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How our ancient sages communicated without the help of modern tools?

Updated on February 7, 2013

Rama returns to Ayodhya in Pushpak Vimana!

The power of chants vs machines!

Today we marvel at the communication technology otherwise termed as ‘information technology’. But this could be achieved only through great strides in network technology. We have hardware, software and even wireless technology which cater for the boom in communication. Initially, it was through the copper wires, data was transmitted in pockets and assembled at the destination with the invention of Transmission and Internet protocols. We also have mobile communication towers, base stations and the antennas mounted on high steel towers. All these help in communicating with anyone around the world.

Let us examine how our ancient saints and seers communicated with each other, how they could visualize distant scenes and happenings. How they could hear the voices spoken thousands of miles away before the advent of telephone or television or wireless networks?

The entire space around is permeated by sound waves. Today we have receivers which when correctly tuned, catches the sound transmitted in that particular wave length by the transmitter stations. The sages and saints of ancient India, could communicate through ‘thought waves’. They could attune themselves to the wave length of a particular individual and thus they could communicate to them. Not only this, they could visualize distant sceneries clearly through their inner vision simultaneously when it is happening. Metaphysics states these special powers as ‘extra sensory powers’ like clairvoyance etc., Hence it is not a myth when we read in the great epics, the extra ordinary powers exhibited by certain persons. It is common for saints and sages to narrate incidents of one’s life as though witnessed by themself. There are many incidents of the manifestation of the form of saints near the patient bed when they were ailing seriously or about to conclude their earthly sojourn.

In the ancient Yogic literatures, several powers that will accrue to a spiritual aspirant when he practices the yogic exercises with proper breath control is mentioned. But spiritually advanced souls never use those powers for their personal ambitions. Out of shear mercy, they manifest their power for the welfare of those who seeks their guidance and help. Sooth saying is also one such power. The soothsayer is able to look into the future events and narrate one or two in order to warn the seeker of the impending dangers or the ways to ward off them. Sometimes, they foretell favorable times and boost the self- confidence of those who seek their help. Previously by chanting certain potent formulae, the sages could alleviate the sufferings of the pious seekers. But in this materialistic age, we need the contraptions, electrical and mechanical energy to activate the tools of technology. We read that the mighty Ravana of famous “Ramayana” story could fly the contraption called “Pushpaka Vimanam” by chanting certain potent formulae. Likewise the arrows that were used in the war against the foes were activated by certain chanting. Hence in those days, repetition of certain ‘words’ enabled materialization, vibration and radiation. But now, we need the tools of modern inventions to achieve the same. Now we need aero fuels to keep the plane flying. Previously it was mere chants! Hence our ancients were more intelligent and efficient and relied on their thought power, word power and vision power.


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