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How do I know if my child is a PRODIGY?

Updated on February 24, 2009

You always hear about the prodigal sons who come back and get accepted no matter what bad deed they had done, because they were that wonderful. Yet, how can you determine whether or not your child is a prodigy?

Prodigy, once I looked it up in the dictionary, means someone who is talented. An act so different that created awe and wonder. That makes me think of two things. A prodigy is someone who is good at many things without trying, and also one who does something another child would not have thought of.

For instance..A prodigy could be a person who is good at all sports, the first time. They get a basketball - get the rules, and are better than the other children their age. They get a soccer-ball kicked to them, and get three goalsĀ  when the other kids didnt' get any the first half, and the kids are only in 2nd grade.

There are many different ways to tell whether your child is a prodigy. Notice their talents and the awe inspiring events around them. More than likely you will find that your children are all prodigies in their own way.


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    • profile image

      Olivia 3 years ago

      I doubt I'm a "prodigy", per se, but I believe I am very good at playing the trumpet. I've been first chair since 6th grade, and in the 8th grade I beat 92 other trumpets in all suburban additions, making myself 2nd chair city-wide. This year, in 9th grade, I made it into my school's top concert band, top jazz band, alternative jazz band, pep band, and marching band. However, alternative, pep, and marching band weren't things I needed to try out for, but I usual had 1st part instead of the upperclassmen. For chair assignments, I beat several upperclassmen in my section. I'm not a prodigy.

    • profile image

      Nerds 3 years ago

      I am a science prodigy I 'm often told that in class or in school I amaze teachers by my knowledge and I'm the only fourth grader who study's dimensions and

      makes chemical things happen

    • profile image

      Hamik 3 years ago

      Hey my name is hamik and I'm 14 I am a basketball prodigy even though I don't like basketball I am always

      Complimented on by others I have no idea what to do but if I became a basketball proffesional it would be amazing I guess and the money would be great but I am not really sure.

      Plz tell me what would be best

    • profile image

      ViolaChick 4 years ago

      Hi. Right now I am twelve years old and I started the viola at age 11. In this year I have mastered Vivaldi's Concertos in A Minor and next week I am starting on the Bruch Violin Concerto in G Minor 1st movement. I play in the Atlanta Junior Chamber Orchestra and will be participating in the high school orchestra as a 7th grader at my school next year. I really want to know if I am a prodigy or is it too late at age 12?

    • profile image

      Don't brag it's rude 4 years ago

      I can play oboe, english horn, clarinet, flute, saxophone, keyboard/piano. I play oboe and english horn for my highschool band, but I've also played as a substitute clarinet player while in middle school because one of the bands didn't have enough. I am in select theatre, select art, and I am in the top band at my highschool. I score the highest on any test I take without studying, and I read books most people read until college or afterwards. Robert Jordan, Branden Sanderson. They're awesome. When I was in gymnastics during middle school, I was at the highest level they'd allow the coaches to teach. 6th grade, I played on the boys team on things because I always won against the girls, and they asked me to be in athletics, but I said no, because gymnastics was what I wanted to do.

      I'm in 9th grade. :P

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I am an art prodigy. It first got noticed when i was 11. I remember that the art teacher spoke to my parents about me. But after so many years, i got myself a job and didn't need my talents to be successful

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm eleven and I'm not saying I'm a smarts prodigy but I know I am advanced and I am probably the only kid in the class who spends my time at home researching stuff. I am an A student but for some reason I think differently than the other kids mentally. But my knowledge is started to make me a know it all. I am always reading. Even my teacher in front of my classmates said I was very advanced. Am I close to, or a prodigy. I don't think I am but it would be good to know.

    • profile image

      Goo 4 years ago

      I am a craft prodigy I can do anything with wool from crotchet to knitting I have never dropped a stitch missed a chain or anything I started when I was 7 and I learnt from the Internet and automatically got it i showed my mum and she knew i was a prodigy know I am 12 years old I have my own shop and I crotchet things to send over seas to Afghanistan and other countries to help them out

    • profile image

      secret indenity panda 4 years ago

      A child myself at the age of 10 I am an art prodigy. I have a great ability to draw and create artwork pieces that amaze my friends and family. At such a young age its odd. I am often asked "how do you draw so well?" My answer is "practicing and natural talent i guess :) "

    • profile image

      Anonymous2 6 years ago

      I have also been told I'm a musical prodigy by the coaching staff at my orchestra. I'm 12 years old. I've taught myself all of the brass instruments besides trombone (That's my main instrument) guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, Sax, and Im beginning to teach myself clarinet. I practice 2 hours a day and about 6 on a good weekend. I've already started composing and I love music. and I hate to get help from people. But, I cant seem to get "recognized" by anyone.

    • profile image

      7 years ago


    • profile image

      Brendon 7 years ago

      I've been told that I'm a musical prodigy. I play just about all brass instruments, and have been born with the natural talent of music. Any who, A prodigy is a person who can look at a piece of music and play it perfectly at the first time. you will usualy findthem practicing for about 6 hours a week or sometimes a day. They usualy teach themselvs how to play instruments and are very stubburn about getting help from others. I was just like that. I'm 13 years old and I'm a proffesional Brass player, Without the money. if you have any questions, Email me at

    • profile image

      dfgf 7 years ago

      nice article

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 years ago

      A child my self, i am not a prdigy at piano, as much as i wish i could be, and those who are will surely prosper, unlike most the other children in my class, school, andd probably my entire distric, i have not bored of piano, once i saw children love to play it, and in only days the slacked, bored, and dreaded the minutes the doors open to recive an other, as they say, "boring", lesson, though i was always motivated, i was constantly called at and made fun of, and put down by others, for the piano, but when it come to other things like language arts, mathematics, and most of all, science and technology, i was never put down dispite having excelled at this in the first few days( and in some cases the first few hours). I am no prodigy. I am labeled gifted. i learn faster than others, not necessarily meaning i will more than them, but yes. I am shuned for my skills at piano. If i would have started piano earlier and procided at the same rate, i would have been labeled prodigy. but no i started at 12 and i will work my way up to a virtuoso.

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

      Shannon 9 years ago from New York

      Very good point! I agree 100%.

      Since I watched the movie "August Rush", child prodigies have got me curious.

      I was thinking about doing some research on MODERN prodigies.

      Thanks for answering my request!