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How can we perceive God in this visible world?

Updated on February 18, 2016

Proof of god!

The philosophy behind the existence of God in the universe!

Is spirituality, a must for living in this mundane world? Yes, the question is really appreciable since many answers would be forthcoming from various quarters! As a man needs two feet to walk, secular and spiritual paths are the two feet that carry a man safely to his final destination!

Many atheists and rationalists may question the above assertion. They are clear that the concept of God itself is a flawed imagination of superstitious beings. They assert that the astronauts in space missions have never encountered god anywhere in the space or in the moon or in other places. This reveals that they seek a ‘solid proof’ for the existence of God. But we have many forms of gases, which are not visible to the naked eye. Its presence can be felt only through certain experiments. For instance, the helium filled balloons will rise upwards ones it is let out. Why? It is lighter than air. Hence in this particular way, the scientists have proved the existence of certain gases! Since it is not visible, it is inferred through an experiment. Let our atheist friends assert that there is no such gas, since it is not seen but only inferred.

Hence, the scriptures and philosophy of India have asserted that man can understand the universe and its inner truths through three methods.

1. Actual seeing

2. Inference

3. through the truths revealed in Veda, Upanishad and other Puranas. So far as the materialistic mind of westerners is concerned, Bible and Quran are authoritative religious texts. Being that case, none can demand a concrete evidence for the existence of God as such.

There are certain clear examples mentioned in Indian scriptures about the existence of God. Everyone is aware that the milk contains butter. If somebody asks me, ‘show me where the butter is in the milk, I will only laugh at his indolence. There is a clear process to obtain butter from the milk which is of the following steps.

  1. Boil the milk and let it cool in a corner of a room.
  2. After the milk is cooled, add a teaspoon of curd and mix it.
  3. Leave it undisturbed for twelve hours minimum.
  4. The next morning, churn the curd thus formed.
  5. After repeated churning for half an hour, butter will float on the surface of the vessel

If retrieving butter involves so much of a process, the invisible god could be cognized in the conscious after much spiritual practice such as contemplation, meditation, and chanting the Divine names. We tend to believe the sensory inputs perceived through the mind as real. But, they are really reflections of the Self in the mind of each man. Several times I have indicated that the one Sun above is reflected in myriads of earthen pots kept outside which contains water. Each pot reflects a whole sun. What is the meaning of this revelation? The pot is the body, the water is the mind and the Sun is the Self. In a similar way, we have to understand the truths contained in the scriptures.

Now, I will give one more example. The sky or ether is everywhere. The pots and other vessels seems to create an illusory division of the sky such as, the sky within the pot and the sky outside it. In reality, the pots will break one day and the seeming separation of the sky will end. In a similar manner, our body which contains the self seems to partition the universal self. But it is a deception. Once the bodies die and taken to the cremation ghat, it is put in the fire and it became ash. We witness the world and failed to perceive the Divinity which pervades the creation as such.

When a wooden elephant is seen by the child, it is interested in the form of elephant. A wise man perceives the wood that is contained in the elephant form. The base is wood. Forms will change but wood remains constant!


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