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How To See Your Own Aura, Perceive The Unseen

Updated on October 15, 2012

Do you want to learn how to see your own aura?

If your answer is "yes", then you've found the right place. In this hub I would like to teach you how to perceive your own aura - in my opinion and experience, probably the easiest aura to see with your own eyes. So sit down, relax and continue reading.

The problem with seeing auras

Most "guides" that I've encountered in my life, discussing perceiving auras, mentioned that the very first step in learning aura sight should focus on learning perception of an aura of non-animated objects, just as book covered in paper of one colour.

This is wrong in my eyes, because I'm not really sure how can an object that isn't alive, emanates energy field of Chi - life energies. And this is what aura is all about - the fields of energies of living organisms. 

Sure, you can start learning from perception of plants aura, but another great way of learning how to see auras, is learning to see your own aura. To be more specific, an aura between your fingers. And this should be considered by you as your first step in learning aura sight.

Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified
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Seeing Aura, Step By Step

You're going to perceive your own aura, on your own fingers :). What you need right now is quiet room and some free time - up to 20 minutes. Make sure no one will disturb you. I suggest to try the following experiment in the evening, when it's already dark outside, and you can dim the lights.

In dimmed light, sit down, facing clear wall - by "clear" I mean with no wallpaper or fancy graphics, you need a plain colour. The darker the better. Now, close your eyes, relax and take few deep breaths. When you're ready, open your eyes and place your right hand against the wall.

Why do you need all the above? Some school of thought says that aura is easier to see in dim light - artificial or natural (dawn, twilight). And it's easier to see on plain background. But after practicing the below exercise for few weeks without effects, you can try to see your own aura in full daylight, on other types of backgrounds if you prefer.

Touch your thumb and index finger, like when you're making this "bon appetite" sign :). After few seconds, move the fingers away, but keep the distance of 1 cm between them. Focus on the space between your fingers - there's where your aura should be visible. If you can't see anything, just touch your fingers together again, relax, breath, let your eyes take a rest, and try again. Continue this experiment for 20 minutes each day, until you will see something :).

Seeing aura - what you should expect?

But what should you actually see? There are many possibilities:

  • Mist - first of all, you might see weaker or stronger mist between your fingers. It's a good sign.
  • Light - you can also see a light - bright or...
  • Coloursful Light - shining with different colours of the rainbow.
But - don't really expect the aura to glow. Often, it does not glow, and the colour are quite pale. Don't expect colours or light at the beginning, often aura sight starts with perceiving of simple mist. 


The above exercise should be practiced each day for few weeks, for 20 minutes per session. After this time, you should be already seeing things - perhaps you will be able to see light or even colours. But one question remains - what should you do next?

Well, if you're already perceiving your own fingers aura, you can explore it further. Try to see an aura of your entire palm, then hand, then entire arm. Then try to perceive aura of other people. Practice makes perception in case of psychic development.


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