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How to have a good self image

Updated on June 9, 2011

The Importance of Self-esteem

A good self image begins with a healthy self-esteem that starts forming at an early age. Children should be encouraged by parents to be persistent when faced with failure until the present goal is achieved. Failure does not mean that the individual "is" a failure, but a person with a low self-esteem who may see "themselves" as the failure. Self esteem is the collection of beliefs or feelings about oneself, and these set of beliefs may have been formed through environment, past and present experiences, negative self talk, along with a host of other things. In the bible Samson was a person who had a good self image at an early age because he was given a since of purpose. The angel of the Lord had told Samson's mother that he was to be a Nazarite set apart for God, and that no razor should come near his head. When a parent receives from the Lord what their child's purpose becomes a great foundation to build upon as the child grows. Many times parents live their dreams through their children, and the child ends up with a bad self image because they don't know who they really are. Samson was a unique individual because of his special gifting, his special strength set him a part from every other man, and likewise when a person finds that special calling... the thing that they were created to do... no one can compete.Every person is special and unique because no one has the same finger print or voice print,and knowing this alone,may help boost self-esteem, and position one toward a good self image. No one should find their self worth based on the opinions of men, but many have become who someone else said they were, and they go through life wearing mask, hiding who they really are,and they become  victim's of what they did. Jesus asked the question in Matthew chapter number 16...Who do men say that I am? not because he did not know who he was...but so that he could reveal "who" he really was. People with a good self image do not need to bow down to the image of others perception of them...for example, some thought Jesus was Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, or some other prophet...but he did not take on the character role of those individuals, he remained himself. Jesus asked his disciples...who do you say that I am, because everyone wants to know what others think about them at one time or another because of the need for acceptance. Peter then says...thou art the Christ , the Son of the living God...Jesus responds back and says Flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you Peter, but my Father which is in heaven, because flesh and blood cannot reveal who we are, but only our creator God.If people would follow this principle...they would never allow flesh and blood to dictate who they are. People with a good self image are confident within themselves, not arrogant. But sometimes confidence can be mistaken for arrogance.

Practical Points on how to have a good self image:

1. Failures should be pursued until successes occur boosting self-esteem

2. Guard your personal belief system from negative self talk and the opinions of others

3. Choose your environment carefully

4. Strive to bring closure to past hurts and disappointment

5. Allow God and His word to reveal to you who you are

6. Do not bow to others expectations of you (be yourself)

Hold on to your confidence

The bible says to not cast away your confidence which has great recompense of reward, and it is this reward that brings assurance while one passes through the uncertainties of life. People who have automobile or home insurance are more confident than someone without it, because they know that if something happens...they have the policy that restores what has been lost, stolen or damaged. The word of God like an insurance policy, is our assurance policy that brings confidence in the midst of troubled times because it shows people who they are, and who they were created to be in the earth (important for a good self image). The word of God also reveals his love for mankind, because to have achievement without love (someone to share it with) equals low self-esteem, and love without achievement also equals low self-esteem. These two must balance each other if a good self image is to be abtained. Confidence is also knowing what you are capable of doing; all of us have been given special gifts ,talents and abilities that should be enhanced to help one to be the best that they can be. Many people find themselves on the side line of life cheering for the successes of others, but fail to see what they have to offer.Common negative self talk from someone with a bad self image is...I can't... I don't think so... no... etc.while a person with a good self image says...I can... when can I start... yes... etc.

Practical Points:

1. Your confidence is your assurance policy

2. The word of God produces a good self image

3. Achievement without love equals low self-esteem (no one to share it with)

4. Love without achievement equals low self-esteem

5. Everyone has special gifts,talents and abilities that need to be enhanced

6. Learn to encourage yourself along with cheering for others

7. Say like Paul...I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Stop being hard on yourself

Characteristics of a bad self image

Below are some Characteristics relating to a bad self image:

1.May not want to engage in new activities

2. May engage in negative self talk

3.May have a low tolerance for frustration, giving up easy

4. May find themselves waiting for others to take over

5. May see temporary setbacks as permanent

6. May make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances

Cures for a bad self image

Below are some positive steps one can make to improve their self image:

1. Know that God believes in you (every gift talent and ability he gave you was for you to become what you were created for, and he believes in you to fullfill it)

2. Watch what you say

3. Be a positive role model

4. Identify and redirect inaccurate beliefs

5. Give positive accurate feedback

6. Engage in activities encouraging cooperation rather than competition

7. Make a habit of helping others

Set goals to enhance your image


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    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      Being aware of how unique and special everyone truly is would go a long way to allow each of us to appreciate ourselves and each other! This hub goes a long way to help people be able to recognize that in themselves. Thank you, HAexpressions. Voted it up regards Aka Professor M!(Mike);D

    • wjames profile image

      wjames 7 years ago

      This is good stuff. I need to pass it on to some people I know.

    • Imageflair profile image

      Imageflair 8 years ago from Singapore

      Very well said, self image is usually the key to success and obtainment of goals, I specialize in teaching children and adults how to obtain these things because i believe you never get a second chance to make first impressions.

    • fortunerep profile image

      fortunerep 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I love it, very true, welcome to hub pages, you have a fan!