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How to make a difference in life: A peek on self

Updated on June 18, 2017

I am learning that being ‘nice and safe’ is not a guarantee you will make it in life. If it were so, we would never see ‘bad’ people make it. The key lies in self discovery, having a goal, knowing how to achieve it and putting your hands to work.

To the gents;

Putting on proper suits and having a serious career is not what proves your maturity. I have seen ‘wannabes’ in saggy jeans, ‘supras’ and a hundred ‘blings’ make more sense than established professionals.

My dear ladies,

Being decent and well cultured is very important but don’t let it be all you got. A woman pursuing a purpose in life will always be more attractive than a woman with nice curves and flowing dresses.

What are your hobbies?

Are you struggling with self discovery or setting goals. Well, you need to re-evaluate your hobbies. I one day went through my hobbies and discovered if I were to turn my passion into profits I would make very little…. I mean how much would you make from listening to music and watching movies?

There are a gazillion thing one can develop into very interesting hobbies. I for one never imagined I would enjoy crotchet! You could cook, make shaggy mats, write blogs, write travel guides etc. And along the way you will identify that which works well for you.

The avoider syndrome

There are 3 stereotypes when it comes to money attitude. There are The Hoarders who save up everything but are vey stingy. There are The Spenders who work hard to live like there is no tomorrow and then there are The Avoiders who do not give a care about money.

The other day I stumbled into a 2011 sermon by Muriithi wanjau where he speaks to the three stereo types. It was very insightful and I would recommend you listen to it. At the end of it he had a message for each. It’s the Avoiders message I want to quote in this article.

To The Avoider, he said “you are not a good steward and you tend to abdicate your kingdom responsibility. God’s word to you is the same as one He said to the third servant in the parable of the talents… you lazy and wicked servant…. But God says confess and ask for forgiveness for mismanaging His money, for voiding your kingdom responsibility as His son and daughter”.

The word of God is very clear to those of us who keep avoiding our responsibilities, those who just want to keep moving with the flow, those who are comfortable being just ‘another one in the lot’. We are being challenged to get out of our comfort zone and open our eyes to all the wonderful things that we could do to make a difference in our society.

It is true that the race is not for the swift and chance belongs to them all…but you need to understand that chance favours a prepared mind.

In short my friend; be very HANDS ON!


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