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How can we rely on the oscillating mind?

Updated on June 14, 2016

Happiness is not related to possessions

We can not satisfy the mind!

Mastering certain subjects may enable a man to earn extra money and nothing else! With those additional receipts, he may invest the same in shares, gold and realties. This will become another addition to his wealth. The real criterion is, ‘whether one is more happy and peaceful with his additional emoluments’? Before going into the subject, we have to differentiate between temporary joy and everlasting happiness! None in this world has ever gained more peace or happiness with amazing wealth or acquiring properties. Of course, there will be temporary elation of the mind! How long this perceived happiness will last?

We can analyze our own experiences in this regard. For instance, I was frantic to own my home for several years when I was earning through a government job. Unfortunately, till my retirement, I could not purchase a one, though I exerted myself in every way. I could not succeed in my attempts until two years after my retirement from government job. With the money I got from my retirement I have invested a huge amount but could purchase only a single bed room flat in a metro! Even after achieving my aim after strenuous efforts, I could not feel any happiness! The reason is ‘poor bargain’. I worried that I have invested one to two lakhs more for such a small flat, though self-contained. I was wondering why I am restless and discontent even after owning my new home. Then I realized that the mind will never get satisfied once we achieve something difficult. The tendency of the mind is to compare with others in that locality. They were lucky to purchase double bed room flat, almost comparable to my investment. The reason is that they were ‘early birds’, who smelled the availability prior hand and they could negotiate well with the builder to purchase spacious flat.


Retrospection gives wisdom

When I look after ten years of my acquisition, I am happy now that at least, I opted for that flat. The rates of real estate grew alarmingly within few months of my purchase, almost doubled within a year. Had I been choosy on that occasion, I would have lost an opportunity to possess a modest single bed room flat. I found that we should never rely on the ‘vacillating mind’; instead we should be discriminating and relied on the intellect! Second thing is that the mind is fickle in nature and it is never steady on anything in the world. Pros and cons are creation of the unsteady mind. Hence relying on the mind will land us in soup sooner than later! Trying to tap the wisdom contained in the heart through intellect, intuition and inspiration are the best ways to focus and chose. From the same mind, different contradicting thoughts arise and hence we are unable to decide on anything. Unless one possesses a strong will, he will become an easy victim to the stratagems of the mind!

Trust your intuitions

Never rely upon the fickle mind!

Everyone in this world assumes that the mind is a best friend and care taker. Nay! This is a myth! The mind is like a sharp knife. It depends on the user how he uses the mind? A surgeon may wield a surgical knife to cut open the body portions, in order to cure a patient. Though the surgeon inflicts wound on the patient’s body, we appreciate him and pay him his due fees! Since the purpose is for curing, everyone thank him. Imagine a situation wherein the same knife is in possession of a criminal. He will wield the knife to harm and kill others. In this case, it is a crime and Police will book him. In both the cases, the knife is common but it is the user decides whether it is for a noble cause or criminal intent!

Human mind is similar. It is just a bunch of thoughts. How we put those thoughts into action that decides the outcome. Hence we cannot stamp the mind as good or bad but the individual tendency is purely responsible for the use and outcome! Mind may be helpful in leading our life on earth. In a way, it aids living or survival. But, it cannot help one to reach higher evolutions in spiritual domain. Hence, the sages and saints have nothing to do with the thinking mind. They sever its connections before entering into meditation. Meditation is possible when there is no thought process! Thoughts are distractions to meditations. Hence if one needs to succeed, he should detach from the body/mind complex and relinquish the Ego which is the root cause of grief and agitations!

Our real identity!

Equation of god and man!

In some philosophical text, I have read one equation or formula. It goes like this! God + Mind = Man and the corollary, Man – mind = God! This seems a simple equation but the effects are vast. It is the mind which manipulates the universe. Just like a spider weaving a net through the saliva, the mind hides the creator and project the world instead. This is the veiling power of the mind. The mind is a powerful tool which hoodwinks the beings! Hence, one needs to be cautious in dealing with this oscillating mind. Ultimately, never rely upon the mind foolishly!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you sir for the encouraging comment.

    • C.V.Rajan profile image


      2 years ago from Kerala, India

      Neat. Practical.


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