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2016Yearly horoscope for Virgos

Updated on April 22, 2016

Who is A Virgo?

If you were born any time between August 22nd and September 23rd then you are a Virgo. There are many things that make Virgos what they are. They are often easily identified as individuals who possess a rarely analytical mind that has the ability to deconstruct everything within seconds. They possess a rather observant mind and this is what gives them an edge over everything else and allows them to see things in a way no one else can. This observant nature is what allows Virgos to be very generous and helpful. They are often referred to as the reliable ones who ensure the person counting on them is alright and not in need of anything from them. In a nutshell, Virgos have a nature that works towards and on precision. They like things exactly the way they should be.

Just because Virgos possess all the qualities above doesn’t mean they don’t have a dark side to them. If they want to be Virgos can be the most skeptical sign you have ever met. They have a special quality that has them point out every negative aspect of even a very positive situation. This ultimately makes them incredibly fussy to talk to especially when it comes to asking for advice on things they are not keen on. They can be incredibly inflexible as well so you might just end up adjusting your whole schedule if you have a Virgo in the plan. Virgos are the one sign not afraid to show their cold side. So if they don’t like you or seem to have a problem with you they can be incredibly cold for as long as they please with nothing that can crack the surface. However, on the flip side, they are incredibly interfering if they don’t like what you are doing and have a better idea of what you should be doing.

With the above information aside, there is a lot more to a Virgo than meets the eye. They are one of the most free-spirited and independent signs in the Zodiac list. When they pair their skills up they are incredibly intelligent once they know how to implement them. Although at the same time if their negative aspects take control they might result in their own creative juices to stop and ultimately live a life that is rather dull and monotonous.

Virgos can be a highly negative sign if their consequences demand it. They often mope around over the past and that shuns their ability to move ahead and develop a more positive outlook towards life. Because of this element of their personality they often to turn simple situations into very complicated ones. This ultimately makes them feel like they are trapped in one place, which often their past is making them unable to break the shackles that hold them down.

Whenever a Virgo has to make a relevant and important decision, they spend several hours often days analyzing the entire situation. If the situation involves them to shift from one state of mind to another, they often require a lot of time in which they assess the situation at hand, possible reactions to it, the details and only then do they make the final call. This might make people around them see them as unhurried and often unsure. The way a Virgo thinks is the way their life works. If they are not feeling up to anything that is fun, good or positive for them then the chances of every event to unfold with that negativity is high. They develop an almost natural force that ensures they see their life and their circumstances as negative. This makes them a very disconnected and temperamental person to talk to. However, the opposite also works if they are in a positive state of mind. This immediately puts them in a better mood and has them feeling happier and far more pleasant to talk to.

The reason behind all of the above is the overpowering nature of a Virgos mind. The way they control it is what controls the way they see their life and ultimately make it a content and prosperous one. Virgo lacks in getting in touch with their feelings and that can be their biggest flaw especially when it comes to forming new relationships. When people see them as disconnected, they just might be having a hard time giving in to the thought of actually feeling something at all. Virgos are often considered the one sign that continually lives in a state of complete rejection. Whenever a conversation tends to bend towards their emotions or feelings they are likely to shut down back into their cave and not face their emotions at all. Ultimately this becomes the reason why people often consider them rather temperamental and fickle.

Therefore, to conclude it can be said that Virgos are a very autonomous sign but at the same time is one responsible for its own lack of self-evolution. This is the very reason that any time their friend, partner, family member or spouse offers them any advice, they either do not take it or are too critical towards it. All of this prevents them from achieving things they have an innate tendency to achieve.

Virgos As Virgos

Virgos lack the motivation to get organized. These are the signs of the mind and everything they feel and intend to do is directed on the inside. Because all their energies are directed inside it is often almost impossible to understand what a Virgo is thinking. This can be a very difficult situation for everyone else to be in because with Virgos potential to over assess everything, they just might have ruined perfectly fine relationships in their head. Virgos can often be the Macbeths of their lives. They are easily driven by their immense passion and ambition and this can result in such disastrous and chaotic situations that everything else becomes secondary. Despite all of that, their skillful minds are very useful for the people around them, which is why they are always very valued and loved, despite everything. This is something Virgos love – their mind being used. Virgos have the uncanny ability to think to the point of driving themselves insane while someone sitting beside them might be admiring them for their cool, nonchalant and rather stable personality. Never fall for the façade, you never know what kind of storm might be brewing inside a Virgo.

Virgos As Friends

Virgos can be exceptional friends and this is because they are the one star that is not afraid to tell the truth. Their loyalty is what helps them sustain long lasting friendships. They might be blunt but the only reason for that is that they are trying to protect the people they love from what they think are bad choices. This can often be a negative quality as several friends often find it hard to listen to the truth especially from a star that always stays in denial itself. The only thing Virgos can easily bond over is listening to their friends problems, the moment you talk to them about their problems they will take several steps back and probably not speak to you for a while. Despite all of that, a Virgo always looks out for its friends to protect them in its own sheltered manner.

2016 For Virgos

2016 might be a distressing year for Virgo given the goings on in the world and the haphazard mind of a Virgo. For this very reason it is anticipated that a Virgo might continue to delay very important travel plans out of the fear of being unsafe. The easiest way to quickly get over this fear is either by travelling to a loved one or by travelling with them. Although Virgos are an independent sign and can easily take care of themselves, this year, despite their responsible nature, they might want someone to take the steering wheel every now and then.

If Virgos let it then 2016 can be the year they get over several of the factors that have often held them back. They are likely to be given several opportunities but they are only going to be beneficial if they step out of their comfort zone and try and meet their full potential.

There are also increased chances of Virgos being susceptible to breathing related problems this year. They might suffer from a recurrent cough so to avoid any long term illnesses it is best that they take extra care this year as they are under the radar and take all the required precautions when heading out to the snow or to the beach. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Though there are certain months of the year that a Virgo is bound to experience financial benefits, 2016 in general may not be a suitable year for them to make any kind of long term investments. The chances of them gaining profit are prominently low. It is best that Virgo continue to save this year and wait for a more suitable time to invest. This might be a more fruitful decision in the future.


2016 looks like the year of possibilities for Virgo but love is the one area where they are required to put in a lot of work. This is the time when several Virgos in a relationship will notice that hesitance in their relationship and call it quits. This is probably going to be the result of the very slow and often tiring pace at which their relationship might be appearing to move. It is no longer a surprise that Virgos are very calculated individuals and this is the very reason they must implement the logic they think they possess in their love life too – they will not always get what they want if they do not make any investment themselves in the first place. Hence, it is important to refine the art of sharing and allow your heart to feel and express those feelings. Otherwise you are bound to lose your lover soon.

Professional Life

When it comes to their career it is possible that in 2016 they will truly be appreciated for all the innovative ideas that occupy their minds. Virgos, like every other aspect of their life, tend to hold back at everything, and this is something that often throws them at the back end at work. It is possible that several male Virgos take bold chances this year, chances they have thought of and worked out but completely ignored in light of possible negative consequences. However, if such a business decision is made this year then there is a high chance of advancing in their career for both men and women. This is your year to prove your worth and the rewards you get will ensure you never stop proving it by always putting your bright mind to use.


According to the position of the planets this year, Virgos are in for a financial treat. Whatever it is that you have been holding off for the past few years, 2016 is the year for you to finally bring it to play. The positions of the planets indicate that as long as you ensure that the odds are in your favor, you are bound to have success in whatever you have decided to invest for a more lucrative opportunity. However, at the same time you must always ensure that you make thee imperative decisions at the most suitable times. Given the situation of the planets this year, the best time for you to do anything is near the end. After mid-May, anything before may not pay off at all. So be safe and invest in the latter half of the year and you won’t be disappointed. Make 2016 count.

So, take 2016 by the steering wheel and make sure you and your life benefit this year as much as practically possible. You never know what 2017 might bring.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Scandinavia

      I am a virgo too, have a good day ,and thanks for stopping by.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Your assessment of Virgo is quite impressive. I am a Virgo and I estimate a 75% acuracy rate. I am retired as of last year and have traveled far this year. I am active on HubPages and thanks so much for your insight. Good luck.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Sharing this with the favorite Virgo in my life, my husband. He's the analytical, precise type you describe.


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