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How the visible world could be negated as 'illusion'?

Updated on March 29, 2017

The trap of the senses!

Our senses are imperfect tools!

We look at a distance and perceive someone approaching! But we are not able to identify the person, whether a male or female or their complexion and physical features! This is the restriction of sensory inputs. The senses are capable to perceive when the particular objects are nearer or the sounds are audible! We see many jet planes cruising at incredible speed in the sky. The jets seems to be of small dimension may be one or two feet! Only when they land on the ground, we can see the actual dimension! Hence, the senses are reliable only under certain conditions and restrictions. When the sky is cloudy, we perceive flashes of lightening followed by thunder. Though the lightening and thunder takes place simultaneously, due to variation of speed of light and sound, thunder is not heard immediately! Hence we can surmise that our senses are not perfect instruments! When they are not perfect, the input obtained from them could never be perfect. A straight scale immersed in a tub of water looks bent, though it is a straight scale! This is due to refraction index. Also in a tank where the surface is fully covered by hyacinth leaves, the water won't be visible!

We all might have heard the story of seven blind man coming across an elephant! Each one touches one part of the elephant and conclude that the elephant is like a wall, a pillar,,a hose pipe, a broom and a fan! All were wrong. They touch one part and come to conclusion. This is ignorance. A passerby comes near hearing the arguments among the seven blind men and tell them, you have touched only one part each and conclude the elephant as that part but the elephant is a very big animal which has many parts. Since you could not see the whole elephant, you all argue with each other. Whatever you have perceived is only a partial truth and not full. Though we are all having full vision, yet we too are confused by the phenomenal world! Each sense organ is capable of perceiving only a particular capacity. thus the eyes are capable of seeing and it can not hear while the ears are capable of listening and it can not see! Thus their perception is only partial and hence the senses are akin to the blind man looking at an elephant!

Realizations comes very late!

The senses, body and mind could not be relied upon!

Cataract is a common ailment affecting our eyesight. When afflicted with cataract, we cannot see properly and we will have blurred vision. Get rid of the cataract through surgery then the eyesight is restored. Because of ignorance and illusion, we consider the world as real but it is a fleeting phenomena! Our life is a constant flux. It is like a flowing river. The water flow at a place in a moment gets displaced speedily according to the force of the flow! Whatever changes continuously can not be real. For instance, the bodies of human beings appear as birth at a given moment and the bodies undergo constant changes due to food and environment. Our mind undergoes many feelings, emotions and fear. Thus it is clear that the body and mind undergoes changes very swiftly. The cells inside human body gets destroyed and newer cells are grown and kept in place. The baby's body is different from that of child. A child body undergoes lot of variations when it becomes a boy or girl. The growth continues and one day the baby become a youth and sooner it becomes a middle aged person. After few years, the baby grew into an old man and finally dies. Thus the same baby undergoes several changes within a span of sixty or seventy years. Hence both the body and mind are not reliable instruments and they are evanescent and ephemeral. Bodies are like water bubbles which may burst at any moment. The mind is a mad monkey! How can we rely on such infirm instruments as real and lasting?

The Buddha inside each one of us!

People seek pleasures of senses because of ignorant perceptions!

Immerse your hand medium hot water. Immediately put your hand in cold water. The sensation of hot and cold perceived is not real or actual. When you enter an air conditioned room and come out after few minutes, you won't be able to tolerate the heat outside! Why? Your body and skin is accustomed to the cool air, and when you come out, it is unable to adjust to the normal heat but it finds that the heat is really unbearable! Thus all our senses seldom convey correct sensations and hence they are not reliable instruments. Finding that the mundane earthly life is full of grief and sufferings intercepted with minute joy, many wise people retired to secluded places like the forests and undertook deep meditation with one point focus. After several years of deep meditation, they were inspired and real wisdom dawn in their conscious. They intuited that the earthly life is a temporary illusion and lasting peace could be obtained only when we direct our attention to the inner Self. While the bodies take birth and ultimately die, the inner self survives the death of the outer cover, the body! Wealth, strength, status, family and fortune are like passing clouds and they never remain always. By sacrifice alone, man can attain salvation. The sensory pleasures are like traps in which the individual get last and slide into perdition. Enjoyments leads to distress ultimately. A beautiful girl will turn into a scarecrow if she is laid up with dysentery and purging. All the glow of the skin is nothing but 'pus and plasma'. We consider dirty things as beauty and we feel happy moving with opposite gender. Behind the made up faces, it is only ugly complexion and hence most of the girls and young women attend beauty parlors very often. If they are beautiful naturally, they need not visit the beauty parlors. More than external charms, kindness and compassion in the hearts contribute much and they are lasting virtues. Hence never rely on your blurred vision and think that others can contribute to your happiness. In fact, happiness arises within one self and it has no relevance to external factors of contribution. Sweets placed on the tongue is not kept long. In a moment it is sent to the gullet. The taste lingers but for a few moments only. The memory kindles us to seek for more and more taste. Also man seeks varieties.The same wife can never please you always. Hence the ignorant and foolish people seek outsiders. When we are disgusted with homely meals, we seek hotels to cater to our tongue which is detrimental to health! Hence never become a slave to the senses. Use your intellect to distinguish between which is real and lasting and the fleeting ones!

Relying on the illusory senses is sheer madness!

Do you consider the sensory inputs as real and true?

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