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How to Know You Met an Angel in Human Form

Updated on December 8, 2014

There is a saying that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Some stay awhile and some are blessings. Some are there to watch over us and help us when we need it and like angels once their job is done they won't be here anymore. They may move or something can happen for you to part. No matter what you know that you will always remember what they taught you and the good times that they shared. Those people may actually be a friend who is more than a friend. That friend is an angel. Here are ways to know if you met a friend who was also your guardian angel.

1) They give you encouragement when you need it most. You cry to them and they give you hope and have a positive impact on your life.

2) They are very protective of you. They do not want to see you hurt and they can't stand anyone who is mean to you. They are constantly watching out for you and they want to see that you are okay.

3) This friend brings you nothing but happiness. You even sometimes forget about your problems when this friend is around. When this friend is around you do nothing but laugh and have a good time.

4) As time goes on your insecurities that you had before you met this friend slowly go away. You start to see the good in the world and most importantly yourself. You reach new heights and aren't the scared insecure person you once were. All your trust issues go away and you feel that you are in a much positive place than you were before you met this friend.

5) You are in a more positive place. Ever since you crossed paths with this person you could not have been happier. Good things have been happening to you and you find that your life is slowly changing for the better.

6) They are a shoulder to cry on. They never complain about when you have a problem or are rude and say "Get over it." Instead they listen to your story and try to find ways to make you smile when you are crying. They give you hope and do nothing but reassure you that everything will be okay. They find ways to make you emotionally strong and be able to deal with whatever you are going through.

7) They just want to see you happy. They said it many times before: "As long as you are happy, I am happy." Your happiness means everything to them and they want to see you succeed.

8) They put you back together. Before them you were broken. You went through time times and you lost the light. They found a way to put that light back in your heart. They found a way to make you see how special you really are and that no matter what happens in the end, everything really is going to be okay.

9) You are more relaxed about life when they are around. Before you were on edge about saying and doing the wrong thing. You felt that the world was against you and that everyone would turn on you. Now you don't do that anymore. You see that true friends accept you the way you are and they love you for who you are.

10) They don't care when you talk about the guy you like. They never say that you are boring or annoying them. They want to hear about the details of your everyday life. They love hearing about your success stories.

11) They are your rock. You know that they understand when no one else does. They always say the right thing and they give you the strength that you need to overcome whatever it is that you are going through.

12) They laugh at your jokes even when they are not funny. They never call you names or make you feel stupid.

Some friends are angels and if you have a friend like this consider yourself blessed. Some friends that we have in life are a gift from God. God sees when we are going through a hard time and he brings the right people to cross our paths. He gives us people to bring us hope and encouragement.


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