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How to Navigate your Dream while Lucid Dreaming

Updated on August 15, 2019
Szabolcs-Istvan Kisded profile image

I read many books on lucid dreaming, and I am able now to create a lucid dream, whenever I want to, using some of these simple techniques.

As technology advances, the use of global position systems (GPS) becomes more cost effective and commonplace in our everyday lives. If you have ever been on a nature hike most likely you realize the value of guides and trails. Obstacles and boundaries present themselves often throughout life and it is how we navigate through these trials and tribulations that may very well determine our fates. If life is a journey, then humans are required to maneuver. Like real life, dreams too present themselves as a series of steps or stories that extend the possibility of controlled and purposeful navigation. Dream navigation can take many forms. The more we learn about what dream navigation entails and what tools we have to pilot our dream states, the more we can enhance our lucid dreaming experiences.

Most people dream and accept the dream for what it is. They rarely exercise their will over the dream and simply follow the movements and fascinations of their dreams blindly. Dreams at times feel like foreign mysteries that are in our minds but out of our hands. Our dream states and travelers are merely giant magical chess matches and we are just pawns to grander masters. For a majority of humans dream navigation seems impossible.

This could not be further from the truth. Dream control and command is very real and very possible. Starring in our own dreams and steering our way to the places, people and performances we want to see can happen when we’re prepared and train accordingly. Skills in dream navigation become obtainable usually only after a few lucid dreaming techniques are ingrained and deployed.

For dream navigation to occur we must be very well versed in lucid dreaming states and techniques. Routing our dreams into the channels we conjure best will only come when we are able to develop dream awareness. Through patience and practice we can increase our dream awareness levels until finally we are reaching dream states so in tune with our own realities that manipulation happens as we plan.

So, how to start?

When we want to plan and navigate our dreams it is essential that we give the same detailed thought while we are conscionably thinking in real world environments. If we do not deeply think about what we want to accomplish in our dreams, the chance of dream navigation is far less of a possibility. Once we are able to lucidly dream in highly aware states it is then we can try to use our unique mental position to travel exactly where we want to go, extract what we need or eliminate what we don’t want.

The lucid dream world is a fantastically creative space where navigation is very rewarding due to the fantasy like nature of dreams. We must always be working towards becoming connected to our dreams in any way we can. Masks, digital media, journals, signs, meditation, hypnosis, mind strengthening, reality checks, reading, computers, consultants and training experts are all tools we should be using to merge with our dreams and become close enough to them that navigation while dreaming becomes an effortless and unconscious endeavor.

Not everyone wants to navigate through their dreams. Many are more then content to sit back and just enjoy the ride. They would rather be a dream passenger than a dream conductor. For those that do want to control their own dream destinies, then lucid dreaming is assuredly the most appropriate path to take. If you gather, read and learn everything you can about lucid dreaming and then put it all into practice the possibility of dream navigation should be a natural byproduct of all your hard work.


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