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Humanism and Gaia Hypothesis = Humagaia - a New Religion?

Updated on April 19, 2011

Apollo 16 View of the Earth

Apollo Archive AS16-118-18885_t
Apollo Archive AS16-118-18885_t

What is "Humagaia"?

I made it up!

It is the conjoining of two powerful credo's - Humanism and the Gaia Hypothesis.

I believe that the human species now has the ability to both improve or destroy the natural world.

I believe that our species is both aided and constrained by the climatic and biogeochemical systems that tend towards homeostasis of the planet.

My Gaia is a self-healing environment that is only partially linked to the human experience and totally linked through ecological and physical processes.

My Humanism tries to make sense of the World using intelligent reasoning and recorded experience.

"Humagaia" - Humanism and the Gaia Hypothesis

My view:

Gaia is the integration of complex interactive ecological biosphere systems with the climatic and geochemical systems to create a world that is in homeostasis. Essentially, the planet functions as if it is a single organism. Just like any other organism it is influenced by external factors that have a tendency to impact it's homeostatic balance. It is also influenced by internal factors that cause fluctuations in its ability to regulate the environment and ensure its stability.

One of those internal factors is man. That is where Humanism comes in.

Humanism is a credo that sets out to try to make sense of this world by using reason, human experience and shared human values. It is influenced by the same internal and external factors as is Gaia. With the advent of the Internet, shared human experience and knowledge became accessible and all it now needs is reason to prevail.

Making sense of the World and relying on Gaia in isolation is not enough. Hence the birth of Humagaia. I believe that, once sense has been made of our environment, the forces of nature and the impact of the human race on each of the climatic and geological cycles, we must use man's capabilities to ensure that nonsense is eliminated.

We human's must find ways to assist Gaia so that, where we have influenced it negatively, we now find ways to reverse the process in order to influence it positively. Equilibrium must be restored. Not only for the benefit of the human race but also for everthing else that exists within it.

How Have We Influenced Gaia negatively?

The existence of the Human Race has had an impact on all Natural Cycles. We have impacted on the water cycle, the carbon cycle, weather patterns and geological processes. Our very existence until now has been a cancer in the biosphere and geosphere. We must find ways to assist Gaia to heal itself.

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How Can We Influence Gaia Positively?

By modifying, nullifying and reversing those negative influences AND improving our understanding of how future actions can effect positive changes or eliminate negative impacts. We must heal the disease so that Gaia can flourish and allow the human race to prosper under the umbrella of its Ionisphere.

--- Remarks, Observations and/or Criticisms are Welcomed ---

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