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How the devotees benefited from Mahaperiyava?

Updated on September 25, 2014

He blesses one and all.

The Pontiff was very kind to the devotees!

A little girl of six or seven years came with her mother to see Mahaperiava. After watching the rituals etc. she implored her mother to get her a petticoat of the same color worn by a girl sitting on the lap of the pontiff. The mother saw the pontiff but she could not see any girl sitting on the lap of mahaperiava! Immediately, the pontiff called the mother and told her to go to a particular shop in the town and get the girl, a particular color of the petticoat. The mother was perplexed but obeyed the instructions of the pontiff. She went to the particular shop and the particular color was available with them. She immediately purchased the same and went to the pontiff and showed him the piece. Mahaperiava blessed the mother and girl and they returned to their place. The girl wore the particular colored petticoat and was happy. In a few days, unfortunately the girl merged with the Divine! Then only the mother realized the deep meaning of the girl’s wish. She saw the goddess as a little girl sitting on the lap of Mahaperiava during worship. The pontiff was aware of this and hence she called the girl and her mother and fulfilled the desire of the girl. She had the fortune to see the goddess sitting on the lap of the pontiff. She was supremely fortunate to view the goddess. That was her last wish. Mahaperiava fulfilled her desire and she merged in the Divine ultimately. She had achieved the aim of life. Though this is a painful truth to the mother, she reconciled herself to the fortune of her daughter!

A boy used to bring bilva leaves for the worship of Shiva daily and gave it to the in charge of the mutt. He was doing this for a long time. Mahaperiava was aware of this service. One day, the pontiff was about to leave on a long tour, to various shrines in South India. Before going, he blessed all the inmates. The boy who brought the bilva leaves was standing a little apart. Mahaperiava saw him and asked him to come near. He ran to him eagerly. Somehow his eyes shed tears. He asked the boy, ‘what he wants from him? The boy, an illiterate, blurted out that he was eager to obtain Moksha, the highest aim of human life! Every one nearby were astonished how the boy spelt out the supreme wish? The pontiff graced him and blessed him that his wish will be fulfilled. After few days, the pontiff was touring different places of pilgrimage. One day, when he was about to bath, he immersed himself in the water and got up. He asked the attendant to give him darba grass and took bath again. Likewise, he bathed for six or seven times, each time uttering some sacred chanting. Afterwards he came up but none dared to ask him the reasons. One or two days later, the in charge of the mutt had received one communication from the village where the boy resided. He passed away exactly when Mahaperiava completed his seventh round of bath in the temple tank. Then the devotees understood why the pontiff took bath seven times, each time uttering some sacred manthra with darba grass which is being used to offer ablutions for the departed. The boy had to take another seven births before he attain moksha or merger with god. But, Mahaperiava, having granted the wish of the boy, saw to it that his seven births are nullified by his chanting and finally he granted the wish of the boy. At the same time, the boy too merged in God in the village!

One officer from Railway department is a frequent visitor to the mutt as well as he will visit the pontiff wherever he camped when he was on tour. As a Railway Officer, he got concessions to travel in train a few number of times in a year. Once when he came to see the pontiff in a distant town, Mahaperiava asked him his railway pass! Bewildered, the officer gave the pass to the pontiff. He then asked the Officer, why there is no entry in the pass? The Officer was violating the rules in travelling to places where the pontiff was camping. He never gave it to the authorities to make entries. Thus he was travelling many times to see Mahaperiava. This matter came to be the discussion point and the pontiff has strictly told him not to visit him violating government rules. It was a rebuff and the Officer was wondering how the pontiff knew this? There is nothing secret to Mahaperiava. He could easily read the thoughts of all who comes there!

In the fourth case, a poor girl’s parents came to Mahaperiava with the intention of getting some monetary aid from him for performing the girl’s marriage. But the pontiff simply blessed them and asked them to return. The parents were remorseful since they could not perform the marriage with empty hand. They needed some fifteen thousand or so for the same. They returned to the village with heavy heart. On reaching their house, they found that someone was waiting for their arrival. He was sent by the pontiff to handover fruits, dresses and cash of Rs.15000/- with the instructions to perform the marriage of the girl. The parents were astonished. They have not told the amount required to Mahaperiava. Still he sent it before they reach their village. This is how Mahaperiava helped and blessed one and all. But in spite of all this, he was humble and never revealed such things to anybody. Even after his Mahasamadhi, many people all over the world pray to him whenever they face hard times. Mysteriously, their problems were solved in the most unexpected manner.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 18 months ago

      Dear Surendra! I really missed seeing your nice comments. Fortunately, today my cousin had shared this hub in face book. Surprisingly, I saw your comments made some 15 months ego. Thank you. Sorry for the delayed response. saisarannaga.

    • profile image

      surendra 2 years ago

      Namaskaram to you sir,

      thank you very much for the information