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How to Overcome Fear and Live in Faith.

Updated on August 2, 2014
Fear Inside of Me.
Fear Inside of Me. | Source

Fear is a problem that faces everyone in the 21st century regardless of their age, social status or economic status. The feeling of fear and anxiety has become normal, ranging from worries about jobs, marriages, insecurity and finance among others. Religion is the only remaining place where you can find peace of mind without having to share your worries with people. Though, this doesn't mean that Christians do not have fears. In fact, as a Christian, you have to live on higher moral standards since temptations and obstacles will always stand in your way. Your victory in such circumstances is what measures up at the end to determine your righteousness and this can only be achieved by having faith in God. Here is a comprehensive list of tips to help you overcome fear and walk in faith.

1. Recognize the fear.
Fear comes with varied symptoms including nervousness, feeling insecure, tiredness, stress and anxiety just to name a few. Fear is a potential hazard when it comes to living your Christian life fully hence preventing you from getting to the level where God created you to reach or surpass. This makes it important for us to strive to know whatever fears we have and act on them with immediate effect. This step is essential in the fight against fear as it helps us identify the best way to tackle our fears and completely overcome them.

Don't Panic
Don't Panic | Source

2. Step out into the deep.
The most dangerous zone in life is the comfort zone; it doesn't motivate one to work for a better outcome while at the same time, it makes one feel safe from their phobias and fears. Getting out of our comfort zones and stepping out into the deep is one great strategy to overcome fear. God is always with you and will never let you fall so you should never worry about going an extra mile in achieving God's full purpose for your life. In 1 Chronicles 28:20, David encourages Solomon his son to be strong and courageous and work. He tells him not to be discouraged for the Lord God is with him. He will not fail him or forsake him until all the work for His temple's is completed. God will always be with you no matter what circumstances you get into as long as you have faith in Him and live according to his will.

The Rosary
The Rosary | Source

3. Trust God to provide.
Matthew 6:26 says, “Behold the birds of the air because they sow not, they reap not nor do they gather into the barns yet your heavenly Father does feed them. Aren't you much better than them?" This bible verse demonstrates to us exactly why it is baseless to worry when God almighty will still provide for us just like He does the birds. God is our provider and trusting in Him makes our lives better since we only need to worry about following in His path and striving for righteousness. God will give you anything you desire, as long as you keep the faith burning and live according to His will since faith without action is dead.

4. Turn your fear to faith.
Though fear is something that tends to lie deep within us and due to our human nature, we cannot avoid it, we can try to turn it into faith. Faith greatly involves believing what we cannot see and believing in God's protection is a great way to tackle fear. In cases where fear arises, prayer and scripture can be used as tools to curb it. Praying helps you to communicate to God about your fears and relaxes your mind since you know there is someone who cares about you and will always protect you. Scripture helps a great deal in strengthening your faith and trust in God and also encourages you a great deal. Psalms 56:3-4 says,"When I am afraid I will trust in you. In God whose word I praise, in God I trust. I will not be afraid; what can mortal man do to me?" This scripture encourages us to believe in God whenever we are afraid as He will always protect us.

Embrace prayer to strengthen your faith and overcome your fears.
Embrace prayer to strengthen your faith and overcome your fears. | Source

5. Visualize your success.
Imagining that you have already achieved your goal is one way of bringing success closer. It also helps reduce fear, stress and anxiety as it creates a straighter path towards success. By visualizing your success, you are able to understand what the path to it entails, the parts that need some correction and improvements and the best ways to achieve success. Faith helps a great deal when it comes to this stage of overcoming fear.

6. Do it afraid.
Sometimes fear just doesn't go away. This could be because whatever we are tackling is a well-known failure or risk or we could have had a bad experience with it. This doesn't help at all since not getting to work will waste more time or prevent the project from taking off. Since you are afraid, then you have nothing to lose so get to work with the fear. Not only will it get you to work with more zeal but you'll also be encouraged to avoid or prevent the bad experiences you went through or are expecting. As someone said, “Fear will get you nowhere" so does the bible encourage us in 1 Peter 3:13-14 not to be afraid of what others fear and that we are blessed if we suffer for what is right. It also says that no one can harm you if you are eager to do good deeds. This is great encouragement to all Christians and should be kept in mind.

Christianity is among the most widespread religions in the world and correspondingly with the highest level of temptations and obstacles among other threats thus an increased level of fear among Christians. Though, all is not lost; standing strong as a Christian is the only solution to these. It is my hope that the above tips will help you overcome fear and walk in faith and achieve righteousness.

How do you tackle your fears? How do you strengthen your faith? Is it possible to live in faith and in courage? Please feel free to let us know ways by which yo

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    • lyndrfaith profile image

      Linda Indosio 3 years ago from Kenya

      Thanks Swilliams. Am glad you liked it.

    • profile image

      swilliams 3 years ago

      Great article ! It's always nice to take a refresher course when it come to defeating fear! Voted up!