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How we are separated?

Updated on October 4, 2013

Separation from whole, Cocoons for silkworm.

The separation has to end finally!

Separation causes discontent. Whether in family life or spiritual life, separation hurts deeply. Weakness arises out of separation from the beloved one. Prior to separation, we were One, now it seems half my life has parted from me. If you think deeply, separation causes grief to both the parties. In ordinary family life, it may be due to anger or sudden disappointment.

But, there is one instant where separation causes joy and happiness! It is during child birth! The mother is anxious to look at the face of the baby. Here, separation is a must and normal. Only if the baby continues in the womb, more than the prescribed days of gestation, Doctors will immediately perform Cesarean section to save both the mother and child.

Now, there is a third case of separation. It was during the creation. The whole has parted and creation happened. We are all really part of the whole and not otherwise. We have no independent existence, apart from God. If someone feels that he is independent, it is a great illusion. This world of creation is part of Me’, tells Krishna to Arjuna during the Bagawat Geetha sermon. It is a song containing seven hundred verses, explaining about everything in creation and the eternal laws that govern human beings and the code of conduct to be practiced by every human being during the course of his sojourn on earth.

“I alone exist. Let me become many” is the first thought of the supreme power. There arose, the sky and earth, ocean and deserts, hills and valley to prove his existence. Fishes started swimming, birds started flying, and animals ran here and there in the forests. They were unable to know about the power, which crated them. Hence, the supreme knowledge was placed in the minds of man but it was hidden by the illusory pleasures of the senses. Unless, the man conquers his senses, he will not be able to perceive the existence of a super power within him and everyone, as the Soul or the Self.

It was akin to a powerful light veiled or covered over by many veils of illusions like the visual and hearing powers, the taste and touch and finally the imagination powers. Man alone has been blessed with a thinking mind with an ability to imagine and visualize them in his mental sphere. Now let us see whether the separated conditions give us happiness or joy?

I have explained initially that separation causes weakness. In that case, are we happy with the weakness? One may think that he is separate and independent and decide the course of things himself. It may be true at the time of creation but billions of years have elapsed and we have imprisoned ourselves inexorably as the silk worm weaves its cocoon around itself. The worm doesn’t know that it is its death trap. We all know how silk is extracted. The cocoons are immersed in boiling waters and the worm dies miserably. Then the weavers unwind the silk thread from the cocoon either manually or through machines. Initially, the silkworm thought that it is resting comfortably and safely. It was not aware of the danger that waits.

Likewise, the human beings weave cocoons by his various desires and sensual longings. He thinks it is the most comfortable and cozy place to rest. He is unable to extricate himself from the bonds of senses. Now he has become a slave. Who can save him except the power which created the human beings?

Though the supreme power has parted to create the Cosmos, there is an internal longing for the supreme power to bring back the parted creation. When man is thoroughly immersed in the stratagems of the mind, God sends sages and saints, prophets and Avatars to save the enslaved man from the deep morass of the sensual pleasures. The sages and saints teach him wisdom and real knowledge. They will show the way wherein lies salvation for the soul. But, it is man who has to travel in the path shown by the illumined souls.

But the power of illusion is so great, man grovels in it. We have seen pigs usually like filthy sewage channels. They lie there, eating solid waste and enjoys living there. To the onlookers, it is nauseating to look at the conditions of the pig. We too enjoy the sensual pleasures akin to the pig enjoying the filth. God, who has created us as a supreme creation will never allow us to remain in deep morass for many lives. Hence, we are illumined a little in each life and one day, we will desire for salvation from this existence. When we take few steps, God takes several steps to come near us. At one point, the Self or the Super soul welcome the parted soul to merge in it finally. It is called attainment or Self-realization in scriptures. The aim of human birth is to merge back in the Self from which we have parted!


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