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How To Ward Off Evil Spirits/Beings

Updated on August 29, 2017

From demons to spirits that haven't left the land of the living there are countless things that can mean ill will towards a human, monks and priests are some of those special folks who work towards getting rid of evil entities to help save those people who might be tormented by it. Here are some ways to help ward off evil spirits.

Evil Eye: The evil eye is a curse said to be given by a menacing glare, the evil eye is said to bring great misfortune and so many have made ways to combat it. Their talismans and other forms of items called Evil Eyes, yes they call it that even though the curse is called that. Much like many items they are used to ward off the Evil Eye, The Hamsa hand is an artifact that resembles a hand with an eye in the center, said to be able to ward off evil. The Evil Eye is known throughout many countries but in some descriptions of it the meaning of it changes.

Cross/Holy Water: In many tales none match the evil spirit combating strength of the cross and holy water, both are known wildly around the world for being able to combat even the most powerful of evil entities. The cross and holy water have been used by many people, usually those who perform exorcisms, to defeat and banish demons and foul spirits. The cross is known wildly around the world as the symbol for Jesus Christ and God, therefore the sign holds great value in Holy power. In fact in some movies when a cross is turned upside down it means a powerful enemy is close by. Many folks will carry a small cross, such as one on a necklace to help protect them from harm.

Garlic/Other Special Herbs: Garlic has practically always been known as a Vampire repellent but it also works against other spirits, sage is also a big help when warding off evil. A good thing to do is make a bag of sage, five-finger grass, argue weed and cinnamon for a great thing of protection. Hanging a bag of it in front of windows and doors will provide great protection, burning sage in front of openings will also create a powerful barrier. If you still don't feel protected carry around a bit of garlic and it will protect you quite well against any who wish you ill will. Well spirit wise anyways.

Sea Salt/Table Salt: Salt has wildly been known to be helpful against spirits in many folklore, making a line of salt at doorways and window seals will help protect against any spirit, even if they are simply Casper. While Sea Salt is somewhat favored in this way regular old store bought salt helps as well, many have blessed their salt before making the lines but having it right out of the box works as well.

Tiki Mask:In Hawaii the Tiki-Mask has been used to ward off evil spirits, while I could not find out much about it the masks are made in a somewhat humanoid look. Most likely the looks of the mask is supposed to scare off any evil spirit, much like Gargoyles that use their freighting appearance the mask can do the same. It can also be used as decorations which gives it a rather nice appeal.

Incense: Incense are rather popular in Hinduism and Christianity, it is said that they bring the prayers up to each persons respective god. The fumes that come from the smoke are also said to make a nice layer of protection, luckily they are really easy to get. Many stores that sell candles or sell some antiques might sell them, while there aren't any stores in my knowledge that sell them only you can easily look up stores around you.

Good Luck Bamboo Plant: They say that the bamboo plant brings in a peaceful and wise energy into the owners home, it can be bought or even grown. What makes it even better is that it can be left inside or outside the house, much like the Tiki-Mask it gives the home a nice feeling while still protecting one against foul spirits.

Three-Legged Toad: The Three-Legged Toad also known as Jin-Chan is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, it is of course a three legged toad which sits upon a pile of traditional Chinese money. Usually the toad would come to a persons house to inform them of good news, since it is the toad of wealth and prosperity the news was basically about money.


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