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How Prayer changes things: Modes of prayer

Updated on August 4, 2018

Prayer is taught to an individual since childhood in his home or during school etc. To many, these prayers are a routine to keep them fit for daily social responsibilities and a way of personality development.

Prayer is an ultimate and easy solution for our spiritual progress & peace of mind.

Prayer Quote by Gandhi: Eminent political saint of India, Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed that "Prayer had saved my life, Without prayer, I would have been a lunatic long ago." This indicates that a leader who created a storm of desire for independence from foreign rule in the minds of billions of Indians required regular prayer.

Even the great saint Jesus Christ attained his spiritual prosperity through his regular prayers.

Let's Pray for a better world

Prayer changes things in us like

♣ It enhances goal orientation and keeps us focused.

♣ It improves concentration and the confidence in the work we do.

♣ It brings in immediate mental peace and stress relief.

♣ It enhances confidence and provides sufficient spirit and willpower to get the thongs done.

♣ It provides clarity in our thoughts and takes the right decisions.

♣ It makes you feel connected to eternal bliss and removes the feeling of loneliness.

♣ We feel more mature, and the narrow-mindedness gets out.

♣ If taught to children, it can bring in discipline, comprehensive behavior and removes mischievousness.

Prayers for depression

A example for Prayers for meetings

Prayer help

Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?
Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

This book says prayer is our chance to join forces with God's power to confront suffering and evil head-on.


Modes of prayer

Silent prayer: This is a preferably used mode and also the most efficient. It was the one followed by the greats like Jesus, Gandhi and many more. It can be done anywhere, anytime by anyone.

Loud prayer: This is a prayer done either singly or in a group. This involves the use of vocal noise in prayer. This is the best way for beginners as the sound and words try to put the mind into prayer without disturbances.

Single prayer: This is done by an individual either silently or by use of vocal sound.

Group prayer: This is commonly seen in churches, mosques, temples wherein people pray in a group. This worship can be silent or by use of voice. This method has an advantage that, like-mindedness enhances the spirit and desire for effective prayer. Even the routine can be continued without breaks, i.e., prayer can be on a regular basis without any discontinue.

Prayer are done in different sorts.

Prayers can be done for many purposes and some sample prayers include:

Thanksgiving prayers: God gives everything required and also assures you protected and also hassle-free. We need to be thankful to him. In this type of prayer just say thanks to the almighty by memorizing some good deeds or happening he has given to you. The intention in this sort of prayer is gratitude to the holy lord for whatever you have or whatever you are.

Prayer for protection: In case of any untimely trouble like terrorist acts, flight troubles, accidents, warfare, etc. prayer for protection is helpful. Here the chances are you have a bit of internal fear, or you are tensed.

Prayers for meetings: In meetings, you are in a group of people so, prayers can be on a common purpose required by all or for the betterment of one and all in the meeting. It can be performed by a single person or set of the person praying for all the other present there. Sometimes it can be an individual prayer if done in a silent mode.

Prayers for depression: For those in depression, prayer can do wonders. The victims are mostly in mentally tensed state, have the feeling of insecurity, loss of willpower and also the confidence to go ahead. This kind of situations can be seen during the loss of a beloved person, failure in career or busyness, detection of cancer, HIV, etc. Prayer can act as an immediate remedy to control the depressive thoughts, provide you the good sleep and removes other depressive co-morbid like loss of appetite, desire to work and lead normal social life.

Prayers for success: Everyone needs success in whatever field he takes up. Be it from students to administrative personnel or even businessmen; success is an essential phenomenon. So students pray to Lord Ganesh for better education. Administrative people pray to handle the stress better etc.


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    • bheem profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the appreciation :-).

    • profile image

      M. Laboudi 

      7 years ago

      A great perspective

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Very inspiring and encouraging.

      God Bless you.


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