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How To Cast Out a Demon

Updated on June 1, 2012
art by Laura Gentry
art by Laura Gentry | Source

Informational Video on Demonic Deliverance by deliverance expert Doris Wagner


More important than knowing how, is knowing who can cast out demons. According to the bible in Mark 16:17, every believer has the authority to cast out demons. However, there was an incident where Jesus' disciples (who were believers) were not able to cast out a demon in Mathew 17:19-20. They questioned Jesus as to why they were unsuccessful, and Jesus told them that it was because of their lack of faith. In order for you to have faith, you must have a very close relationship with God. Not only do you need to be a believer and have faith, but you also need to have a sin-free life in order for demons to submit under your authority. If you are a believer but have fallen in to sin, you automatically forfeit the authority that Jesus Christ gave you over evil spirits. If you are living a sinful life, this means that you are bound by sin. How can a person who is bound (tied up) help set another person free who is also bound? You must be a free man in order to set someone else free. In summary, in order to cast out demons, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a christian believer
  2. Have faith and a close relationship with God
  3. Be free of a sinful life


Casting out demons is not an easy task. By nature, demons are stubborn and rebellious and will not be willing to leave just because you tell them to, even if you meet the above criteria. You must first make sure that the person who is being afflicted by demons is a christian believer and is willing to repent and renounce to all sin (the person's sins or the sins of their ancestors), because sin is what gives the legal right and opens the doors for demonic infiltration. The reason why the person being delivered must be a believer is because according to the bible in Matthew 12:43-45, if you cast out a demon from a non-believer, the demon will go find seven more wicked demons and come back and take possession again, leaving the person worse off than before. First make sure the person genuinely has accepted Jesus ans his/her savior, THEN cast out their demons. This way the legal rights are removed, which is essential to prevent the demons from returning.


Even after the person renounces to all sin, the demons may still not want to leave. It is not an automatic process. Most of the time, they will put up a fight and must be forced to leave. This is why it is also very important to perform a deliverance session with a team of at least two people. At least one of the two must be of the same gender as the person being delivered. How do you force demons to stop tormenting the victim and leave? By COMMANDING that they leave IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! This is basically all you need, the authority to use Jesus' name. However, you may have to repeat it more than once, because as mentioned previously, they tend to be very stubborn. You must command the demons to leave the person and to go to the abyss (hell) never to return again. It is important to clarify that a deliverance session IS NOT A RITUAL. Demons are not afraid of the bible, holy water or crosses, so don't bother bringing such items to a deliverance session (unless you need the bible to cite bible verses during the session). They will only laugh in your face if you do. The only thing they will respond to and obey is JESUS' NAME!


In most cases you will know that a demon has been expelled when the person being delivered releases a deep sigh, a yawn, a burp, a cough, spits or vomits. If you see any of these signs, but the person is still not at ease, it might mean that not all the demons have been expelled. You will normally be able to tell that the person is totally free by the change in his/her countenance, and or by their body language. You may also want to ask the person how he/she feels. If the person finds it difficult to speak or to answer in a coherent manner, then you should continue with the session until the person can tell you that he/she is free. Do not continue for more than two consecutive hours, as the person being delivered might be too exhausted to further cooperate. In some occasions, you may have to do several sessions, and in some severe instances, it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible to set someone free. The bible does mention in Mark 9:25-29 other reasons why deliverance may be unsuccessful at times.


It is often helpful if you know the name of the demon or demons that you are trying to cast out. When called by their name, demons will usually respond because they know they have been discovered. How can you find out the demon's name? Before the deliverance session, it is highly recommended that you question the person regarding any sinful activity that they have engaged in, and or any of their ancestors, which can help you in discovering and breaking generational curses. For example, if the person has engaged in any form of pornography, then you can assume that there might be a spirit of lust tormenting this person. However, if the person has engaged in deeper and darker types of sins, such molesting a child or having sex with animals, than don't just assume that it might be a simple spirit of lust, but much rather a much higher ranking demonic force or power, such as Asmodeus. This is why it is recommended that before you attempt to perform a deliverance session, you not only be familiar with the sinful background of the person, but you should also have a deep understanding of evil spirits, demonic powers and demonic hierarchy.


After you are certain that the demon has stopped tormenting the victim and has left for good, you should pray for the person and ask God to help him/her to remain free from sin, so that if and when the demons decide to return, they may not find any place for them to dwell. You should also ask God to give the person a special coverage or a hedge of protection from any spirit of vengeance. Read out loud Matthew 12:43-45, warning the person of the dangers of going back and engaging in sinful activity. Reassure the person that Jesus has set them free, and that they must do everything within their power to stay away from temptation.

Books on Demonic Possession


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