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How to move God

Updated on October 1, 2012

Many people will love to move God to action. That is many people will love to get things from God, if the know the ways or means of doing it. The things include support, guidance, help, protection, success among many others. Then is it possible for man to move God to action? The truth is that many people want to get things from God but only few know how to go about it. It is for this reason that it is said, “God’s time is the best” for those that have decided to wait on God.

The writer had to write on this topic following a church sermon on the topic “praise.” The preacher stressed what praises can do when used appropriately. In the opinion of the preacher, praises is what moves God. That is man can use praise to move God to action. God, it is said, does not eat nor drink but he feeds on the praises of his people and it is for that reason that he said, if man refuse or fail to worship and praise him then he shall raise the stones to worship and praise him.

The most difficult task for man is how to praise God in time of trouble. This is not easy because once trouble strikes the first thing that comes to mind is “why.” That is why God allowed such a situation to come. Therefore it becomes difficult to praise God when one is in doubt or when one is filled with the question “why.” However, those few men that know the hidden secrets and that know their God will continual sing praises no matter the situation.

There are many instances in the bible in which praises did marvelous things. The most common example is the story of Paul, and Silas. These men were said to have been arrested for preaching the gospel. They were punished and imprisoned yet they did not question God or ask why he allowed it to happen. Then right there in the prison, they prayed and sang praises to God after which they received their miracle and the gates of the prison were opened by unknown means.

King David is said to be the man after God own heart despite that he made may mistakes. The relationship of King David and his God can be seen from the psalms he wrote. It is said that the King wrote more than half of the book of psalms, and it is obvious that he mostly sang praises to God. It is also known that the King always regrets whenever he sinned against God and he never goes back to same sin again. That is he had a repentant heart. That was the secret of King David which only few people truly understood.

Just as the preacher said, praises can be used to move God to action because that is what God eats and that is what makes him happy and very willing to get to action. However, it is can be said that the prayer of a saint even do more. For instance, the account of King Hezekiah when he was told that he would die. It is recorded that the King turned to the wall and prayed that even prophet Isaiah did not understand why God changed his mind.

It is also said that God denied Hannah the fruit of the womb until one day she decided to meet God face to face through prayer. She prayed to the extent that the prophet could not hear her because she was not talking to man but to God so she spoke in a way only God would understand. Moreover, all she had to say was already in her heart and that is where God looks into.

Therefore, it can be said that praises and prayers are the master keys which man can use to move God and set him to action. God said, “Command ye me.” God did not give the instruction to all men because he was talking to his own people, to those that serve him. He simply meant, tell me what you want me to do because you worship and serve me. Can a man command a God he does not serve?

In as much as man can set God to action by using praises and prayers, there are situations were man will have to wait unto God. This may be situation when one’s faith and trust in God is being tested just as Job was patient enough to wait for God despite that he called on him several times but got no answer. Even one of the prophets of God said, “God has hidden this from me and I don’t know why.”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      Teacherjeoe52, I trust the need to praise God at all time was mentioned so it means you personally decided to limit your opinion in this matter. However, what the preacher tried to say is that praises make God happy and he can do things at that point. For instance Paul praised God in prison which was not a pleasant situation. Hannah made God to bless her by the way she prayed. Lastly,it is unreasonable to think one will only praise God in time of trouble because it takes courage for one to do that. That is only few people can praise God when they are in trouble most people blame God or ask questions.

    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 5 years ago

      Hi davidkaluge

      Isn't that ilke saying God is shallow and will only bless when we praise Him?

      In my Christian life I have found God answers me when we have a heart to heart talk.

      I prause Him bcause I love Him and am grateful to Him, not because i want to con Him or blackmail Him to get what I want.

      God bless you.