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How to continually be in God's presence.

Updated on March 1, 2012

Most of those that belief in God still do not know how to be in his presence. Some people think God’s presence is in their various places of worship even when it is taught that God is a spirit and as such he is present everywhere.

It is a tradition in most religion or sacred settings that some kinds cloths should be wore to church or other religious functions because of the spirit of such events. That is some cloths are not considered right for such occasion but same religious people can wear such cloths any other time. Most of these things are based on belief because some religions expect women to cover their heads while others do not mind.

I think it is more of how one understands one’s God and the kind of relationship that one has with one’s God. In a situation where one sees God as a father then one can confidently with respect work to his presence. The point is that some people choose to look differently when they want to go to the presences God, and then change after that. It seems that they forget that same God is expected to be everywhere. The case may not be different even within the places of worship because we here some preachers say, “let us be in the mode of prayer or let us go to God in prayer, among others.” This is said to make people change their mind set and realize that they stand before God. It also helps to take people to a different mode which is more spiritual inclined for those that worship God must worship him in spirit for God is a spirit.

Therefore, it means the one special time most people seem to truly feel the presence of God is when they are in the mode of prayer and they feel that they are talking to their God. Consequently, the only way we can always be in God’s presence is to always be in the mode of prayer. Such mode will help people to avoid some sins which they can easily commit because of the changed mode. Maybe Paul realized this when he said, “pray without ceasing.”

That is the secret of how to always be in God’s presence. It is difficult to task to many people but it is not an impossible task because some men continually live in God’s presence.


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