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How to Make Feelings Positive for Every Task

Updated on May 11, 2015

Calmness Is the Key

You have to be very calm if you want to handle your feelings in a good way. Feelings are our subconscious desires that come in our mind. If you are calm then your feelings will be calm but if you are not calm then your feelings will not be calm.

Our mind works in different and complex way. We will never be able to understand the full working capacity of our mind. Calm feelings can lead to calm progress of task that we are performing so this is very necessary for us to be calm. When we are calm then we are in control of our feelings and that is very advantageous for us.

Controlling your feelings is not very easy way to do. You can face lot of difficulties in handling you feelings so be calm because this is the only way to control your feelings in a very deliberate manner. This thing comes with practice and lots of practice. If you train yourself in this thing then it can be proved very beneficial for you in long run.

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Try to focus on things in detail.

In real life nature bombard our mind with lot of information so it is on us to focus only on the important information. Focusing can be little tricky, if you are trying for the first time.

You can start with simple information and then continues it in different ways in this you will learn a lot. You can use internet to look for different type of mind games that will teach you to focus on different information levels.

If we are more focused than, our mind will work more sharply ads compared to person who is not focusing on the important information. Our ability to stay Sharpe is very limited if we are not focused on important information so staying focused will help you to increase your mind capacity.


Things to Avoid Fear

  • Peace
  • Constant Work
  • Passion
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Large Anger
  • Good Management


Change your way of thinking

Our way of thinking plays a crucial role in deterring the outcome of our task in various ways. If we are positive enough then our feelings are also positive but if are negative all the time then our feelings will be negative and there is nothing we will be able to do about them.

If our way of thinking is very old and primitive than we have to revolutionize our thinking patterns and we have to all in them with modern standards. This is the only way to change our feeling and thinking style at the same time. You have to analyze your thinking styles and look for particular bugs that re effecting your things style in performing your job in a biter way.

This analysis can take much time but you will get lit of experience after this practice and this is very good for you in every way so be patient and be motivated in a better way. Honking can set us back if we are not properly motivated in these things and this can cause lit of problems for you so approach this method with lot of caution

. We are analyzing lot of things and in this regard we Miss a lot of opportunities that we may strike in our lives and this is very bad for us in lit of ways. Changing our way of thinking will put a long and ever lasting effect on our behaviors and you will feel this in lit of ways you approach certain things. If you want to perform these tasks with increased efficiency then you have to make certain ground changing realities.

Our thinking plays a key role in making the outcome of certain task good or bad. So we have to certain that our thinking aligns us in better ways and it will not cause us any damage in future.


Be motivated in every type of task

Motivation is very necessary in every kind of task and it plays key role in helping us to finish tasks with great efficiency. Motivation is very important for those who lack interest in the task they are performing and this is very crucial for them.

Different people have different interest and this cause lot of problems among people that are very busy in reshaping their lives for better. Things can get lot of interesting when we are properly motivated in certain task because now our mind is enjoying to be performing that task instead of being just tired of doing it in the first place and this can help all sorts of people in different ways.

Research shows that motivated people perform lot better in all type of work that is adorned to them instead of people that are not properly motivated in performing their duties in better ways. When we get motivated than we are using our full capacity perform all type of tasks that we seem good for our mental health as well for our behavior and this is very good for our mind and body.

When we are motivated than our mind think the task which we are performing as a game instead of bore thing and this changes a lot in the long run for most of people. In our daily life we get bored performing same type of task again and again and this gets changed into boring routine.

In order to break this boring routine we have to spark our motivation in doing things in style that we will love and enjoy instead of into some boring stuff that will put our brain and mind in difficult and nasty situations.

This Video will help you to control your emmotion

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    • Con Judge profile image

      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      You can try and with with little effort it is possible.

    • Con Judge profile image

      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      You can try and with with little effort it is possible.

    • Con Judge profile image

      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      You can try and with with little effort it is possible.

    • profile image

      Alene 3 years ago

      Well making feeling positive for every task is very difficult but we can all try to make it happen.


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