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How to Deal With a Rogue Psychic?

Updated on August 1, 2020
Scylla profile image

Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

Rogue Psychics

A psychic can have many tools at their disposal that would make them a great detective. I use my abilities in every area of my life, guys, it crops up everywhere, I cannot stop it, I just need to quit complaining and use it. Often, psychic information is not valid or contains factual errors as in the Sylvia Browne case she attended to regarding the disappearance of Amanda Berry, who was kidnapped by Ariel Castro. Sylvia thought she was dead, as she also thought for the Shawn Hornbeck case, on The Montel Williams Show. Misinformation is something that is not well handled in the Sylvia Browne camp when she was alive and working as a psychic on TV. This is why I criticized her when she died.

There is such a thing as using your psychic talents as an actual private investigator. I want to work cases while obviously citing my talent but I have decided this article is about rogue psychics. What happens to a psychic when they misuse their talents? What happens when they scam people? Psychics are just as capable of being sociopathic as their non-psychic sociopath counterparts. A psychic sociopath is quite the character to contain when they do something wrong because they feel entitled to do whatever they want.

Sometimes Objectivity Is Hard

Some psychics are accurate while others lack objectivity. The key to good reading, even on yourself, is objectivity. Certain people who miss a hit have a lack of objectivity. With this article, I'm asking my readers what would they do to a rogue psychic who misuses their abilities, by doing something wrong with them. In real life, psychic talent does not disappear although it can be suppressed with hypnosis or at the very least controlled that way. I have been looking for a skilled hypnotherapist for a long time.

Psychics who want to hurt other people do exist. They are scam artists like Miss Cleo from the TV commercials in the 1990s, back when I was in high school. If a psychic wants to hurt someone else, they can figure out very specific ways of hurting them very quickly. Psychic sociopaths are ridiculously good at being mean to people but doing it in a very underhanded way. I was brainwashed by my family to think everything bad that happens to me is my fault. I have since grown out of this false belief system by realizing who is in the wrong.

Psychic Manipulation: Just the Facts

Just because I can do something psychic does not mean that other people can do the same thing, I've learned this from living on my own all these years. But anyway, my family has irrational character traits that make them think they are entitled to using their talents a certain way. Narcissists feel like they have the right to hurt people without having a conscience about it, or much of a conscience. A narcissist is the sort of person who sees one in all good terms or all bad terms. My mother once got a medication dose from a pharmacy technician who gave her the goods after the picked on him, messing with him on a psychic level, and got the poor sucker to give her information. This information was the medication dose I was on, or also known as Effexor 75 mg.

Yes, she took it upon herself to do this. I assure you, this is a true story. I'm looking for a way to talk to my old psychiatrist about this entire situation. The way is to make an appointment with her that may or may not be covered by Medi-cal or to send her a letter. I'm taking the send her a letter option if she doesn't take my insurance, which I'm sure she doesn't. Just a feeling, a psychic feeling. But anyway, yes, I think that I need to see her or communicate with her somehow.

What Can You Do With A Rouge Psychic?

Sometimes Psychics Are Wrong

There is such thing, as predatory psychics, these are people who are capable of starting cults. Cults do not let one think for themselves, they are manipulative in various ways to keep a grip on you. We, psychics, need a governing board to decide how we mind the way we use our abilities. Psychic talent could help people, and it can also hurt people given the demands on us and how we use it. There are people who use Black Magick and justify it. They enjoy hurting people, some of those people do exist, and they are not going to change. This is why I'm trying to figure out how society should deal with rogue psychics.

Psychic is as psychic does though because in this Wiki article cited below, I have learned that some psychics can be wrong. This is why I hesitate to do this stuff in public, why I’d rather keep my abilities private, which is why I use a screen name. Psychics who do bad things, need to be contained in jail as much as the next criminal. Yes, a TV show idea just popped into my head. I have other TV show ideas in my head, but for now, I need to write this one into my 2020 TV show/entertainment ideas list.

Mental Illness Can Be Under Control

The thing is, readers, psychic talent is real. How do police capture the wrongdoers? How do you stamp out fraudulent psychics? For me, the pain I feel doing anything psychic is real, because I have to shut out a lot. Sometimes, I have whole days I need to stay home to shake off the energy of the outside. Before the pandemic, I had this under control, I was leaving the house every day to get groceries or go to therapy. The pandemic made my life very different than it was in March since I was getting out every day often enough. Psychics with mental illness exist. Just because you have that talent does not exempt you from having a mental illness. Psychics have such talents, and such mental illnesses, it comes with, and we need better resources for people like me who also have a mental illness.


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