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How To Achieve Goals Using Metaphysics

Updated on February 4, 2012

How to achieve goals using metaphysics

Mankind has entered a new phase of extraordinary spiritual awakening on this planet. Many individuals are becoming aware that the unseen forces that govern nature are also affecting us. We may believe that we have dominion over nature but in reality we are not exempt from its pulling and pushing. Furthermore, we are learning that many of these forces can be affected by us far more than we realize.

There are three main forces that can be found anywhere in nature. They are magnetism, electricity, and gravity. Our life energy is sustained through the continuous interaction of all three. What we are beginning to find out is that we can attract anything that we desire if we know how to correctly tune your life energies.

When we think, millions of tiny neurons send electrical sparks between each other. This sparking creates an electrical field that is our mind. You can strengthen your minds electrical field by increasing your knowledge. Your heart is a magnetic field. The strength of the field is enhanced through signals from your brain and results in the Emotions you feel. Love, hate, fear, and guilt, are just a few. Gravity is a force of attraction only between bodies that have mass.

How it works. The mind generates an electrical field. This field charges up the heart magnet and an electromagnetic field is formed. That electromagnetic field builds up a gravitational field that attracts energy from the outside world. If you leave home in the morning feeling happy you will encounter happy people. Whatever mood you are in that is the kind of people and things that you will attract to you.

So if we can attract anything we desire then why don't we? The main reason why you don't is because you cannot fake karma. One of the main principles of Karma says (You attract to you what you are not what you want). That is; if you want to find love but you are not a loving person then you will only attract others like yourself who do not love. Work on changing your character first. It is a likewise formula for attracting wealth. You have to program your gravitational field by seeking knowledge in the field of your desire. Also start learning the ways of the wealthy and emulate them.

Doubt also plays a very large part in the process of desire fulfillment. Once you set forth in programming an attraction you cannot have doubt. If you apply for a job and you are not confident in your abilities to perform that job you will counter oppose your gravitational field by producing doubt. With the production of doubt you will begin to feel that you will not get the job. Negative energy now assures that you won’t get the job.

Putting it into practice. First you start by training your mind to focus on one thing at a time. Simply pay attention to the things in plain sight, do not let your mind wonder. You can practice using the disciplines found in meditation. The next step is to replace wishful thinking with positive intent. You have to believe that your desires will be fulfilled. Now set a time period for your goal. For example, It is the beginning of the month and you see that you will need $3000 to pay your bills at the end of the month but you will definitely not have the full amount.

Program your gravitational field by visualizing yourself having the money at the end of the month. Next, put it to the back of your mind and do not dwell on it. Dwelling on it creates doubt which will reprogram the gravity field to produce the product of your doubt and not what you desired. Every time the problem floats to the surface you reinforce it with positive affirmations and forget about it.

Maintain a positive outlook on life at all times. Your Gravitational Field affects everything from people to nature and any situation with manipulative variables. Practice as much as you can and soon you will notice positive changes in your mental, spiritual, and physical development as well as the achievement of many of your goals.


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    • Kukata Kali profile image

      Kukata Kali 4 years ago

      Lovely expression. Voted up~

    • Eugene Hardy profile image

      Eugene Hardy 5 years ago from Southfield, Michigan

      Great Hub! Voted up.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      All the great teachers tell us that change starts with ourselves. Thanks for this interesting commentary on that.

      Love and peace