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Humans vs Reptilians According to the Angel Azael

Updated on September 9, 2012

The Conflict Between Reptilians and Humans

The following is a transcript of the words channeled by the Angel Azael speaking to Humans in advice and instruction on the conflict between Humans and Repilians. It may be difficult to follow and may even contain what you may consider  contradictions,and things which take a real leap of the imagination to even comprehend, never mind believe in.  I offer it here for what it is worth to those who may get some enlightenment from it...

Azael I am, Your brother member of the Brotherhood of the Masters of Light. Greetings to all who have started on our way back home .

The old battles between the men and the Dragon, found in the memories of almost all peoples as myths. This is a conflict between two species: * and Human Reptilians, IS THE REASON why you are working on your planet and one of the reasons for the existence of Earth.

This conflict is the basis of Universal game for the Evolution of the Soul, known as "The Game of the Integration of Polarities" (Light and Darkness). Some of you have resistance to the word "game" because you believe that this is only a joke. Let me reaffirm the concept that you learn best by playing, and "As above, so below."

The current war events are a great suffering for everyone, especially people that work in the task of planetary ascension. The pain is being generated, you need a great effort to be cured.

You ask Is all this pain really able to change anything, and if so, why is it that what I does not seem to change anything?

Remember that you are "ALL" and taking part in a Great Game as Creator God, for Your own evolution and therefore no one indivividual is to blame.

Why do you see the Lizards in the tragedies and military events in your history?
I tell you, this is an ongoing conflict between two species, Reptilian and Human Services. At a higher level, the events in "the Pentagon and the Twin Towers are one more episode of Drama I have called the Integration of Polarities" Multidimensional Game "Essence" Soul. "

The difficulties between Lizard and Humanity, began in the Star"Vega" Constellation "Lyra", on a planet called "Avyon" where the first humans originated. In the beginning, they were allowed to evolve free of influences.

For them the myth of Creation gave the option to colonize other planets in the universe respecting and harmonizing with any kind of life they encountered.

With the growth of its development, were able to move to other planets near their home, carrying in their hearts the seeds of sacred commitment to the Creator Home, the effort to HONOR ALL LIFE.

FELINES The Felines are one of the two primary races in our universe
FELINES The Felines are one of the two primary races in our universe

Humans learned and lived the Law of One Prime Creator was simply a focal point for the realization that all were connected with the river of energy flowing in the ALL. Were taught in the way of their Father

Know also that the Felines (Cats - species known in all the Universes and many others, evolved eons ago), that everything is energy and that there were many other races in distant places and one day come they impart new knowledge.

THE HUMAN GENE Was THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT, combining the best features of all forms of life that the "Father" found in his many eons of existence. All creation was pleased by the scope of this new and wonderful species.

It was some time after humans colonized other planets, came the reptilian, a different kind of nature powerful, strong and aggressive, with a special beauty, he carried in his heart, the certainty of ownership of the universe by divine right . Therefore, any time they colonized a new planet, they could destroy all life forms they found, contrary to the nature of the creation of all galaxies. THIS WAS THE PERFECT ARRANGEMENT FOR THE GAME OF THE INTEGRATION OF POLARITY.

The Reptilians hail from many different systems and groups Constellation "ORION" with its leaders "Alpha Draco."

Fortunately, the first who discovered some Humans were special Reptilians who were more evolved than most of their species. They raided this newly colonized planet, such as scientific explorers in search of a new home, so they were rebels who were traveling behind their own leaders. Humans welcomed them as if the Lizards were a new form of God, different the cats, thus fulfilling the ancient prophecy that said in their myths, the arrival of beings instructors.

There are many indications suggesting that certain humans have, in one way or another, been brought under the mental, technical or occult control of the ‘reptilians’ over the years, whether they are fully aware of this manipulation or not. The Salt Lake Valley subnet has been a MAJOR area from where reports of Reptilians or Sauroids have emerged, so this would strongly suggest that the Serpent Race fits intricately into the scenario taking place below the Salt Lake ‘flats’ as well. Whatever may be involved here, which we do suspect has something to do with a ‘standoff’ between humans and Reptilians, we are certain that there are humans involved who are sincerely interested in defending our society from these infernal alien creatures. 1) DIXONVILLE, PA - (abduction-murder/Dixonville mine tunnel/miners vs.

As visitors were peaceful, they became friends and introduced to the Human very advanced technologies to enhance its expansion to more distant star systems. A level-Soul Essence, Humans were ready for a great technological change and evolution. Remember that someone said "When the student is ready the Master appears."

Both species gave an evolutionary leap, but in humans was greater, given that he possessed a sensitive emotional body FULLY DEVELOPED WITH ABILITY TO RECOVER THE LOST PIECES THEMSELVES IN SHORT TIME, which does not possess the Reptilians who were entirely military and MENTAL; for them the evolution was slower, but everyone benefited for some time.

For a long period there was a racial exchange and many modifications in positions of power. When Humans became sharper and more astute, under the tutelage of the Reptilians also known power. "The Platinums" (Human blue eyes and blond as the Reptilians called them), began to want to empower themselves their teachers the Reptilians, withdrew support for them and the Humans felt the need to return to their home planet, to their own government.

While this was happening in the planetary colonies, a series of fights broke out between the Reptilians in Avyon: New settlers turned against the main leaders of their species, because they were not destructive Lizard Humans, but they helped their evolution, contrary to the laws of their race.

Newcomers dissidents launched a war against Humans and their friends Reptilians. By then, both were very well armed, so the enemy invaders infiltrated the population and government, expanding the virus of racism. The result caused the planet to rise up against each other. Humans began to hate the Reptilians. For those of mixed ancestry was a very difficult time.

In royal families, marital alliances between the two species, were forced to break, this brought much pain and destruction. Then the war between members of the ruling family broke.

Humans launched the first attack and the outcome of this war was the TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN AND DESTRUCTION OF THE DESTRUCTION OF COLONIES and planetary home. The pain of this and the mess thus created was sent to all as "TRAUMA GIVING RISE TO THE GAME OF THE INTEGRATION OF POLARITY"

On Earth this Drama Continues

The Creator God, created a planet on which you can represent the harmonic healing of this issue. The two species have carried the memory of that destruction collective Racial DNA. With the exception of some variations, you went to represent, again and again, the same drama and you are living now.

The Reptilians- Nephilim, have your Soul-Essence imprisoned within a Electro-Magnetic Field, for their great technological development and knowledge of universal laws, are currently on Earth infiltrates as Rulers of Nations.

Haughty faces are hidden under their outward appearence, they say they have their sights on those who disagree with their plans and the "alleged" world peace, but all they want is to finish what they left undone.
Remember you also have allies who do not I leave, because one day they lived with you in peace and harmony, and they want to repeat.

At this time, Reptilians work darkly from another dimension to help those of their family in your world, that you want to destroy and take possession and / or complete embodiment. They have created a new EMF Earth that imprisons. Most of you continue to ignore this.

The Reptilian plays the role of your oppressor, without being seen, they know that humans and their allies help the realignment, and activation of the DNA Recoding, But YOU are really more powerful than they, because you have something they do not have, A fully developed emotional body.

Why is it so important to the emotional body?

Because you can build your emotional body in the DNA the most powerful tool of creation. These tools are "COMPASSION AND LOVE " (unconditional love) FREQUENCY-VIBRATION-highest possible and if is made, you can create new realities and change them, not only illuminates your body, but also Transmuting emotions such as anger , anger, bitterness, shame, etc, in compassion.

This transmutation process is performed on top of the heart or thymus (thymus gland), where low frequencies are changed to HIGH by way of a burning stove, which transforms the wood on fire. With compassion can generate a new magnetic field I called "Planetary Grid Compassion", with which you can modify any frequency. This means, dissolve the barrier built by the Reptilians Electromagnetic and thus regain the freedom of your Soul Essence, and the Planet.

How to end the conflict?

You play a game totally opposed to that made in the past, integrating Light and Darkness.

Begin the Third Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration. So you can recover your highness, to attract the collective memories past and total awareness of your divinity. Know that the struggle with the darkness at the same level will not help you, in fact, it guarantees failure.

The way to disable the SET will be using a weapon that they do not have: LOVE and COMPASSION in 4D. 

Therefore, Reptilian and Human, Man and Woman are the same.Open Your Hearts to embrace the dark side and reached all of Being.

Then with Tears of Joy Dance the Dance of  Integration as passionate lovers, creating a world of harmony, bringing this game to an end.

With Infinite Love


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      judith 5 years ago

      Thank you Azael goog pg. I love it.