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How mankind survived without the web, telephone and newspapers?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Saibaba sitting in the Masjid alone!

Dependence on externals weaken us!

I was wondering 'how our forefathers survived without the communication tools of today and newspapers? Yes, many of our youngsters may miss their breakfast but not their cell phone or laptop! Imagine a power cut continuing for several days as happened in US recently. How the people were in anguish, unable to contact their relatives and friends, led a most miserable period without running water of power. Yes, they endured the ordeal bravely. But our forefathers spent their life without electricity, phone, internet and newspapers. But they were happy and healthy. Agriculture was the main occupation for most of them. There were hectares of fertile lands, plenty of water sources and organic manures obtained from the cows, buffallows, the fallen leaves and all vegetable waste. They had strenuous time table. Rising around 4 or 5 AM, they tended the cows and calf, cleaned the cowshed, fed the cows with straw obtained from rice fields. They milked the cows. Went to bath in the rivers flowing through the villages or distant wells. No time for wasting.

The women folks rose early, cleaned the front yard, applied liberally cow dung paste mixed with water. They decorated the front yard with colorful rangoli etc.The children and other male members ate only the left over rice soaked in water. which gave lot of energy. They had their own garden which yield plenty of vegetables, flowers and other items essential. Pulses were grown on the bunds of rice fields. They will throng to the river, wash the cloths, took bath and return after an hour or two. The ladies go in groups chitchatting about various events and happenings in their family. That is the only pastime for them. While returning they carried the vessels filled with water for cooking and drinking. No mixies or grinders! They pounded the flours in huge wooden contraptions. They pulverized the grains in stone mortars. It took them many hours to do all these cores. They have to prepare special nourishing food for the cows in addition to the needs of the family. Yes, the cows consumed special varieties of cotton seeds soaked in water and grounded to paste. The residue of oil mills are fed to the cows which contain sweet nuts, till paste etc. From the morning till the night, baring one or two hours, they had tight works in the home and cowsheds.

There will be manure pits in the backyards which is filled with vegetable waste, cow dung and droppings of other animals. After one or two months, the manure will be ready for the fields. There will be periodic festivals in the local temples and the entire village will participate in the celebrations. In addition, if there is a marriage function in a family, the entire village will gather there to help the family in the preparation of marriage. All will contribute their labor, materials and even finance to some extent. Thus, the villagers found no need for media or entertainment like cinema etc. Of course, village festivals include drama and dance troupes from nearby villages or towns. Thus they led a balanced and busy life. But nowadays, every body wants to relax and watch TV or surf the net or play games. The life styles have changed to sedentary style. We do not exert ourselves in hard work. We seek more comforts, luxury and rest. But the need of our forefathers were meager and hence they lived their life economically. We harbor more desires today due to change in life style. Mobile phone, computer and net has become an essential part of our life.

Around fifty years ago, there was not even electricity in the villages, Only oil lamps and lanterns were used. Now we can not survive with those. We can not live without electricity even for few hours. Even radios have become obsolete now. The point is we depend badly on external items for our survival. We need to learn to live with barest necessities!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Pamela-anne for the kind and loving comments!

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      Yes I often wonder what people did before cell phones, computers etc. your hub mentions what really sounds like a better way of life. We should look back to using more all-natural products grow are own veggies, recycle more and as much as we can. We must try and treat mother earth with the dignity and respect that she deserves. Thanks for the lovely read take care!