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Hugh Lynn Cayce/Venture Inward and Unsafe Doorways to the Unconscious

Updated on April 15, 2013

Hugh Lynn Cayce and Venture Inward

Hugh Lynn Cayce was the son of the late Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) who would go into trances and give psychic readings until his death in 1945. Hugh Lynn Cayce was born March 16, 1907 to Edgar Cayce and Gertrude Evans. Hugh Lynn's parents both died while he was overseas serving in the army during WWII. Hugh Lynn Cayce has been the president of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) for many years before, his son, Charles Thomas Cayce took over as president of the association. Hugh Lynn Cayce became chairman of the board, until his death on July 4, 1982. Hugh Lynn Cayce wrote a fascinating book titled: "Venture Inward." The book has chapters devoted to safe and unsafe doorways to the unconscious. The Ouija board, tarot cards, pendulums were some of the unsafe doorways to the unconscious mind, including the dowsing rod that are talked about in the afore-memtioned chapter in the book.

Edgar Cayce's son Hugh Lynn wrote many books about his late father's work, which, also, includes Venture Inward. I read this book years ago and thought that it made a lot of sense and that it was enlightening. There are true stories in the book about people who've dabbled with Ouija boards, automatic writing, divining tools, pendulums, dowsing rods, etc...The people in the book tell about how they started using Ouija boards, automatic writing, and other tools, and that is when they started hearing voices, and then the voices would become louder and louder. The voices would become threatening, much harsher, and extremely frightening.The Ouija board may be a dangerous doorway to the unconscious--an extremely dangerous one, especially when malevolent spirits are trying to come through to destroy the ones' who are using the boards.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is the Father of Hugh Lynn Cayce
Edgar Cayce is the Father of Hugh Lynn Cayce | Source

Letters to Hugh Lynn Cayce

People wrote letters to Hugh Lynn Cayce telling him about the troubles they had after using Ouija boards, automatic writing, and other diving tools, and they needed help. He included their stories in his book. Their stories were of horror. They heard voices of what they thought were spirit entities, and the spirit entities caused them to have bad dreams. Hugh Lynn Cayce believed that it was simply an attempt by discarnate entities to reconnect with the physical world after being dead, which they did not want to be. The discarnate entities did not want to be dead; they wanted to gain a reconnection to the physical plane, but not in a good or reasonable way. The malevolent spirits could not be reasoned with. They were evil, cunning, malicious, and always lie about everything.

Malevolent Spirits

There are several cases mentioned in "Venture Inward" about the people, who used Ouija boards, automatic writing, other divining devices, and the book tells of their experiences, which are harrowing and frightening. The stories tell of spirit entities making threats, telling lies, making predictions that are false, and physically attacking their victims. The spirit entities can not be seen, so it would be hard to tell who they really are. The malevolent spirits must exist in another plene of existance and are of the lowest level spirits, who've never progressed to the higher levels of existance.

Hugh Lynn Cayce's father, Edgar, was drawn to the church and was a member of the "Disciples of Christ." Edgar Cayce, also, read the Bible once every year for the rest of his life. Earlier in Edgar Cayce's life he had taken up photography as a skill to earn a living. He (Edgar) had taught Sunday School. He had always been centered in Christ and in Christian belief.

Demon Pazuzu

The Demon Pazuzu
The Demon Pazuzu | Source

The Presence of Malevolent Beings

In some of the cases, people describe feeling the presence of the malevolent beings, and being harassed by them, continually day and night. The unseen forces cause terrible dreams, and more...Venture Inward is a great book that is also a classic on psychic phenomena, safe and non-safe doorways to the unconscious mind. Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of the late great psychic, Edgar Cayce cautioned against using Ouija boards and other unsafe tools. Hugh Lynn Cayce did research and found that the Ouija board was one of the most dangerous doorways to the unconscious. Discarnates are evil spirits that do not have physical bodies, and they are usually earth bound spirits, who are watching the unsuspecting physical people, who are living. They will take advantage of the living when ever they get the opportunity. All they need is a way to get in, and they use tools like the Ouija board, and other devices to get in and try to ruin people's lives and try to destroy them in the process. Spirits that are up to no good, will lie, as they are deceitful.


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