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Death card and Its' Journey

Updated on June 14, 2013

Death Card

Death Card

Life does put us on many journeys, with each new journey being wrapped around death. The Tarot Death card reveals when a new journey is around the corner. When this happens, we are assure to two things; we are now ending a chapter in our life, and we will be reborn into a new stage. When the Death card has danced into your life, you are being told it is time to let go. Letting go though is never an easy task, and often we will grasp a hold of the very object that we need to release. Our fears of what will happen if we let go surmount all our activities. You might feel frightened and unsure of where you are going. You feel stifle, for you to not know what is coming, there for you cannot categorize it. By letting go of the past, you fear standing on unfamiliar ground. This is not unfamiliar ground for you have walked through it before. We all have visited the land call Nowhere Land. The Death Card has ushered you here before, and you spent time wandering. In the past, you might have felt frightened and unsure, while desperately trying to get back to the past to take refuge. This is normal. It is in this Nowhere Land that we often let our fears over power us. Yet, there is no going back, instead you have managed to get stuck in the hell of Nowhere Land.

Death's Journey

The Death Card reveals that we must embrace the solace of Nowhere Land.

We cannot go back, yet we do often play our old tapes, which have diluted reality. These old tapes can consist of making promises to ourselves to never date another person like the one who broke our heart. We might promise ourselves to find work that we would love, and leave the type of work we have been doing. In the end these become empty promises. We become stuck in our mind and life remains miserably the same. In Nowhere Land, we will again attract to us similar experiences from our past, just a different name, place or employment. Everything has a similar presence, and Death Card hovers over us. We need to embrace it, while in Nowhere Land, before we can be reborn.

How do we embrace Death Card and Nowhere Land? We must stand still long enough, so we can face our fears, without reacting. There is power in knowing one’s fear. This understanding will in the future aid us in creating healthier arrangements for our life. It will help us to step blindly forward on our path. We begin to understand we are meant to experience life, not to shy away from it. Our thinking shifts gears, and life takes on a new meaning. Death Card leads us through Nowhere Land, into transformation. This have been encountered by us through the passages of aging. We once were a young child, who entered into adulthood. This is part of the Death cycle, and part of the Tarot cycle of transformation. Our inner child stays within us, yet we would not wish this child to be responsible for paying our bills. One day you will awaken into a new passage of time, where death has greeted you once again, the passage of become elderly. In-between these time events, we would have encountered many other deaths of ourselves.

The Death Card put you in Nowhere land the day you were born. Another name for it is birth or rebirth. We are forever on the birthing of a new us. This causes us to let go of what held us and cloaked us in the world of security. A womb is secure, for we know and understand it. Experiencing birth and seeing new things is often frightening, yet we leave the womb of our physical existence often in one lifetime. When you discover you are standing in the world of Nowhere Land, know you have just died and been reborn. Understand that unfamiliarity is always uncomfortable, yet adventure calls your name. Adventure is a new chapter or perhaps book in your life. I prefer a new book, for I have been blessed with many adventures. As we prepare to let go, we must put effort in letting go of old patterns and beliefs, which cannot serve us anymore. A child will throw a temper tantrum, and get attention. An adult who throws temper tantrum to get attention has not learned to let go of that belief. As we age, our child beliefs will become less and less affective. One day we will awaken with our temper tantrum tied around our neck like a noose.


Death Card is the tunnel towards light

Death is a passage. Another way to perceive it is the tunnel that leads you to new light. Your old clothes cannot fit you, so why bring them with you into this new journey. Clothing here is being spoken in a figurative way, though we can see well that your own wardrobe at the age of eleven will not fit us today. We will be forced to change, and view life through different lenses. If you do not, the world becomes even more confusing and frightening. There are many deaths a person experiences, which often puts them on Nowhere Land. When we open ourselves to this, we often want to climb the proverbial mountain and shout out our truths. Eventually this too will die, for we began to understand truth is subjective. Through my journeys in Nowhere Land, and into the Light, truths that were dear to me in the past disintegrated. When we cross this death threshold, a change happens. At this time for me, my interest is in my own inner peace. I am seeking to discover how to live this daily, plus how it fits in the grand scheme of things. Each time I deal with the Death card, it is a lesson in surrender.

Nowhere land is your Garden of Eden. It is your paradise. The past has now become hollow ground. Growth has been extinct. You cannot grow anything healthy there. All that grows will become rotten within your physical body. If you are standing on Nowhere Land, know you have just been visited by the Death card in Tarot. You must proceed through the tunnel to reach the light and be reborn. To resist it or try to go backwards will only make yourself ill. Embrace your fear, and seek your adventure for eventually this too will lead you to another death and a new occasion to land on Nowhere Land.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      I am glad I was able to bring in a new perspective to you Xanzacow. Thank you for your comment and voting this hub up.

    • xanzacow profile image

      Cynthia 5 years ago from North Myrtle Beach, SC

      Very interesting. You gave me a new perspective! Thank you. Voted up and interesting.