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How to Bend Spoons Psychokenisis

Updated on November 20, 2011

Spoon Bending Party Investigation

Spoon Bending 101

The History of Spoon Bending:

Spoon bending became all the rage in the 1970s largely in thanks to a young Israeli man known as Uri Geller. He was an entertainer that claimed to be psychic. Soon Geller was a television sensation as the world rushed to watch Geller demonstrate his amazing ability to bend metal cutlery with only the power of his mind on live television. By the early 1980s Jack Houck a retired astronautics engineer began hosting spoon bending parties. The reason for these parties is the fact that it is believed that the power (psychokenesis) of cutlery bending works best in group situations with passive high energy. Michael Crichton the author of Jurassic Park and other power house scifi-suspense books and films who attended these parties said that bending cutlery mostly happened when he wasn't focusing on bending the spoon or fork but when heightened energy and excitement in the group was rampant throughout while they were doing the bending. He called this phenomenon "focused inattention."

(Psychometallurgy) Bending Cutlery:

How does this process work?

  • Throw a Spoon Bending Party or Event: Invite open minded people even children to attend the party or event. Even holding demonstrations and getting bystanders involved would work. The more excitement and energy there is the more tractable the tableware will be.
  • Get Lots of Tableware Cheap: Silver-plated tableware seems to work the best. Silverware made of stainless steel tends to snap rather than bend. Go to thrift stores or purchase cutlery from garage sales and other cheap places.
  • Focusing and Mental Imagery: Imagine a bright ball of buzzing energy spinning over your head crackling and fizzling over you like a firework. As you observe this mental image draw that ball of energy through your forehead and down into your body. Focus this energy into a compact ball in the pit of your stomach. Feel it's energy growing making you feel powerful. While you are doing this hold the spoon out in front of you and then mentally imagine this energy rising up into your shoulder and then flowing down your arm into your hand and fingers and then coursing into the spoon, especially the area at the neck of the spoon. Open your eyes and yell your intention at the spoon, "BEND! BEND! BEND!" Release all your energy into the spoon.
  • Bending: Place the spoon by its neck area between the index finger and the thumb and stroke the spoon. Feel it for a while as your thumb runs over its curve and length. When you sense the metal has suddenly become malleable gently rub the spoon into a bend, it may even begin to feel like putty or butter. When this happens apply just a gentle amount or pressure. The bending will happen with very little effort.

Is This Real or a Trick?

Does it actually work? Well there is the factor that many magicians have shown ways in which it can be faked. One way is to manipulate the silverware and use misdirection to create the bend before you ever start supposedly bending the utensil using your mind. Presenting only one side of an object while doing an action so that the observer cannot see everything that you are doing is using misdirection. It is like the steel bar trick, you get a piece of metal bar and have it slightly bent using a clamp. Later on bring it out but hold the bar so that it when it is held out toward the people it looks like a straight bar. As you rub the middle of the bar you very very slowly turn the bar upward making the illusion you are melting the bar with your mind. As you do this tell the people watching that the bar is getting warmer and warmer softer and softer and that you need their help to make it bend by them imagining that the metal is getting soft like putty. This gives them a sense that what is happening is real as they mentally participate and this reinforces the effect as their mind tries to comprehend what it is seeing.

But it has been shown that just as in the video people are amazed when it happens to them. For those people it really does happen. It seems that under investigation spoons bent at these parties have been shown to have been mechanically bent. Does this mean that the spoon bending phenomena doesn't happen? No, it could be the person bending has a sudden burst of adrenalin as the crowd watching gives the bender a greater boost of energy and strength just like athletes feel when they are being cheered on. There is really only one way for you the reader to find out and that is try it yourself. If you do throw a bending party you won't be losing anything. If nothing else you may impress your friends with this trick and have a fun time while doing it.

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    • KeithTax profile image

      Keith Schroeder 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Call me a skeptic, but always interested. Good hub.

    • LisaKoski profile image

      LisaKoski 6 years ago from WA

      Very interesting hub. I don't know if I will try this but it sounds cool.