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How can I receive Jesus in my life

Updated on November 23, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

How can I receive Jesus in my life

Water is tasteless. No color. No taste. No smell. But wine has taste, smell, color, and everyone love to have some.

In what state you are today? Are you like water or like wine? Are you tasteless or tasteful? Useless or useful. Colorless or colorful. Jesus wants to change your life. He wants to make you tasteful wine. When Jesus turned water into wine the pots that contained water came inside the storeroom. Earlier it was outside the house. People used water in that pots for washing their hands and feet. But when Jesus turned that water into wine, there were changes in the use of that water. Place of that pots which contained water that turned into wine also changed.

Now that water is no longer used for washing the hands or feet. Now they use it for drinking. Its place changed. Its use changed. Its taste changed. Its color changed. Smell changed. There was an overall change happened in the state of that water and pots.

If Jesus comes into your life, there will be changes. You will be a useful person. Everyone loves you. No one will use you for washing their hand and feet. They will use you, for drinking. What a change? Do you want that change in your life? Do you want to be a tasteful person? Do you want to be a colorful person? Just ask Jesus to come to your life. Receive Him in your heart. He will change you. He will make you tasteful and happy.

But the question is how to receive Jesus in your life? Do you know how to receive Jesus in your life? Do you think you can drink Jesus like people drink water? No. Jesus is not a liquid to drink. You cannot drink Jesus and say. I drank Jesus and Jesus is within me. And go on your way and do whatever you want to do. No that is not the way.

Can you eat Jesus just like you eat bread? He is not a substance that you can buy from the shop and eat and go on your way and say "Jesus is within me". No. That is not the way. It is not possible. You cannot buy and eat some Jesus so that Jesus comes within you.

Then the question is how can you receive Jesus into your life.

I heard about the teachings like Just believe or Just say a prayer etc. I did that. But did not have any changes happened in my life. I wanted to know more. How can I truly receive Jesus in my life? A meaningful acceptance. I am longing for a living Jesus within me prevailed. Is it possible through the faith? Or just saying a dry prayer. No, I found after doing the rituals, there is no change. I forget Jesus easily. I went on my way. Did what I did earlier. I found there is no joy in it. No meaningful changes as proclaimed by the preachers. I was seeking answers for the dryness. No passion. No enthusiasm. Why it is so?

The way you should love God

Have you ever seen a drug addict or a drunkard? Most of the time they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They love drugs. They want more. More of it. Every day. From the dawn to the night. Always. Without it, life would be terrible for them.

Can your reach such a state when you receive Jesus in your life. If the answer is no, I am sure, you won't be enjoying Christian life.

To enjoy Christian life, you need to love Jesus all the more. Just like the drug addict longing for drugs, you must have a deep desire for Jesus every moment of your life. That is the essence of Christian life. Your love of God must exceed your money, possession, and relations. Everything else comes secondary. Your business, your carriers, and relations should not come in the way of your love of God. Abraham loved God more than his Son. Has Abraham done it out of fear or love? I think both were there. Losing God's love by disobeying God was his fear.

When you receive Jesus within you, you should be like a drug addict. Your actions, thoughts, and behavior must change. You'll be controlled by Jesus and His teachings. You want to know more about Jesus and his teachings. You always read the word of God for guidance. Spirit will work within you and guide you in the way you should go.

You would be living a changed life. He will lead you, guide you. You would be happy and content. You are not looking for pleasing people, but pleasing God. What a wonderful life. You won't be shaken when you go through the trouble and tribulations. In poverty and in abundance, in happy and in sorrow, you will follow Jesus. Your only aim is to please Him. A surrendered life. No more yourself. Self is given way to Him.

More like Jesus, More like Him. That would become your aim. Leaving world and its desires behind you. You are leading a life that pleases God.

What a wonderful life. Just ask Jesus to come within you. , Come Jesus, Come and live within me. Fill me with your love. Fill me with your spirit. That becomes your prayer.

If you are not reaching that state, your Christian life is meaningless. Love and fear are the secrets of the successful Christian life. Love of Jesus is the essence. Loosing that God's love by going against His will must be your fear.

Have a great Christian life.

Do not give up your love of God

When you started to live a loving life, there comes the tempter. They come in different forms and ways. To fail you from the love of God. Do not give up. When troubles and tribulations come, Do not forget your love of God. You can expect provocative actions from your dear and near ones. Do not give up. It will last for a short while. If you overcome once, they won't disturb you frequently.

Your love of God will help you to love your neighbor. Because God loves you as well as your neighbor. Both of you are the same creation of that Loving God. Your love of God will mold you. Make you a good human being. Then you will no longer fight with your spouse or children. No fighting with your neighbor. You will forgive unconditionally. Because your sins are forgiven. Free of cost. Love of God will flow from within. That is the true Christian life. That is what you called for.

Steps you need to take after receiving Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour

When you are born again by believing Jesus Crucification, death and resurrection are for your sin, you are a new being. The past has gone. Nothing can hold you back. Your rebirth brings you a new world. A new life. Where you are not alone. The holy spirit is with you. Your mentor and guide is now Holy spirit. Who lead you into a new life. Welcome Him into your life. And resist Satan, he will flee from you.

But you need to obey the Holy Spirit to live a successful life. A physical, mental and material life which is full of success and happiness. Even though you go through the valley of the shadow of death you would not fear evil. Because your Lord is with you forever to take care of your affairs. Now you are fearless. Strong and happy. You are a new person.

Now you have to grow every day like a baby drink milk and grow. As we give solid food to a baby, when it becomes mature enough to digest that food, you need to take solid food from the Bible. Mathew to Acts you will find the milk. From Romans onwards, you are taking solid food. If you read it the first time, it may seem to difficult to understand the passages. But pray to Holy Spirit to guide you and make you understand it. Then continue on reading. God will be teaching you many new things to lead a good, happy and successful life.

We know how difficult it is initially for someone who is learning driving. But after driving many months or years, driving will come automatically. Just like that when you start reading the bible, you may feel very difficult to continue in reading. But if you practice it for many months, it would become easy for you to read many chapters in a sitting.

Your eyes have to practice it. Your mind has to get familiar with it. These written words will be speaking to yourself every time you read it.

Have you ever felt sleepy while reading the bible? Have you ever got bored while reading the bible? It is just because you are not practicing it and making it a habit. You watch TV for many hours. You won't get bored or sleepy. Because your eyes are practiced it for a long time and you do it automatically.

Now when you start a new life which is full of courage, hope and happiness, you need to grow in that life. You need to multiply that courage, happiness and hope. Also, spread it to others. For that, you need to get solid food for your growth. Your thoughts and attitudes need to be changed. How can you make that changes in your life? How can you bring that growth into your life? By reading and understanding the will of God and word of God. That solid food is available in the books that are starting from Romans till Revelation.

Reading bible regularly and continuously will mold your character. You will establish a personal relationship with your Lord and Saviour Jesus. When troubles and temptations would come, you will not fall. You would be like a building which has built on a Rock. Solid foundation. No one can wash you away. Till your end of life, you would be strong and alive. Just like a tree planted near the river.

Prayer is another thing you need to do on a daily basis. Daniel prayed three times a day. Don't limit your prayer to 3 times. As much as you can, you should pray. While driving you can pray. While walking you can pray. While working you can pray. It doesn't matter, where you are, you can pray always. Also, thank God for his love and kindness.

Show mercy to others. Show kindness to others. Do not do evil for evil to others. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay. Forgive and forget. We need to control our talk. Stop speaking unwanted things. All these and many more you will learn from the letters written by apostles. Grow in Christ every day. It is a daily process and one step a day will take you to the highest point. Then you will see the third heaven, just like the man who went into the third heaven. (It is mentioned in the 2 Corinthians Ch. 12) You would be able to know the heavenly things which are in store for those who conquer this world. It would be a blessed life.


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