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Yearly forcast for Leo In 2018

Updated on February 10, 2018

With the New Year, it is time for all of you Leos to step out of your comfort zone and live life to the fullest. 2018 is the year best suited for your ambitious nature. You must make the most of the new opportunity and the growing energy in you this year. So, revamp your identity and pose for the picture because you will definitely be in the limelight. Here is what each month of 2018 will bring for you.


January would be important for you as you will find your dear sun in the powerful position this month. You can start off this New Year in its limelight; aiming for something, maybe it is time to go for it and get it. Regardless of the energy and optimism, it is perhaps not the best time to start a new business or take risks in a big project. To find success, you must not only believe in yourself but also use the brilliance of your mind. However, it is important that perhaps you learn working independently. Use the full moon on the 1st of January to work on your inner creativity and peacefulness in private. Listen to that voice inside you and let your intuition do the magic. January is a great time for you to make plans and decide what changes you want to bring in this year.

Later on after January 16th you will be blessed with the new moon which will put you in the mood for bringing your plans to reality and perhaps, in being a bit more organized. It is the right time to ponder over where your love and work life are going. Plus, what is it that you desire the most. Try to be a bit more balanced in your planning; maybe starting with smaller, more realizable aims is a better way to start the year. Maybe make a resolution to spend more time with your family or perhaps find that balance between work and home life. Moreover, you must also have fun this month. Attend that concert you always wanted to and get tickets for your favorite game. With the lunar eclipse at the very end of the month, try to understand your independence but also the importance of having close relationships.


With the lunar eclipse still from January 31st still casting its influence in February, you as a Leo will have to deal with heightened emotions. It is the right time to carefully illuminate on our personal, health and relationship goals. This new awareness about your own self as well as of those you are connected you would allow you to move forward. In addition to this, it is also a good time for you financially. Expect that bonus or commission in your bank this month. With Venus here, February is a great time to enjoy good financial news. However, it would not be advisable to take financial risks in this month. Moreover, a solar eclipse right after Valentines means that you must take a step forward in your love life. If you are with someone, perhaps try exploring new avenues in your relationship. Figure out where you want your relationship to go; if you are planning to pull out the ring it is time that you do so.


Sun and Pluto bring a lot of positivity for your sign in the month of March. You will find yourself more confident as well as productive, as well as more eager to work your way forward. However, there are a few things you must remember this month. Think before you act. You must be able to clearly evaluate your options before making a decision, especially a financial one. Perhaps stay away from making a lot of financial decisions in March. In contrast to this, you will find more happiness in your love life. You will find your relationship with your special someone as something positively contributing towards your life goals at the start of the month.


April is your lucky month, Leo. You are full of all this new energy and ideas which are taking shape in your mind. There is a lot of clarity this month: you know what you want, why you want it and how to get it. Nonetheless, with all this newfound successful way of living, it is also important that you work equally hard to achieve what you desire. Remember nothing will come on its own, you still have to give your best even with all the luck on your side. This is also a great time to have fun in your love life. Be romantic and take your special someone on that perfect candle-lit dinner.


May is the right month to take all the important decisions and bring that change that you always wanted. At the start of this incredible month, you will be pleased with where you are in life and the perfect balance that you have achieved. However, this does not mean that you can’t make any more improvements. For those of you who hate their jobs and have always wanted to do something they loved it is time to put this into action. Nonetheless, you must always consider all the possible alternatives and be prepared to put in all your resources and energy in whatever you plan. Moreover, look for advice. There are a lot of people who could help you out in your endeavors. May is the month of action, so act to achieve!



Your actions in this month will be highly influenced by the presence of the sun and Mars. June is filled with creative impulses, energy and better productivity. It is the right time to get all the major work done. It is also a great time for you to work on your career. Stop wasting time resolving mistakes made by everyone else, take charge, direct and watch your career skyrocket. Conversely, don’t rush your love life. You must feel confused a lot of time and there might be a lot of pressure coming from your partner. Ask for some time, they will understand. Don’t make hasty decisions!


July is the month for learning new things. Maybe join a French class and then plan a trip to Paris to test out your new skills. Make plans and fulfill them. Moreover, your social life would be really important this month; what better time to hang out with your friends than the summers. Plan an outing together and use it as an opportunity to communicate. You will definitely learn something new from them and would probably give them some valuable information in return. Moreover, explore new areas of interest with your partner. Sign up for couple’s yoga or that cooking class you both wanted to attend. However, be open to change and new ideas from others as well as your own self. Also, do not miss the gym this month. You might be tempted to stop exercising or perhaps over eat. Do not lose all the focus and create a workout plan. Perhaps a great idea would be to incorporate new exercises in it to keep yourself motivated.


This month your personal life will take precedence over your work and career. You desire the happiness of your family and emotional stability for yourself this month. However, you will still remain in a good position at work. A good tip would be to work as a group at work, it will help not only help you in generating new ideas but will also bring in support from other people at work. In addition to this, you must realize that your relationship with others will definitely be connected to your relationship with your own self. If you are taking care of your health, both mental and physical, you will be in a more relaxed and happy state for interacting with others; maybe yoga or a morning jog would be a great idea this month.


This is a month of great opportunities and amazing insights. You intuition will help you solve almost all problems and you magnetic personality back this month would help you in dealing with people. Remember to not your ego take over or the complications make you uncomfortable. Take some rest when it is needed and give yourself the liberty to relax. The same intuition will help you in your love life. You will know when the relationship is going in the right direction and when it is going downhill. A good idea would be clear your brain and stop overthinking about all the past issues. Try to work on your relationship but not too much that it consumes you completely. Additionally, your relationship with your co-workers may not the most fruitful this month. Your ideas may not be appreciated as much as you would have wanted to. Moreover, you might even make situations worse by criticizing the work of others at the office. Try to stay calm and as cooperative as you can.



This month is all about being social. Go to that party on the weekend and meet all the new people you find there. October is the month to interact and form new relationships. Moreover, this is also the month of love for you. Everything would be pulling you in the direction of someone special; even your gut is telling you to make the move. Perhaps you should listen to it this month. If you are still confused remember to use your close of group of friends for some advice. They can advise you about a good restaurant to take your date or perhaps tell you about the best way to ask someone out. This October you might get whatever you set your eyes on. You might get that big project or even a job you have always been dreaming about. Seize the opportunity and plan ahead.


Despite everything going in the right direction, you might find yourself stuck in a few tense situations this month, whether it is at work or home. Stay cool and do not let your ego get in the way; it could so some serious disadvantage otherwise. Try to relax and even if you fail at something, just remember that you gave your best. Moreover, also try to be more understanding no matter how hard it is. This will help you look at everything in a positive light. Work might get hectic and you will find yourself stuck in chores all day. Nonetheless try having a good time with your coworkers and improve your team building skills to make the best out of what you have.


It is the end of the year again and time to pack up on all the work before Christmas comes. This month is also the best time to reevaluate your career decision. Think about what you achieved at work and how important this job is for you. Moreover, how eager you are for some change: perhaps plan to apply for your dream job next year or even decide to work towards the promotion you deserve. Nonetheless, when you are done pondering over your work experiences this year, take out time for your friend and family towards the end of this month. It is also important to end this year on a good note by making all the right decisions. You have created a lot of memories the entire year so now it is time to relax and watch back. This will not only help you in cherishing all the good things that happened this year, but will also enable you to think about all the bad in a positive manner. Remember it is always your intention that can shape your life, so set do-able resolutions for next year and feel motivated to start another year full of positivity.

If you are interested in getting a better or more detailed insight regarding what the next year of 2018 will bring for you, definitely watch this video:


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