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How Reality Works

Updated on August 23, 2011

Reality is the result of a single interdimensional unit limiting itself, thus creating the illusion of subjective experience. The interdimensionally stored information which dictates the laws regarding how this single interdimensional unit interacts with itself within a limited framework (spacetime) is decoded on that framework level by what is essentially a construct of said framework – a complex interaction of forces perturbed by the removal of certain freedoms (consciousness). Within limited consciousness, the experience of high-energy interactions within the brain and the body creates the illusion of subjective reality. This is necessarily a limited view of reality, one in which the individual cannot seem to fathom that which is grander than his little personally-defined bubble of spacetime. This is because the perception of time, and of matter, and of language, and of societies, and of other things is a product of having reality limited to only being perceived on those levels by the machinery of the brain. In this subjective state, the individual feels trapped in time, and in his body. The reality is that both are illusions created by the removal of omniscience and omnipotence to certain different, nuanced degrees. Revert this principle back infinitely, if you must. Human beings are a result of biological evolution, which is a result of life, which is a result of molecules, which are the result of atomic and subatomic particles which are the result of the physical laws of the universe which are a result of, ultimately, mystery. The human mind, and more temporally, the human brain, are the result of hundreds of billions of years of cosmic evolution. And yet even this is only within the immediate limited temporal plane of existence, which we assume naively to be the entirety of reality. Theories about how this reality operates and where its place is on a higher interdimensional scale should blend mathematics, philosophy, and cold, hard science.

One idea is that this single unit is an interdimensional mind (God) which, by removing attributes of its ultimate power, can create. This creation can then create within itself. Thus, we have the universe eventually creating us. This ultimate God-Mind is everything, is you, is me, is all. It simply is, by virture of its grand design, experiencing subjective reality within the dimensionally-bending powerhouse that is your brain, and your body. We like to think that when things are distributed unevenly in our reality, we are looking at multiple things where one object is different than the other. Similarly, on a higher level, the distribution of consciousness within our perceived 4-dimensional space could be imagined to be perceived by an even higher being, that we may call God. This is viewing objects (and God) 3-dimensionally. It is saying, they are different, but I am here viewing them all. This is ultimately the only framework most people use for understanding the omnipotence and omniscience of God. What I am saying is that this is a naïve view of how God works. For one thing, you, the viewer, are yourself a perceived 3-dimensional object. In this framework, that basically means that you and the objects are equals. In reality, this is not perceived to be so. Most of us perceive ourselves as separate entities from God. Less than God. We cannot experience life through another person’s skin. Through their brain, through their psychology. We are limited to the neuronal constructs within our own immediate brain. However, this is a condition of limitedness. Limitedness of a reality that is on a grander level than what our brain, which is itself a construct of a limited temporal reality, can immediately grasp. However, this is due to a failure in our culture. The failure of logical, Westernized thinking when it is touted as The Path to Truth. Spiritual traditions recognized on some level that All is Mind, and Mind is All and is One, which takes many forms and sub-levels, including that of our immediate subjective experience. Now, we have scientific language for addressing these spiritual beliefs. Interdimensional mathematics can and should address these issues. However, ultimately, this One; this infinitely powerful unit which can, by limiting itself, manifest realities, even realities which can manifest conscious beings within the reality, and all the intricate physics dictating its functions; is an interdimensional infinitely powerful One which is All, and which is you. You think you are free, but you are limited. If you don’t know it now, one day you will – when you die and merge again with that vast, interdimensional, brain-free, body-free power. Pure Mind. Beings can and do exist that are not limited to our mere 4 dimensions of perception. They themselves are probably creations of a similar recursive self-creating genesis.


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