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How to avoid grief in life?

Updated on November 16, 2012

Krishna plays the flute!

What causes grief?

All of us are passing through the ups and downs of life regularly. There is no respite at all. Why we are not able to enjoy happiness continuously is the vital question. Why our mind oscillates every time and do not allow us to remain in peace? What is grief? Grief arises due to dissatisfaction about the way we lead our life. Many of our ambitions and desires are not getting fulfilled. We meet failure more often than success. THOUGHTS cause us grief! It is also the thoughts which elevate us at times and depress us most of the time. Frequent contradicting thought patterns cause agitations in the mind. These agitations lead to grief!

If we can find out some ways to avoid the thoughts, it can confer peace. But is it possible? Thoughts arise without our volition. Scriptures point out that thoughts arise due to food and environment. If you eat soft diets which won’t cause indigestion, it will help you to have peaceful thoughts! Green leaves, fresh green vegetables, full grains, nuts, fruits and butter milk are considered soft diets. In Hindu philosophy, they are known as “Sathwik” food. On the other hand, spicy food, fried food, with lot of chilies, though tasty to the palate, it is very harmful to the stomach. It takes lot of time to digest and cause ulcer in the stomach linings as well as in intestines. The above is known as “Rajasic food” which creates passion in the individual who takes it in.

The third category of food is stale food, which is consumed one day after it is prepared. Stale food will create laziness and sleep in the individual. Even pungent smelling food also comes under this category. All along I was talking about vegetarian food only. In general non-vegetarian food induces passion and anger. The man who relishes non-vegetarian items of food will always be restless and agitated. Animal food creates animal tendencies normally. There may be few exceptions. However, those who follow spiritual path should avoid animal food and vegetarian food is the best suited for them.

In the above paragraph, I have explained how food causes mental thoughts in any individual. This is only a general classification. Second is environment. Noisy environment creates restlessness in our mind. When you go to a Church or temple, the environment will be peaceful and there will be silence. Our mind is naturally attracted to the soothing vibrations inside a Church or temple!

Let us examine a few ways to control the thoughts. If you force the mind to submission, it will revolt more furiously. The best way is to observe the mind by standing outside it or away from its influence. Simply witness the various thoughts that arise in the mind but do not chase or follow the thoughts. We have observed how a mother feed the child. The child will run away from the mother when she tries to feed it. It will run hither and tither. Suddenly, the mother stops and retraces her steps back. She no longer follows the child. The child then become panicky and starts following its mother. Likewise we should not follow the thoughts that arise in the mind. Stop and observe. Slowly the thoughts will die. Then some other thought will arise. Simply witness but do not follow it. It will also leave. If we practice this witness state continuously, the thoughts will stop from harassing us. By this we can get rid of the thoughts which causes us grief! A thoughtless state is real heaven!


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