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How to Succeed in Life - What High Achievers Never Told You

Updated on May 17, 2015

Taking the Road Less Traveled

“Taking the road less travelled” means being independent, unique and serene. A purposeful life has a definite route. It works according to plan, consistently and self-reliant. It is a life led by brevity, lots of risks, challenges and breakthroughs all at a time. It is a life being avoided by most people but it is a kind of life that complete happy people live. With the kind of endeavours required, an individual is bound to be successful and satisfied, which is the essence of happiness in life as a whole.

1. Self-reliance is the key to independence anywhere. Let your ability count in all endeavour. Don’t just believe you can do this; prove to yourself and to the world that you can. Financial freedom is one thing you should desire. Once you become independent financially you can easily build the rest of the energy you need to become self-reliant. But you can never be completely independent if you don’t have the desire to be self-reliant initially. So the first step to become self-reliant is to seek for it through consistent quest for ability testing.

2. Make a choice today. Take a time to figure out your long-term goal and focus your plans towards its attainment, a step at a time. Not everything worth trying is really worth trying, and not everything good will be good for you. You need to go through intense self-actualization in order to be able to make the right choices at the right time. It will also help you to set your priorities right. So you won’t be doing the right thing at the wrong time or the other way round. And once you made the required choice, stick to it like your life depends on it. Be slow in changing decisions about what matters most to your life success.

3. Persist in your decisions. Pressure must come from friends, parents or the general public, but what matter most is you not drifting away from your life purpose. The older people will talk about their elderly experiences, that they’ve passed through this and that. Things are changing as fast as seconds and nobody unless the one doing it has an a definite assurance about what is going to happen the next minute. Once you made the required research and fed yourself with knowledge about your goals and dreams before making this decision, persist in consistency and the fire of desire to achieve them. If you fail, shake the dust off and keep moving. But if you win reward yourself with a vacation. Party with whoever cares and go back to do more.

4. Be moving. Life is a journey, from level to level. Never stop moving; and it doesn't matter how fast or slow. Just make sure you're moving in YOUR direction, the right direction. As always said, success is the accumulation of small efforts applied every day, progressively. Just make sure that you are doing something and that thing is relevant and contributes to your goals. Success demands your full attention, even for an hour a day. If you really want to liberate yourself from the world of mediocre, you need to more than what normal people do. The rest comes when you reached your desired destiny, before you might embark on another journey, because it is necessary. Only in persistence and resistance to external negative influences will you be able to move and keep on moving.

5. Forget about others who do not wish to go in your direction. They are different. They may even try to discourage you; that's also because they are different. Be happy even when travelling alone. The essence of this part of the article is recognizing the importance of taking the road less travelled. This is the secret no successful man will like to reveal everywhere. Success comes as a result of uniqueness in one way or the other. This uniqueness start from our way of thinking and judgements. Once you judge yourself wrongly, it will affect the speed of your achievement. It is always lonely at the top, that’s what people on the ground level say. They will discourage your vision because they know how you hate loneliness. But here’s a newsflash; the top is busy, there’s nothing like loneliness. There isn’t even an idle time.

6. Become realistic and observant. Know what is around you and what is to come. Detach yourself from superstition and believe in your reality. Observation gives you a road map to a successful destination. Empty your mind from all your past beliefs. If you desire to have a new beginning, you should also be ready to accept new beliefs, ideologies and methodologies. As distant as it seems, success starts from the mind and nowhere else. If you don’t accept the rules and the terms and conditions in the successful world, all other qualification means nothing. Acceptance is the first, then flexibility. Because one thing is accepting and the other is being able to stay long on the track of acceptance.

7. Forget the easy route, it isn't valuable. A success worthy of praise is a success achieved as a result of definite and uncompromised imagination. You're going to meet the easy-routers along the way but stay firm, never to change your plans. You can follow all the tricks and be successful very fast but believe me, the success won’t last. It is either the satisfaction (the vital) that won’t last or the money itself or even both. First you need to realize that success comes from the creation of value. The one thing that should be on your mind all the time is the worth of the value you have created and the ones you are trying to create. Satisfaction comes from the knowledge that you are creating the value that someone is appreciating at the other side of the world, which also equals to happiness.

8. Aim for the higher ground. He that demands more gets more. He that demands less deserves less. The subconscious is aware of these and it rules your action according to the level of your wishes. People that settle for less don’t make big plans and won’t even bother to take risks. But when you know how big your idea potentials are, you can go all the way and do whatever risk just to make it real.

9. Be true to who you are. It's going to be regret when you come to the end of your life only to realize that you've been living to make someone happy, displeasing yourself. Nobody will reject you for being who you are. If anyone does that, it means they're not supposed to be in your life. Let go of vain wishes and focus on what you have as lovers. Don’t wish for wishes or complement. They might never come your way. Focus on your potentials and abilities by putting them to action every time you get the opportunity.

10. Take reasonable risks. Be timely and knowledgeable. Slow down when you need to. Use your head, thus comes the importance of acquiring knowledge. Rules, laws, policies and concepts are changing every day. Expose yourself to those changes and be flexible in them.

You're free to make a big U-turn whenever you like. If it's as a result of defeat, do not take the temporary thing seriously. Failure is the absence of sound plan. As you learn from experience, never hesitate to tweak your plan to make it sound.


The shameless benefit of procrastination - How to be lazy and still get everything done

Are you always labelled a lazy man? What if I told you that you could get more done than the average person? Gain everything by doing essentially nothing?

This list can help you to be diligently lazy and productive as you want to be.

1. Use influence. Sit there and use persuasion techniques to get anything done by people. You can always get the credit and praise in as much as you compensate them handsomely. In the society, influence can change a lot of things that hard work cannot.

2. Use technology. We are in a digital automated world where you can set anything, everything on auto-pilot. And luckily, they don't cost millions of dollars. Search web for anything. Research and increase your smartness in order to be in control.

3. Use money. Money controls. Money is power. It leads. It changes. With money you can make more money, without even clicking a mouse. You can't do everything with money but money can do a lot for the active, the procrastinator, and even the lazy.

4. Use timing. Many people tend to rush things up forgetting that nature can act on behalf of us. Relax and keep-on procrastinating, logically, until you feel the need to do anything. Sometimes you just need to follow your intuition to make things happen.

5. Use effectiveness. Focus only on things that matter now. Do the primary projects, and at a time. When you become efficient in doing what you supposed to be doing, you don't have to do them all the time. Go for quality of your work instead of the quantity.

6. Use research

Do a research about anything. And that anything should start from what you love. Instead of acting it, learn about it. Lazy people don't research? Yea, but lazy people know what they love and do not procrastinate about it. Unless there's a health problem...I mean mental health.

7. Use your gut. Let instinct lead your action. I know you have lots of knowledge about what you want to do. Instead of planning, act from your guts.

8. Focus on producing less. Don't even think about perfection. Do not spend time on ineffective work. Never sacrifice quality to quantity. Do small work every day, even if it is for an hour or two. Sometimes success happens as a result of small continuous effort applied every day.

9. Follow your path, not what works. The success templates and blueprints are the number one motivation and dream killers. Develop your skills and do what you think is right. When you fail, learn from it. When you succeed, thank God and move on.

Emotional Intelligence: How to Tactfully Ask Emotional Questions

Having emotional intelligence is one of the requirements in living a successful life. Your relationship both personal and business can be determined by how well you understand people wants and needs. Here are things that can help you in asking emotional questions without offending someone or destroying a relationship.

1. Know the subject you want to talk about, then the topic. Never go rambling. Deciding your topic before confronting someone with any emotional question will help you figure out the best words to use.

2. Be current.

Concentrate only on the effect of an active situation rather than the past.

Then, say what you want to say with confidence. You can use different medium: use a written letter for intensified issues. Use text for less confidential issues. Or, call that person in private, make them relax, and go directly to the issue.

3. Time

The time you choose to approach someone with an emotional question determines the reaction you will get. So choose a less stressful time, a time when you can get and give undivided attention for a long time.

Always turn off your cell phone or any gadget that might interrupt the flow of the conversation.

4. Be honest and tactful.

Act the way you'll act when you want someone to tell you a secret. Be open-minded and encourage them to speak about anything by just listening. Also don’t forget to show respect and kindness.

5. Try as much as possible to be less emotional. Being too emotional means losing your intellectual sense of judgement; this might bring about lifelessness in your discussion.

6. Always hint them that you're not discussing a "life or death" issue. It's an issue of alternative, even as you value and respect their reasons.

7. Do not put much pressure. Be casual. Allow them to make choices by first understanding their emotional stand at the moment.

8. Be direct.

The worst thing you can do when confronting someone with an emotional question is to beat around the bush. Be confident and direct. They may react negatively but your confidence, a sign of maturity, will circumvent their attitudes.

9. In your discussion, if you find it hard to understand each other, settle for the middle path. Be patience and be ready to compromise.

10. Stay calm and look the person in the eye. Make the moment as important as your relationship. Strengthen up your fragile emotion before you start. Allow no sign of weakness to manifest.


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    • MarieLB profile image

      MarieLB 3 years ago from YAMBA NSW

      Wow Joshua, you have covered every angle here! One can print your article and keep it as a "roadmap" to guide one to success. Very interesting.