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How to Self Muscle Test (Video)

Updated on September 26, 2009

Kinesiology comes in very handy when your conscious mind wants to know what your subconscious mind really thinks about certain matters. Muscle testing will let you know these answers instantly (when done correctly) and you can then adjust your subconscious thoughts accordingly. I use these techniques in conjunction with EMO / EFT (emotional freedom technique) and they are invaluable tools. Obviously the first step is learning how to test yourself properly so I've compiled a few videos that should sort you out in that department. There are numerous methods which are easily understood when someone is there to show you in person, but reading directions over the internet can be difficult and that's why I've selected these particular vids that will show you how to test yourself.

Self Muscle Testing Video

Self Muscle Testing Method 1

This is a very easy method of testing your subconscious thoughts. The video itself is only about 1 minute long so be sure and have a watch as she explains the basis for muscle testing and why it works. With this particular method you make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and then use your opposite finger to swipe through that ring. If the ring holds, it's a true statement. If the ring separates or breaks completely it's a false statement.

Why and How Muscle Testing Works

How and Why Muscle Testing Works

In this video Lindsay Kenny gives a muscle testing demonstration on someone else and shows how easily the body's energy meridians (and strength) can be interrupted when you make a statement which your subconscious doesn't believe to be true. Even if you actively think it is true with your conscious mind. If you'd like to have someone else muscle test you, you can try one of these methods. If not, the next video is another self-testing method for kinesiology testing.

How to Know Your Wants

Self Muscle Testing Method 2

This is another self testing muscle method which is less commonly used but quite effective if you learn how to use it properly. The video itself is called How to Know Your Wants because the goal is to ask your subconscious whether or not you truly want something. You ask your subconscious mind a question and then wait for your body to respond. In this case, she writes the question down on paper and holds it to her chest but you can also do it by simply asking yourself the question. You do this standing up and wait for your body to lean forward or backward. It does work but I have to say I'm not always sure I'm doing it correctly so I personally prefer the first method. But this may be the one you prefer so do try it before you choose a method.


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