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How to escape from this dark age of Kali?

Updated on February 29, 2016

When Kaliyuga will end?

The indications of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age and remedies!

There is a proverb. “Commit sins in pleasure and suffer leisurely later”. Everything in this world, points out to single law, the irrevocable “cause and effect’ ordained by the creator during creation. Many in the world conveniently forget this truth and indulge liberally in various acts of evil. As night follows day in a cycle, ‘grief follows joys without fail’. If somebody thinks that he is wealthy and possesses all the luxury under the sky, and hence can do any atrocities with immunity, he is absolutely wrong. There is a recording device in our conscious which silently records everything, we feel, plan and execute. Without ever aware of this great truth, many evil doers indulge in heinous crimes due to the dark Kali Age. As is the time, so is the thinking. The people in previous Yugas were more righteous than this Dark Age. It is said, that “righteousness’ or Dharma is the cow which stood on all legs during Sathya yuga, on three legs during Treta Yuga, on two legs in Dwapara Yuga and simply on one leg in this Kali Yuga!

What a pity that we are survivors on this earth during this Kali Yuga? Why this Dark Age is dreaded by good and noble people? Thousands of years ago, in various puranas and epics, the evils that will reign during this age have been emphasized. The chief among them are;

  1. People will not perform their legitimate duties.
  2. The Pundits will leave their daily worship of Sun.
  3. The ignorant will usurp the rights of Pundits.
  4. People won’t respect womenfolk anymore.
  5. People will consume intoxicating liquors and prohibited food.
  6. They will enjoy the company of all ladies of disrepute.
  7. There won’t be any consideration of proprietary in respect of Parents and elders.
  8. Parents will be left to mend themselves and children won’t care for them.
  9. Wealth, wife and children will get more prominence than parents.
  10. People will disregard religious books and teachings.
  11. There will be frequent wars between various religious fanatics.
  12. Violence and cruelty will rule the world.
  13. Many despots will rule the world subjugating and killing the opponents.
  14. Children and women will be submitted to many tortures.

I would like to stop the narration since number of such indications is legion. We ourselves are witnessing the pathetic state of the world in the media.

At the same time, God has given easy ways to get over the evil effects by simple ‘chanting’ of any of the names of God. Also, everyone should help the needy and poor. We must have sublime and peaceful thoughts and talk softly with other people. We must practice love, truth, tolerance, non-violence and fortitude. It is normal during this Dark Age that quarrels will erupt without any reason. Simple things will be blown up to gigantic proportions. We know how the world wars have erupted on flimsy grounds. Prophets, saints and philosophers will be ridiculed at. With these signs, we can understand that we are living in the darkest age. Congregational prayers are more effective than individual prayers. In India, many fire rituals are conducted to counteract the evil effects of this age. Speak softly, speak lovingly, never criticize any and love one another. Forgive and forget is the best solution for all strife. Every day, many bomb blasts are reported in various places around the world. Many innocent lives are lost to the nefarious designs of terrorists. Leaders have become like show case toys, unable to do anything against the evil doers. In these precarious circumstances, the only way out is ‘incessant prayers to god’ to restore peace and harmony in the world!

The apathy of human beings during Kaliyug.


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