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How to Stir up Strength for the Next Level

Updated on January 25, 2019

Everyone comes to a time in their life when they are at a crossroads: Should I continue to go further or should I simply settle here? At such times there is need to take a long hard look at oneself and examine the situation thoroughly.

There are three (3) questions I love to ask people when they feel they cannot get to the next level because they do not find enough encouragement or some other reason:

1. WHERE IS THE NEXT LEVEL FOR ME?: For some people, the next level is reached when they "go up", just like climbing to the top one way or the other. In fact, most people have a mind-set of the top always being a place you ascend to. Sometimes, the best way to go UP is to go DOWN. Before surgery is carried out to make someone better, he/she is first put to sleep and later woken up to a better life. Sometimes, people need to lie down in order to get up better equipped for life. Sometimes people need to suffer loss in order to receive enough motivation to attempt a higher feat. Such is life! Just find out where your nearest next level is.

2. HOW DO I GET THERE? As in the case of 1 above, there are different ways to get from level A to level B.Joseph, the son of Jacob who became Prime Minister of Egypt had a bizzare road to follow: He went from favourite son to hated brother to slave boy to prisoner before getting to the Palace. Moses went from Cradle to Palace to Wilderness and back to Egypt before he was equipped enough to lead Israel to their inheritance. There are others but the road is different, so try to identify yours even if you may not always have planned it that way. For all I know, your present situation could be the exact vehicle you need to take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

3. WHAT DO I DO WHEN I GET THERE? The answer lies within you. Some have not been able to go further than where they are because they have done nothing where they are. Some do not understand that where they are is the spring-board to where they desire to be and they need to harness totally the resources of the HERE in order to access the ability to get THERE.

Now, having considered the above, let us ask ourselves where to find strength for the next level. History is replete with those who found their "groove" and settled for nothing less than greatness in spite of the challenges and suffering they encountered. Where did they find strength? Why can I find mine?

1. FIND IT FROM "ABOVE": Many believe in many different things but we all agree that there is a HIGHER Power somewhere the puts the Universe in a particular order (even though man has messed it up). For me, this HIGHER Power is God Almighty - the Maker of heaven and earth, the Creator of the universe. In Psalms 8, David spoke of us (men) being a little lower than God Himself and being crowned with glory and splendour...if my current situation is NOT reflecting glory and splendour, then something is wrong. I need to get up and get at it, because being like God, we are expected to experience success at the highest level.

2. FIND IT FROM BELOW: Where is below? There are people who are less fortunate than we are yet they have not agreed to give up the struggle and the hope of a better life even when we see with our eyes that nothing can help them at that moment. Charles Finney once saw a Lunatic passing by and he said, "There but for the grace of God, goes Charles Finney". . This statement made me to appreciate the blessings and learn a lesson from the happenings in the lives of others less fortunate than myself.

My parents were so poor, we could hardly afford three square meals a day. I would watch my parents exchange knowing glances after Mum had gone to the Pantry and they would come to a silent agreement together not to eat that day. This happened several times and I made up my mind to be different.

3. FIND IT FROM AROUND YOU: Only artists and musicians really appreciate the joy that nature gives us. In spite of the pollution around us, the marigold still takes a defiant peek at the world as it blooms in its season. The thrush still goes about her business raising her babies and even if there is going to be a forest fire again in Australia, it doesn't stop the kangaroos from mating and rearing their young hoping that things will be better. When I see this, I take courage and I press onward.

4. FIND IT FROM WITHIN YOU: This is where the journey should begin. You must first convince yourself that there is a place to find strength and that even if you can't find it anywhere else, you can look back and remember all the things you had accomplished single-handedly in the past and know that the next challenge is just like the last only painted differently. I ALWAYS do appreciate all Moms. If you want to learn how to find strength from within, watch a real full time Mom for just One week and you will never see problems as insurmountable again.

Now, having read the above words, do you still think you can't make it? Beloved, let's take an imaginary journey as you STEP OUT of the discouragement that has enclosed you, STEP DOWN the aisle of greatness, STEP FORWARD to answer the call to fame as the "crowd" chants your name and STEP UP the pedestal to take your prize.

God bless you real good.


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