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How a Muslim Can get closer to Allah (God) in Islam?

Updated on May 5, 2015

How to Get Closer To Allah (God)? Love for God and His Creature

Everyone want to know; "how to get closer to Allah (God)?" Is it mockery that gets you closer to God? His countless blessings are for those who try to get closer to Him. He loves his creature too much. So if you want to get closer to Allah (God) you should love His creature. It is just like that if you love someone's loved ones, you must win his heart and sympathy.

According to the spirit of Islam answer to the question; "how to get closer to God and his Prophet(peace be upon him)?" is to love His creature. Path to get closer does not pass through the valleys of Monasticism or worshiping day and night. Rather intimacy with God can only be achieved with better relationship with human beings.

Hazrat Ans Bin Malik, a great companion of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) narrates, “We were present in the court of Holy Prophet when unexpectedly the Holy Prophet stated, “Now a Heavenly soul will come before you.” Shortly, some stranger came. On the second and third day the Holy Prophet repeated the same words and the same stranger attended the court of Holy Prophet.

All the companions were quite surprised that how this blessed soul did reach this destination that he got the good news in his life that his abode is Heaven. So Hazrat Abdullah Bin Amr bin Al-Aas states, “This statement of the Holy Prophet persuaded us to investigate what special act or deed this person performed which elevated him to such an exalted position in the sight of Allah and Holy Prophet(Peace be upon him).” So he went to the home of this man and told him that he is annoyed with his family and sought shelter in the house of that man. That man was pleased to allow Hazrat Abdullah to stay with him. Hazrat Abdullah (Razi Allah-o-Anho) stayed there for three days and minutely monitored his day and night routines and to his utter surprise, there was no special deed performed by that man during his stay. He even did not wake up for Tahajud prayer (Midnight prayer). All his acts were quite usual and petty in nature in the sight of Hazrat Abdullah, hence he was surprised why he was pronounced to be heavenly in his life by Holy Prophet.

Hazrat Abdullah unveiled the real objective of his stay in the house of that man i.e. to know the secret. That man thought for a while and answered, “I do not perform any special deed except what you have seen. However, I have no hatred, envy or enmity for the human beings in my heart. I have no jealous feelings for anyone.” Hazrat Abdullah said to that man, “This is the only quality which has elevated you to such an exalted position as only few possess this virtuous quality.”

This aspect can also be better explained with the following small tale:-

"Abu Ben Adhem, a Muslim Sage was in deep sleep when he suddenly awake up and found an angel, writing in a book of gold the name of those whom love of God had blessed. "And is mine there?" he asked. But the angel answered, "Nay." "I pray thee, then," he said, "write me as one who loves his fellow men." The angel wrote and vanished. The next night it came again, with a great awakening light, and showed the names, whom love of God had blessed. And lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest."

Hence love for the creature of God gets you closer to God.

The result of above discussion is that the Allah and His Prophet love those who love His creature. If one wants to be favored by the Almighty, he should show mercy to his fellow men. And it is rightly said that it is the discretion of the Almighty to forgive all the obligations of a man to Him but obligations towards a fellowmen will not be forgiven by the Almighty.


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