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How To Do A Soul Retrieval Out of Body

Updated on January 18, 2015

Salute to Robert A. Monroe

My Original teacher
My Original teacher

Explorations in Consciousness

How to do a Retrieval

I suppose it’s not a piece of cake, however a friend of mine is wanting to do one and as I recall in the past I know how he feels. He knows they are real, not inventions of the mind, so it’s easier for me to talk with him knowing he is really seeking the truth, and is not out to prove retrievals are false or to set up an argument which makes the truth hard to receive. Thus, already half his work is done to my way of thinking.

Perhaps I can offer something to his cause. First I would refer all novices to the works of Robert Monroe and Bruce Moen. They each have a number of books out regarding retrievals, while I myself sort of stumbled into it after becoming quite rapt up in one little story in Monroe’s book. Many years later I met Bruce Moen on the Afterlife Conversation Board and he was instrumental in helping me become very consciously involved in my 2nd retrieval, so that I bypassed all the questions that plague the beginner in this art form in one fell swoop. And yes, it is an art of retrieval we talk about.

When you first get into retrievals it is normal, or usual, to question your ability to actually accomplish a real one, so D, you’re normal! Now you would be wanting to expand your knowledge, make it real to yourself, because it is also normal to not be wanting to fool ourselves. Imagination can be your friend in this endeavor and if you learn how to gently tap the imagination aside, you can click on over to, what shall I call it? I will call it an area of the BeforeLIfe, as well as the Afterlife, an area where we’ve been before, but have temporary amnesia of it, and an area as well we shall end up in should we be done with the physical body here. Most of us will remember automatically upon death that we’ve been here before. Some who don’t remember at first being there, may have a problem adjusting to a new mode of being, and so that’s where the retrievals come in. We call them stuck individuals.

The Energy Body

We are More Than Just Physical
We are More Than Just Physical

Energy That Acts As A Bridge For Others

Retrievals become as a bridge to higher consciousness, assisting life to be moving on to higher consciousness, to new creativity projects in store for them. I like to say a retriever nudges a life form, maybe directing traffic in a sense. A sense of love and joy in their work is what moves a life form into an area of trust and instinctual wisdom buried in the soul of all.

Reading Moen’s “Beyond All Doubt” you get a clue where I’m headed with this. Because that’s the place D is headed.

I can talk about what retrievers have in common and we can guide one another by looking at the commonalities as to clues how to accomplish a retrieval.

I am by no means an expert in the field but I can pass on my personal experiences and provide a few clues that I have in common with other retrievers. It’s like this: First there was Monroe, who taught Moen, and then Moen taught me. Plus there are any number of others who practice the art without going public about it. Let’s not turn it into a great mystery that only a select few have talent for.

A lot more people are going out of body and having various experiences with that, which still remains a mystery to a lot of people. The neat thing about retrievals, you can have a sense of being in two places at once and you don’t necessarily have to have an OBE to do a retrieval. Bi-location to my way of thinking is a higher form of doing retrievals, not a better form, but an option to master.

However, in 4 instances in my life, I was fully aware of exiting the body, and in one instance of a retrieval was fully aware of my body, that I was still “in it” while the mind was in another location. I was in Washington, my mind was in New York. In another bi-location experiment I was at a beach and also sitting in my chair at home. In the novelty of the adventure, I lost consciousness of being physical for a few moments, however my energy body knew exactly now to get home when it was time to leave.

There Are Invisible Helpers Around Us

A New Type of Human Will OBE

We have the capabilities to do this. It happens spontaneously. However, our studies prepare us for such adventures as we question ourselves of our own capability to venture into unknown areas and make them a known. So before the spontaneity happens, the study, the desire, the curiosity prepares.

Bruce talks of setting an intention. Making a decision. This is what D does now. He’s getting to the decision part which is the intention part. Be patient, it will happen.

I and everybody I suspect, throw out a lot of questions into the universe, not really expecting an answer to come in immediately, and perhaps not ever expecting an answer. I will only say all questions do have an answer, be patient. Cultivate patience like you would a prize flower. It too will bloom someday.

When you do a retrieval, you will need to take that patience with you and offer it to the person being retrieved.

As to a clue how to do a retrieval, I offer D that I had come up with the right question, to me, by accident, but later it was like there was all these helpers and guides congratulating me on having come up with the “right” question which could be answered by these helpers. The question I thought was rather private and personal. However, on the other side, there is no such thing as private and personal. I was being read, just like a book, and now, I wasn’t alone, and I knew it, or would be knowing it the rest of my life.

It was rather refreshing to know, we are not as alone here as we may think we are. And here it is the question that propelled me into the unknown, and out of my body.

Helpers Can Be Our Peers or Our Soul Group

The Right Question To Ask

“Am I capable of assisting evolution? Can I be like Monroe? Can I go OBE like him?” These are all one burning question really.

It was shortly after this pertinent question that I was delivered to a retrieval location in the ozone to test my abilities. The retrieval was successful and my job was really to get the attention of the person who was stuck in his death scene replaying over and over to my utter confusion. Doing a retrieval is bound to produce even more pertinent questions regarding the human condition, such as how we got here, and perhaps even where we are headed. My success was not so much the words I spoke to the young man I was retrieving as was getting his attention, getting him unstuck was to merely get his attention, for so caught up was he in this emotional condition that he could see no helpers on this side of life. There were many helpers around and about who tried to get his attention but had failed for whatever reason. There’s something about physical people who go OBE that are able to get the attention of someone who has lost their body, to say, died, that they still strongly relate to the idea that they are still alive; which of course they are still alive, just in a state of consciousness that is under different rules of physics; it's a spirit world that they find themselves and has nothing to do with heaven and hell. Once the retriever who has gone OBE can nudge them to their circumstances, they "get" it. They can move on, they can then see the spirit helpers and be assisted further.

We haven’t been able to define this circumstance accurately yet. Why it works that way, so to say we are bridges between here and there will have to work for now. Spirits, we shall say disembodied people for clarity are working the retrieval areas and evidently they need us, who are still in our bodies to attain the attention of those who are stuck in-between the end, and a new beginning.

Love is, of course, the password. No preaching allowed. Judgment is mine saith the Lord, and YES! It certainly is! That’s good news actually! Thought I'd throw that in for fun, but really I'm not discussing a religious question here. I'm talking about astral planes, and belief system planes.

Back to the right question, in order to get your knowing. Was I capable? Is D capable? We are all quite capable in truth. What made me question my own abilities was that I’d been woken many times in my life with most curious vibrational patterns where it seemed to me a part of me was trying to dislodge itself from the physical encasement.

I previously hadn’t read any material on this curious development and thought it must be something peculiar to me only. The frustration and search for answers began, similar to Monroe’s journey when his OBES began. The frustration is in not knowing what this is, but like Bruce Moen, doubly frustrating is that you are awoken from sound sleep with the vibrations still occurring only to find you’re still in your body, and yet another failure to get “out” to deal with.

I began to tell myself to lift out whenever these occurred but invariably I simply couldn’t and I accepted finally I must be a failure. The vibes continued nonetheless, and I concluded my own self must be teasing it's dense counterpart and I couldn’t (the me here now part of self) could not learn without the frustration part leading me to experiment.

Lift off
Lift off

What Color Is Your Parachute?

I suppose I didn’t have the “right” question at that time. When I came up with the right question, then I was assisted out of the body to the retrieval location, a place where I had some trait of character that would be useful for the boy in the alley. A mother quality perhaps. I was assisted by another entity and I spent much time speculating as to her identity, how she knew me, etc. and of course where was she taking me? And how could she achieve the lift off that I was struggling so with? Later, it didn't matter who she was and I just knew invisible helpers were all around, ready to help answer our questions, if they were pertinent to our soul growth.

None of these questions were important to her and they didn’t get an answer. The answer I did get was the one I needed the most. I WAS capable! It was LOVE that retrieved the boy! The love I had extended got his attention. The helpers know we are capable of love, and capable then of assisting evolution with that love.

Of practical note to D, the helpers know what traits you have, what sort of retrieval is well suited to your traits of character. This was my secondary question some years later; what is the best kind of retrieval for me to do personally? It’s like at first, a question of what color is your parachute idea. Although for some retrievers, like Bruce Moen, he can do many sorts of retrievals perhaps, I believe his capabilities far extend my own for many different types of retrievals, of course he’s been at it much longer than myself as Monroe was at it much longer than either of us.

Thus in two of my pre-dominant retrievals teenagers were given to me. I concluded a basic trait of mine must be motherly love. The kind of love, whereby your kid can do no wrong! Thus no judgment getting in the way that belongs to God! Ha. The youngster may have been seeing me at last, as older sister and that works too. It's necessary to fit into their belief system somewhat.

So back to the practical aspect; it is for the novice to examine themselves, to see what operates predominantly in their makeup which could be useful to get the attention of someone who perhaps specifically could use that type of energy to awaken to their own potential and get unstuck. For this you may have to ask the helpers, that you don’t know are there even, but trust that they are there, and perhaps call them the universe, for they have become universal in a sense. Many call them angels, but that’s a misnomer. Better to call them angelic, for many have been human but now are there to help us. They can take us to a retrieval, or convince us we did it all by ourselves.

Many have sworn to be incognito in this way. They want no credit. That is Love too. So here’s my advice for what it’s worth. Take all your doubts and questions and condense it into one earnest question, then put your emotion behind it, like a sailboat and toss it out there on the ocean, then forget about it. Your sailboat will return to you, and when it does you will jump on it and sail into the unknown glad that you trusted, you were on your way in the past, and now what was unknown is becoming explored territory the more that you share it with others.

Just remember there is no question that doesn’t have an answer attached to it. I want to hear about it when it happens D. So don't forget to tell the world, I will be listening!


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