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Becoming An Outstanding Choir Member

Updated on September 6, 2012

So you would like to be in the church or communty choir? Being a choir member is an awesome responsibility and requires a concerted effort to be faithful and committed. Singing for the glory of God requires much. When contemplating joining a choir, consider these points.

Glenn Johnson & The Voices of Innerpeace (My Community Choir)

Can You Sing?

I'm not trying to be funny here. However, just because you have the desire to sing in the choir, doesn't necessarily mean you have a singing gift or talent or that is where God wants you to serve. It is very important that as Christians, we use our gifts the way God want us to use them and not the way we want to use them. When we satisfy our desire and not God's desire for us, we become ineffective in the Body of Christ.

Having said that, be very sure about your singing gift. Can you really sing? I'm not talking about being a star soloist, but can you sing your part when taught with confidence or are you dependent upon those around you? Don't get me wrong, with proper training minimal singing skills can become great...just be sure it's God's will.

Be Committed

You're in a choir. This means you have to learn songs, which means you learn words and parts. You can't learn songs effectively if you are not at choir rehearsal. Consistent choir rehearsal attendance is paramount in being a great choir member.

I once joined a choir where you were not allowed to sing until you made six straight choir rehearsals. This may seem extreme, but the rationale is simple--you can't learn the songs if you don't make the rehearsals.

I've also been in choirs where you don't sing when you don't make rehearsal without clearance. Have you ever watched a choir on live TV or the tape of a service and located a choir member who didn't know the words to the song? It's very obvious and totally embarrassing for that particular member. That is the consequence of not attending rehearsals faithfully. If you join a choir, make it a goal to participate in at least 90% of the rehearsals and engagements. Anything less is not fair to the choir.

Follow Leadership

Does the choir have rules? Is there a dress code? Follow them. A good choir member follows the leadership and rules without complaining. There is nothing wrong with having ideas and suggestions, but at the end of the day, whatever idea or suggestion wins, should be abided by. If there are changes to be made, consider being a changemaker by becoming an officer of the choir where you will be in a position to initiate change.

Being in a church or community choir requires responsibility, commitment and giving 100% . It is an awesome responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Give it all you have to glorify God.


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