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How To Interpret The Head Line On Your Palm

Updated on April 19, 2011

The head line is amongst the most noticeable lines in your hand and it directly relates in your mental and emotional states. The head line is possibly considered one of by far the most telling lines on your hands because you can get a direct and in depth look at a person and who they may be by examining this line. Your head line is meant to be present on both the right and left hand. In case you really are a right handed person, your right palm symbolizes your existing condition. On this scenario, the left hand signifies what you have been born with. For those who are a left handed individual, then the contrary is .

This line is often a side to side line that flows via the center of the hand. It will need to start right above your life line and right below your heart line. It will present you with a glance into your own morals, philosophies, train of thought, intelligence, thinking and the way you approach things and people as part of your lifestyle.

If you possess a head line that is attached to your life line in the beginning of one's palm because of this you've a very sturdy brain along with your thoughts rule over your whole body and not the other way about. You don't just “go with all the flow”, not so much at the start of of your respective life. Your childhood was most likely very cautious therefore you had been frightened or tentative lots of the time.

The complete length of the line plus the qualities from the line indicate a lot of issues about your lifestyle. The initial third of this line represents your youth or youth, the center piece of your line represents your adult everyday living and also the last aspect of your respective line signifies you while you grow to be older or attain the very last stage of one's life.

If your head line may be very deep or robust, which means that you are rather rational and are very deep in your own ideas. The straighter your line is, the much more logical that you are and the way you approach daily life. It could possibly also indicate that you have a really strong and noticeable memory and really do not neglect issues quite conveniently. However, if you have a short line or extremely light line, this can indicate that you don’t go to any true depth in your pondering. Your ideas are much more around the surface area and light, instead of philosophical.

A number of people have double or two head lines that run relatively parallel to each other. This isn't an incredibly prevalent feature and usually implies that this individual has strong psychological abilities or potential. This person is almost certainly a genius or a person that is undoubtedly rather very well suited to academic or superior academic pursuits.

In the event you have a very split head line, this is named a writers fork. It truly is present in individuals that can have quite varied and artistic ideas and would likely make a very good author. Even so, the qualities of this line usually do not only show itself in writing, nonetheless it could indicate superiority and creativeness inside a variety of other fields. It may possibly signify the person is usually a rather artistic salesperson, excellent attorney or modern business person.

There are many different palm reading guide on the internet, but there are very few ones that can show you how to read palms in a quick and easy format and that is exactly what we do..


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My head line had two splited ends with some distance in between them what does it indicate

    • profile image

      Greg Fatbert 

      4 years ago

      Watch for the glittering eyes of the falcon that sweeps down low, taking children in his talons, back to his aerie to feed his young.

    • IntimatEvolution profile image

      Julie Grimes 

      7 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

      I love how you have separated out the subject matter and only concentrating on one line instead of all of them at once.


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