.

The Chicken That Started It all

Then the walls started to collapse.

One day I bought some fried chicken for me and my little girl. As we were sitting down watching Mr. Rogers and eating chicken I told her “Did you know that you’re eating a modern dinosaur?”

She said “A dinosaur?”

I said yes because at the time evolutionists in their academic temples were dogmatizing that except for the dinosaurs that were wiped out by asteroids hitting earth, that the rest of them evolved into birds, and some of the birds we eat are, of course, chicken.

She said that all dinosaurs were reptiles. I said that scientists now say that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. We laughed and then I started to have questions.

I didn’t question evolutionism, just a few things scientists were claiming. Surely, they got this wrong. Why would something de-evolve from a massive size to this little size. How did scales become feathers? How did fore-legs become wings. How did massive bones become light hollow wing bones? And if the dinosaurs were reptiles, why do some of them have the qualities of large mammals such as the stegosaurus and (formerly called) brontosaurus?

Well, questions about the evolution of animals started piling up. Questions about the monarch butterfly, marsupials, penguins and ostriches, platypi, and apes. No matter how hard they tried, animal behaviorists could not get apes up to speed to keep evolving to man's level even 2 million years ago.

I started reading articles from Dawkins and started to find too many contradictions. Then, it seemed many of the evolutionists were not all in the same camp. Some said evolution ceased, others claim it is in effect now. There was no consensus.

Where's The Beef?

My faith was shaken.

I wanted proof - facts which were just assertions with no evidence. I wanted the beef - the meat: I wanted to see bones, not plaster replicas. I wanted to see skin in amber, not just artist conceptions. I found little evidence of change from species to species. I arrived at “Where are the missing links?” I was disheartened to learn that many fossils were “assumed” to be of the same animal. Then assembled into a conglomerate creature which never ever existed. I learned of fraud - the Piltdown Man, Peking Man, Teilhard de Jardin. It was all unraveling and I didn’t know where to turn for answers.

I explored outside of the discipline evolutionary propaganda and found a book “Creation Rediscovered” by Gerard Keane. This highly acclaimed book on origins exposed the myth of evolution starting with scientific proof. Other disciplines outside of pro-evolution disciplines tended to disprove it and shine a light of reality.Through many phone calls, and meeting Gerry and going to his expose seminar, the proof was in the pudding against evolution. Well, I found the beef, and it is detrimental to the myth of evolutionism.

When The Walls Came Tumbling Down

I saw that mathematically evolution is impossible. I saw that biologically it is false. More questions arose - instead of how evolution influences this or that, questions such as how could evolution cause any of this by mere chance or adaptation? One question was how evolution could arrange the stomach in such a way that it produces acid but at the same time the stomach is protected by a mucous membrane. So before the acid, and its proper mixture and amount, what other chemical did evolution use? Anti-freeze, water, caustic soda?

The mechanism for evolution was missing, not just the missing links. If the butterfly could change in a relative quick time, then why does it take millions of years for an animal to change into something else? Metamorphosis is faster than evolution - why couldn't evolution be fast?

Well the high priests of evolution had a symposium in Chicago and introduced punctuated equilibrium - what I call quantum leaps. This was their answer to the lack of missing links that evolution happened miraculously such as a snake laying an egg and a baby chick hatches.

Well I don't beleive in the miracles of evolution -they're fairy tales.

Brick by brick the wall came tumbling down. The more I thought about evolution, the reasons I found to no longer believe in it. I will not go into all the thousands of reasons against this belief, but I can tell you this happened before the intelligent design people arrived on the scene.

Disappointed By Scientific Fields And Schools Enamored With Evolutionism

I became so disheartened not with evolution, but with certain scientific fields, geology especially. Evolution is so entwined in it that it has very little credulity. Once I saw the work of Guy Berthault and other sedimentologists proving that there is no such thing as the geologic column then I realized, all these people were taught a false doctrine. The other field of study I became disappointed with was astronomy, which, too, relies on the false doctrine of evolution to push its theories of the Big Bang and black holes. Might as well watch Star Trek.

And, by the way, I am disappointed in schools that propagate evolutionism in their curriculum. they are teaching kids fairy tales. Instead learning viable skills and trades, kids are getting college degrees and find themselves unemployed for long lengths of time. If only the schools taught kids how to earn a living, stat a business, or become entrepreneurs. Nope, teach them that the world is billions of years old and man evolved from rat-like primates - that's time well-spent, don't ya think?

Scorned Because of My Loss Of Faith

So I am now a true unbeliever. I feel that so many people were mislead by a religion that is just a fabrication. This leads me to my daily challenges.

When people learn that I no longer worship a great luminary such as Darwin and nor follow his apostle Hawking nor read the bible of evolution Origin of the Species, they scorn me. Can't we all just get along? This is a pluralistic society - believers and non-believers can live side by side as long as there is respect. Alas it isn't that way.

I didn't just come off the boat, yet they assume I had no education or was never taught the “modern” concept of science. They condescend on me but do not provide answers. They say I am ignorant to the facts, yet I want to see proof. There is no proof, just assertions, artist renditions, fabricated animation documentaries, and in some cases, fraud.

So in protest I must affirm to them that I need not believe in what they believe. Why does it bother them so. Will me re-converting back to evolutionism make them a happy evangelist? Why does it bother them that most of my family does not believe in the false doctrine. And being an American, why do they think they have to impose their pseudo-religious views of evolutionism on school children. There should be separation of pseudo-church and state. You don’t see witchcraft being taught in schools so why should evolutionism be forced upon young minds?

I Have The Right To Choose

It's my life - I have the right to choose - the Supreme Court and the Constitution says I can. I chose to use reason over myth, logic over theory. Theories can be created for anything, and just because a theory is accepted by - ahem - peer review, that doesn't mean it is logical or true. Probability has more weight than assertions, and having no proof outweighs the so-called “facts” of evolution.

It’s funny. If I told a physician that I didn't think a certain medication worked, he wouldn't care. If I told a mathematician that his numbers were wrong in a particular theorem, he would investigate and if I was wrong, he’d just go on his merry way. If I told a biologist that I didn't believe the reason for a certain biological process, he’d shrug it off. But if I tell an evolutionist that I didn't believe in any of it - he’d attack me, try to trip me up and convince me that I need to believe it.

Why do evolutionist need to combat us non-believers? Money for research is threatened? Naw. It is an affront to their beloved religion.


In summary, being raised an evolution believer, I lost my faith and now have to deal with the backlash of pro-evolutionist hatred. My question being since I no longer believe, why do evolutionist feel the need and duty to re-convert me back or resort to ridicule?

If you have an answer to that last question please let me know.

Believe It Or Not

If someone chooses not to believe in "accepted" theories of Evolutionism, Big Bangism, or other scientific thought, should that person be forced to accept it in schools, at work or elsewhere?

See results

Learn To Illustrate and Create Your Own Missing Links


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  • Rob Lattin profile image

    Rob Lattin 5 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

    Thanks guys! Was having internet problems but just added a poll if you want to check it out.

  • frogyfish profile image

    frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

    Sure 'nuf enjoyed your hub-thoughts!

    Now for your answer...put this in your multiple choice boxes...

    Maybe it is because they were taught what they were taught and prefer that to what they weren't taught, because they weren't taught.

    That's my try and hope it helps. Thanks for an enjoyable read!

    And don't have any up buttons to punch! I wanted to. :-(

  • profile image

    Sarah Neher 5 years ago

    All I can say is that it is this way between any opposing groupsz, regardless of the topic at hand. Can't we all just get along?


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